back to article Sun and Oracle to pimp synergies at OpenWorld

Sun Microsystems has been given a larger presence than usual at Oracle's annual OpenWorld conference to help showcase its products and joint work with Oracle, and plug leaking sales. The database giant is understood to be concerned about the decline in Sun business and looking for projects the pair can pursue and flag, while …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Oracle has already taken ownership of Sun

    Oracle already owns Sun

    "it must be careful not to present integration with Sun as a fait accompli or suggest the companies have begun collaborating - a move that would be classed as unfair to the competition"

    What a joke.

    Oracle changed T2+ pricing to .5

    Oracle dumped HP Exadata for Sun

    Oracle has started interviewing everyone in Sun to see if they should be kept or fired

    Oracle has pushed out Jonathan...he is now hanging out in town

    Oracle is about to release a TPC-C with SPARC which Sun said they would never do

    Oracle has been trying to sell the Sun hardware business to HP and Fujitsu to no avail

    Oracle has customers over a barrel

    Here is the $10M challenge. If Oracle does not do the following in 2010

    1) Increase Sun prices significantly - similar to BEA WebLogic?

    (Oracle increased BEA prices 47% six months after acquisition)

    2) Kill Sun products and force migrations to other Oracle products?

    .Oracle is moving customers from their application server to

    WebLogic and requiring new licenses. Oracle also bought

    Virtual iron in May and killed the product in June.

    3) Lay off 20% to 50% of the Sun workforce.

    How else is Oracle going to turn Sun from “Bleeding $100M per month” into

    a “$1.5B in profit engine in year one and $2B in year two”

    4) Force services from partners to direct to increase profit margins

    and maintenance costs?. Oracle cut off maintenance revenue from BEA partners.

    5) Force customers to use low performance, low quality hardware

    to increase software license and software maintenance revenue?

    One Exadata v2 rack with “commodity” hardware costs $7M!!!!

    6) Stagnate MySQL so they don’t bleed billions from Oracle EE

    (What ever happened to WebLogic Lite?)

    Only the Fortune 100 can enter, they cannot talk about their entry, and all data can be publicize freely by anyone but the customer.

    Leisure Suit Larry is looking more like Crazy Larry as his prices are


    fine print * reserves the right to decide to pick who if any would get a challenge

    See you at OOW!

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