back to article Pirate Bay co-founders deny ownership of site

Lawyers representing The Pirate Bay co-founders, Frederik Neij and Gottfrid Warg, denied in a Dutch civil court yesterday that the Swedish men currently own the notorious BitTorrent tracker site. They told the court that Neij and Warg sold TPB in 2006, and added that the outfit’s ex-mouthpiece, Peter Sunde, had never owned the …


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  1. R Callan

    Serious question

    Are the Dutch courts going to go after all of the other torrent trackers such as Goggle. Yaboo, Bling? TPB have not hosted the torrents, merely pointed to where they are. Also are Dutch Telecom, or whatever they call themselves, going to be done for allowing internet traffic, which might or might not contain copyright infringing material.

    Perhaps the Netherlands should retire from the 21st century and stick their collective heads up their nether regions.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    TPB is right about Nobel Peace Prize at least

    They stood up for themselves, and didn't tell the whole world they sucked.

    I would imagine they didn't sit in a Press conference filling out their NCAA brackets either.

  3. Mectron

    business as usual

    Netherlands now fully owned by the MPAA/RIAA

    The MPAA/RIAA prove once more then money can buy anything.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    There is a prison cell with their name on it

    Should be a cell for their lying lawyer too.

  5. Ian 11

    They have a point

    Obama has done nothing for his nobel prize.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    As a 'merkin

    I can say that Obama should have his taken away and let it be given to someone who actually DID something besides lie through their teeth.

    /I think I hear the helis.....

  7. hpysmkr

    Dutch Interests?

    Why do the Dutch courts even care about what TPB is doing? It's not like there is a huge Dutch music and movie industry to protect.

  8. frymaster

    @R Callan

    Google is not a torrent tracker. It is merely a search engine (and one which removes illegal content on request, at that)

    The tracker is the thing that gives P2P clients the contact details of other peers so they can exchange data

  9. Les Matthew
    Thumb Up

    Re: There is a prison cell with their name on it,7340,L-3261698,00.html

    "Three Israelis jailed in Scandinavian country turn down offer to continue serving their sentence in homeland, explain 'here we are treated with steaks, sex and private television airing World Cup games for free'"

    Yep, Swedish prison will teach em.

    And that's just googles first two returns on *Swedish prisons*.

  10. Apocalypse Later

    Peace Prize

    To earn the Nobel Peace Prize it is not sufficient merely not to be George Bush. Many people are not George Bush. You must, like the last three winners, be the person who has done the most not to be George Bush.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    however right they are...

    ...Their arrogance has made them seem wrong, and done far more harm to their own cause than the riaa/mpaa could have hoped. Smooth, guys - really smooth.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @R Callan

    Google isn't a tracker, a tracker is a specific peice of software, where the client connects to.

    What you would be referring to is an Index.

    In this case Google is a generic index, whereas pirate bay is a torrent only index.

  13. Ole Juul

    Re: There is a prison cell with their name on it

    I assume you're talking about BRIEN. It certainly does look like they're providing false reports. Sunde actually has an update of this story on his blog. Anyway, I'm looking forward to finding out who Reservella really is.

  14. Anonymous Coward

    @ Serious question

    When you call Google a "torrent tracker" I'm afraid it puts a pretty large hole in your claim of seriousness.

    Napster didn't host any material themselves either. It didn't make any difference then, and it doesn't now.

    And no-one is going to sue Dutch Telecom for carrying the bits.

    There are legal principles behind all of this - the funny thing is I'm sure you're already aware of all of them. Contributory infringement, common carriers, etc.

    This just proves once again that when nerdy thieves think they have found "loopholes" legitimizing their theft, they are wrong on a legal level as well as the obvious moral one.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    New definition of nothing coined on El Reg

    "What did you do today"

    "Nothing really, halted the proposed missile shield in Europe, asked for reduction in nuclear weapons, used diplomacy instead of guns to combat emerging threats, tried to broker a peace deal in the middle east"

    "That would actually be something if a stupid , rich, white guy did it."

    "Yeah I know, but for an intelligent black man , it's nothing really."

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @R Callan

    Google, Yahoo, Bing etc do not host torrent trackers, they may act as a search engine which will serve up links to .torrent files, but these are not the tracker. TPB operate torrent trackers, which the .torrent files point to and regulate who is connected to any particular torrent.

    As I have mentioned before - if TPB didn't tell people asking to have their copyright material removed to "fuck off", and actually took down the torrent for said content (a la google, yahoo, bing, youtube) they probably wouldn't be in this mess now. We would also be able to have the use of the legitimate torrents that they provide trackers for.

  17. Anonymous Coward

    Why oh why

    is this case getting so much attention, and the case against iiNet (an Australian ISP) being completely ignored.

    Especially given the case against iiNet was brought at the direction of the MPA in the USA (,day-five-film-industry-monitored-internode-exetel-and-optus.aspx)

    Don't think for a second that if the Movie Studios win this case in Australia it won't affect ISPs in any other country. This is just a test case for the MPA against a small ISP in what they think is a backwater country (which just happens to have copied the US copyright laws wholesale when they signed a free trade agreement a few years back), and it will no doubt form the basis of their legal strategy elsewhere if it succeeds.

    They have also used the same legal dirty tricks as in the Pirate Bay case of including several serious but ultimately bogus claims in the original case, which are then dropped mere days before the start of the trial.

  18. Grease Monkey Silver badge

    Spoiled kids

    These guys just come across like a bunch of spoiled kids in trouble.

    "Is this yours?"

    "No miss I sold it three years ago."

    "Oh really, who to?"

    "Dunno, miss."

    "Did you get a receipt?"

    "No miss."

    I don't recall them mentioning this in their defence before, even though if it were true it would be pivotal evidence. I suppose the dog ate their homework as well. How do they expect a court or anybody else to take them seriously when they spout this shit?

    All along I've got the impression from these fucktards that they don't take any of this stuff seriously and think that somehow daddy will come along and make it all go away. At first Daddy was the Swedish legal system, but that daddy seems to have deserted them and run off with his secretary. Not sure who they think daddy is now, but if they do hard time I'm sure they'll end up calling somebody daddy.

    Les Matthew thinks you get sex is Swedish prisons? You probably do, but maybe not like you're thinking. And these guys don't strike me as the sort who will end up being the giver.

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