back to article Barnes & Noble preps Kindle punching Google machine

Amazon nemesis Barnes & Noble is on the verge of challenging the Kindle with its very own ebook reader based on Google's open source Android operating system. According to a source speaking with The Wall Street Journal, B&N could begin selling an ereader as early as next month in the US, and gadget-obsessed blog Gizmodo pegs …


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  1. HFoster
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    "Taiwanese outfit"

    So, HTC then? At least they have experience with implementing Android. I just hope it doesn't take them 3 iterations to catch the competition.

    I love my Hero, but it took the G1 and Magic before HTC got there. Let's hope the B&N reader doesn't take as many iterations.

  2. caffeine addict

    said it before...

    the first outfit to sell a waterproof e-ink reader with an inductive power supply and a wifi connection for under £200 will get my cash. If I can't read the thing in the bath, there's no point for me.

  3. Anonymous Coward


    People keep saying this on every ebook thread - "if i drop it in the bath it won't dry out like a book would, so there's no point for me fiddle de dee"

    Firstoff, who takes a bath? A bath? Where are you, the 1930s?

    Second, who READS in the bath? The water gets cold quickly, and soon you're sitting in cold water holding something that isn't waterproof out of the water (yes, they'll dry out, but try reading the bastard once it's soaked) aching your arm. What kind of masochistic pensionable crank enjoys that?

    Showers and ebook readers, or baths, bath salts, pipe, slippers, werthers original, coronary heart disease and death. Your choice. Probably.

  4. Anonymous Coward
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    Who doesn't read in the bath?

    I mean there's two places where reading works best, bath and bog. And you can only sit on the bog for so long before the red ring of doom marks your posterior. You can keep topping up the hot water in the bath and the planet be damned.

    You can even have a crafty cuppa AND a book in the bath and be warm and naked and happy.

  5. HFoster

    @AC 09/10/09 13:28 GMT

    Who do you bare your arse to shortly after having released the chocolate hostages?


  6. expat

    Who needs it ?

    I'm still using a 10 year old Handspring Visor to read. Holds anywhere from 1 to 20 full length novels, and it cost me less than $ 25 american on ebay.

    Let those who have too much money get either of these readers, Paris likes mine instead, it leaves more money to spend on her.

  7. John Dougald McCallum
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    Barnes & Nobel

    Sorry but B&N didnot launch their own eBook site they purchased an allready existing one Fictionwise .com and as a result allsort of restrictoins have been put on what they will sell you.

    you can only purchase the full range of titles if you live in the USA.

  8. Mark 133
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    Some sort of progress

    As a recidivist mature student, this seems like a step in the right direction - an eBook won't become useful to me until I can easily annotate pages, which I would be able to with a decent keyboard. Of course it would also need to be able to offer me digital copies of some of the obscure and very heavy course books I occasionally require for it to become completely useful, and I suspect that won't be for a good while yet.

    For the time being, I'll stick to Book 1.0 - it's nice to have at least *something* that doesn't require charging to be useable.

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