back to article iSnack 2.0 morphs into Cheesybite

Kraft has announced that the spread formerly known as iSnack 2.0 will henceforth grace Oz's kitchens under the name of Vegemite Cheesybite. The rebrand follows a furious backlash against the original moniker for the cream-cheese-enhanced Vegemite, selected from over 48,000 candidates submitted by the unwashed masses. …


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  1. The Original Ash

    New product I'm launching

    It's called iCare, and I don't.

    Seriously, Why The Face?!

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Not surprising...

    That "Creamymate" came last, sounds like a sex product!

    (Not that Vegemite can't already be used in this way of course, it's just not recommended by Kraft ;o)

  3. Sir Sham Cad

    Tortured marketdroids

    All this marketing contortionism just to avoid association with cheese mites.

    Everyone's going to call it Cheesymite regardless of what they put on the damn label, anyway!

  4. Steve Foster

    How on earth...

    ...did they miss the obvious Cheesymite?

  5. Jay Castle

    Doesn't matter what it's called....'ll still taste RANK!

    Miss Bee, Miss Bee! Any chance of a puke icon? Pweeeese?!

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    My brain is going

    > will henceforth grace Oz's kitchens

    How on earth did I manage to read that as "grace Oz's knickers" ???!

    I think I need help. Maybe that chemical castration idea is not so bad after all.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    why is it not called

    Vegemite Cheesy or something

  8. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle


    It's still a crap version of Marmite (which does work in toasted cheese sandwiches. For some people)

    Still not sure of the IT angle though - it's not even like you associate the stuff with geeks (unlike pizza or beer, as in free)

  9. Cheshire Cat

    All a publicity stunt

    Noone would have seriously chosen iSnack2 ffs. It's all a publicity stunt, and worked very well.

    Of course, vegemite is still a poor imitation of the Original Marmite form the UK (take that Ozzies! You never invented the stuff, you merely copied the Poms!)

  10. Mike Echo


    The marketing droids get paid too much money to justify a choice and use trendy buzzwords and pop psychology to do so -

    "personal call to action", "relevance to snacking" , "completely encapsulate the new brand."

    They left out "empowerment".

    Besides, it still tastes shit.

  11. Anonymous Coward


    Talbot says "..... based on its personal call to action....." I understand each of the individual words, but not when joined together in that order in the context of a slightly revolting sounding spread.

    Wasn't TALBOT the name of a failed rebranding of the the Rootes Group of motor cars, which included Hilllman? And then, of course, Private Eye took up the name of TALBOT! to parody the shortlived magazine NOW! which was owned by the proprietor James Goldsmith, who hated Private Eye which, in turn, returned the favour.

    And to complete the circle, Private Eye's pet name for James Goldsmith was "Sir Jams Marmite". Marmite is, of course, the one and only true toast orientated spread and there we are, quite neatly, back at the beginning.

  12. Matto in AUS
    Thumb Up

    The 7PM Project...

    ... a nightly "news" program over here in Oz-land (, has been running their own poll for the new name. The winner was revealed earlier this week. With over 50% of the vote, the viewers chose YerMumMite to be the new name.

    Of course, these are the same people that, when Kraft confirmed the new name, floated the idea of starting a petition to change it back to iSnack. They figured if the company's PR people are so week-willed as to change their chosen name because of some vocal whingers, they may as well see how far they can push them.

    No IT angle at all - just enjoy it for what it's worth. Not much happens over here - this is big news.

    -Matto :)

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  14. Jonathan Mills

    Re: How On Earth?....

    ".did they miss the obvious Cheesymite?"

    CheesyMite is already registered by Bakers Delight (a bakery Franchise) for a scrolly-type thing with cheese and a "yeast based product" baked into it. so that ruled that one out.

    I'd agree, cheesymite would have been a good name for it.

    Having tasted it though, it's absolutely bloody minging. The original is good (albeit an acquired taste), but the new one is just gross. Imagine Philly mixed with vegemite and you've got it.

  15. Goat Jam


    or ShittySmear?

    You be the judge

  16. Adam White

    This whole thing started...

    ...because "cheesymite" is a generic term in Australia (vegemite + cheese) therefore Kraft couldn't own it.

  17. Nick Pettefar


    Everyone knows there's no cheese in Australia!

    So, what's the real ingredient?


  18. Mike Echo

    @ Goat Jam

    'Shitty Smear'? I know, how about we call it 'skidmarks'. I can just see it now - "mum, can I have some skidmarks on toast?" :-)

  19. YumDogfood

    Have proper cheese and an apple instead.

    Silly people trying to get us to eat some horrific unfood glop evacuated from the bowels of a stainless steel production line. No.

  20. Anonymous Coward


    I h/t'd this as the previous.

    Two h/t's missed, i'm all grrr'd out.

    Damn you, El Reg, Damn you!!

  21. Richard 120


    Seriously the words "cheesy" and "bite" together are a trademark?

    Trademarks like that are almost as bad as software patents.

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