back to article Firefox 3.6 beta set to ship next week

Mozilla tentatively plans to release the first beta of Firefox 3.6 on 13 October. The open source browser maker is expected to spin out the next iteration of Firefox in November, and next week’s upcoming beta is understood to be the only test build released by Mozilla before 3.6 - codenamed Namoroka and based on Gecko 1.9.2 - …


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  1. ThomH

    Version 3.7

    Does it take on the same look as the OS in the sense of being a proper, native application, or does it stick to the traditional Firefox ideology of getting some artists to knock together a bad rip-off of the native look that, in some ways, functions a little the same? They're a million times better at it than Opera, but I'd still have all "skinnable" apps permanently deleted from everywhere in the world if I could.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Oh good they're going to tart up the look of it, how about making the bloody thing boot up in a reasonable timespan instead?

  3. Shades


    For you shall only be allowed to wear the same grey clothes every day, eat the same food everyday, watch the same TV program every day...

    How boring would that be?

  4. Tom Maddox Silver badge


    Ooh, you slagged Opera. Now you'll pay! Await the wrath of the small but vocal Opera fanboi community!

  5. Neal 5

    I don't care.

    If it doesn't take up 150MB on my hardrive, it's not worth having. All I want is bloat, I don't give a flying f about the bootup time, all i want is a harddrive full of porn from a safe browser.

  6. Gordon Ross Silver badge

    @Ground Rush

    I seem to remember in the dim and distant past, that Firefox was forked from Mozilla 'cause Mozilla was too big and slow.

    Now we're all complaining that Firefox is too big and slow.

    So when's Firefox going to get forked ?

    PS I do agree with you. It is getting a tad slow...

  7. tony trolle

    @tom Maddox

    "Ooh, you slagged Opera. Now you'll pay! Await the wrath of the small but vocal Opera fanboi community!"

    picture running though my head of a group of opera singers going "F*ck You ! F*ck You!!"

  8. jodyfanning
    Thumb Up

    Can use the Firefox 3.7 theme now...

    Basically you can already use the planned Firefox 3.7 Aero theme in Windows now. Someone made a version of it that works fine along with a couple of other plug-ins.

    I tried it already in Windows 7 and it works perfectly. Using lots of glass has the interesting effect of making the browser frame almost disappear which makes the page content much more visible.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    So typical, slagging off Opera

    I'm just sick of this, really I am - Opera is the best browser known to modern man, it's got more features that a barrel full of feature laden monkeys clutching tiny featureful gadgets in thier clever little hands.

    It's faster than a speeding barrel full of monkeys raving on a sheet of old owsley special and it's about as cool as the jacket I got from my local charity shop. (It matches the colour of the beard I'm trying to grow)

    It's so good, that you used to have to pay for it, or get a free version with adverts - way ahead of it's time back then, I tells ya.

    It's better than Netscape 4.7 ever was!

    You've seriously pissed of me and the other 9 Opera users - beware, our wrath knows no limits!

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Thank You.

    I am SO grateful that I do NOT have to use Microscoff's Outhouse Explorer for anything, anymore...

    In fact - I told the numbskulls in Microsoft many years ago - that if I want to do updates and if your browser is so good, then why do you deliberately block people using Firefox from accessing the MS update sites?

    Typically - they never answered.

  11. DrXym


    Firefox uses native theme engines wherever possible so what you see *is* native OS rendered. On Windows for example it uses the uxtheme.dll to render the scrollbars & buttons through the same code as any other app. Similar happens with GTK & OS X. It also uses things called overlays to ensure that layout of menus and dialogs conform to system norms. For example GTK & Windows put their dialog buttons in a different order. Peripheral dialogs such as file, print selectors are also native.

    So the look is native but the "feel" may not be. A Firefox button might look like a regular button, but the actual click behaviour is handled by Firefox code, not the OS. Firefox has a cross-platform widget/ subsystem that sits over the native event model. Operating systems / Widget layers may have very subtle behaviours implemented into their standard controls which Firefox doesn't emulate perfectly. For example, scroll bar tracking might differ, or accessibility, or support for tablets etc. On the whole though I consider Firefox to be one of the native feeling browsers of all of them, including IE.

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