back to article MS plasters Ballmer's signature on Windows 7 special edition

Anyone brave enough to be throwing a Windows 7 house party is in for an extra special treat - Microsoft is dishing out a “Signature Edition” of the Ultimate version of its upcoming operating system to the hosts. And, praise be, it’s also handing over balloons to party animals too. The special flashy edition of the OS comes in …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    How extremely sad.

  2. Annihilator

    Easy mistake to make

    Would not have surprised me if Ballmer had signed the underside of the disc. With a stanley knife.

  3. DannyAston
    IT Angle


    "They will of course want to keep the shrinkwrap on to maintain its pristine collectable status"

    It will have to stay in that condition anyway until companies start posting Windows 7 drivers.

  4. James O'Shea Silver badge


    If it was _Billg_ who signed, I might be tempted, but something from the Monkeyboy? They'd have to pay me to take that off their hands. And it wouldn't be a small fee, either.

    Bite me, Monkeyboy.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    The Japanese get a cute desktop character voiced by Nana Mizuki and we get a rich wankers signature...

  6. Eponymous Cowherd

    Steve Who?

    "Isn't he the Apple bloke?"

    Most Wintards know who Bill Gates is, but Ballmer?

  7. Jeremy Chappell


    Wasn't Vista's special called; "The Windows Vista Ultimate Signature Funeral Edition"? Lets hope this one goes better...

  8. SmallYellowFuzzyDuck, how pweety!

    So there ya go...

    People on Ebay are already bidding for the stuff, shock horror, that Microsoft should have it's own "Fanbois" in much the same way other OSes do.

    I remember back in the old days when the Vic 20 fans and the ZX81 fans kept telling each other that their computer was better and that people who owned the other machine were "Fanbois" or the equivalent as the word hadn't been invented yet. Even today the name calling still goes on *Sigh!*

    Call them sad if you want but it's people getting excited over something they like and it's up to them if they want to enjoy it all.

    I have no objections, I'm a grown up adult like I hope everyone else is on here...

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Oh heavens above!

    Ballmer is a salesman, not a fecking rock star! Signing copies of the software indeed! Peter Norton, now that's someone who is/was allowed to sign his software, back when it was worth buying!

  10. Mike Flugennock

    a cool gimmick, fersure...

    ...but are they also offering a Steve Ballmer Signature Edition Microsoft Conference Room Chair?

  11. andy gibson


    This reminds me of that awful publicity stunt that Victoria Beckham did when her single was being beaten by Sohpie Ellis Bextor. That end product was just as shit too.

  12. Bilgepipe
    Gates Horns


    I want a Steve Ballmer Limited Edition Signature Damaged Chair.

  13. paul 97


    If he would sign a chair - I would buy it and sit on it. Software - no thanks. Stick to what your good at.

    (MS dont make good software - but they are a very clever business)

  14. This post has been deleted by its author

  15. fireman sam
    Gates Halo

    RE: Drivers

    I've been running Windows 7 for over a month now on my work PC and on two home PC's. Everyone else in my office is on it as well. There have been no issues with drivers so far and it's proven itself to be a very stable, responsive OS.

  16. Cantankerous Old Buzzard

    Windows 7 branded napkins ??

    I think that I would prefer "Windows 7 branded toilet paper", especially since it would be more appropriate to the occasion.

    Also, I agree with others here who have spoken favorably about keeping the shrink wrap in pristine condition. The only way that *I* would break that package open would be in a Level-4 biohazard facility.

  17. fajensen
    Jobs Horns

    TARP - Anyone?

    With Ballmers signature on home loan applications ad credit cards, the forgers could make out like Croesus!

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    Re:Re: Drivers

    Ah, those rose-tinted Windows we all look at the latest Redmond release through....

    ***"I've been running Windows 7 for over a month now on my work PC and on two home PC's. Everyone else in my office is on it as well. There have been no issues with drivers so far and it's proven itself to be a very stable, responsive OS."****

    Wibbly-wobbly fade..... 1 year later.....

    "I've been running Windows 7 for over a year now on my work PC and on two home PC's. Everyone else in my office is on it as well. Its a pile of crap. Takes ages to boot, even longer to shut down and blue-screens at least once a week. Final straw was getting the Zonko B trojan, bastard AV didn't pick it up and its infected my whole network."

  19. Timothy


    I just don't get why people whine all the time. This is a pretty good way to promote the product. Maybe if you installed the product, you could see many advantages to BOTH the consumer and business.

    For business, Direct Access is much better than SSTP (which is good in it's own right). I have Windows 7 running at a decent speed on a netbook with 1 GB RAM. Combine Direct Access with the netbook, and you have an inexpensive solution for road warriors WITHOUT the need to keep sensitive files on your netbook.

    For consumers - multimedia redirection is great! Can stream videos anywhere in the house, even on low-end computers. A solid product with a smaller footprint that addresses more than 4 GB ram 64 bit - don't know why anyone would want 32 bit - except on netbooks). Also, Direct X 11 is another plus.

    Drivers are good - except for HP with the Office Jet 8500 Wireless working with Acrobat for scanning dual-sided documents. Lotitech webcams also have issues on Windows 7.

    Anti-virus - there IS MS solution, but you will need to upgrade your anti-virus to MS or whatever.

    I am platform agnostic. I look and experiment to see what is the best - running Server 2008 R2, Windows 7 64 bit (32 bit on netbook), Vista 64 bit, Solaris, Ubuntu, SUSE, Fedora, and more.

    PS - I am one of the "lucky" ones to host the Windows 7 party! Not a bad deal, and I get to show several of my mates my network and how good multimedia redirection is with Server 2008 R2/Windows 7.

  20. James Whale
    Thumb Down


    I like Win7. Been running it for many months from beta through to RC and it's generally a pleasure to use.

    HOWEVER, why anyone would want to tarnish a perfectly decent piece of software by deliberate association with that sweaty inept nutcase of a chief exec MS seem unlucky enough to have been landed with is beyond me. The man is plainly certifiable, embarrassing in the most cringeworthy, leg-crossingly, sphincter-tighteningly, shoot-yourself-in-the-head kinda way, and the less exposure MS give him the better their image and that of Win7 will become.

  21. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    My oh my. They are really getting desperate.

    If Windows 7 is all it is cracked up to be 'aka the greated OS since the dawn of time' then surely they don't need these cheap gimmicks.

    Mines the one with 'Windows free Zone' on the back.

  22. Mrvee

    Microsoft is about the social interaction of people, Mac isn't

    This isn't new for Microsoft to do things involving people. Microsoft has always been interested in the social aspects of people talking to people, hence the social aspects of this roll out. The commercials are cheesy but the actors in them are not pros... this is what average people look like. Mac on the other hand is just the opposite. Mac has one dude who does nothing but make fun of others represented by that Apple Inc created "Microsoft guy". That is how Apple sees others.

    Much of what they have done of late involves only one person doing everything. Apps to find a place to eat, to get somewhere, to fake drink something, to do just about everything on your own. There is nothing "social" about how they roll. Now the iphone is a nice PDA and has it's place but it is the one device that insists on a singular relationship with others via online communication. Microsoft is about "people" which is why they are successful on the desktop.

  23. DannyAston
    Thumb Up

    RE: Complainers

    "PS - I am one of the "lucky" ones to host the Windows 7 party! Not a bad deal, and I get to show several of my mates my network and how good multimedia redirection is with Server 2008 R2/Windows 7."

    I knew that had to be in there somewhere.

    P.S Mates or colleagues?

  24. Dest

    How Foolish

    What a pathetic attention seeking buffoon Mr. Ballmer is, still trying to act like the pop culture icon that he never has been.

    Bill Gates at least had some dry charisma but Steve Ballmer apparently still hasn't figured out that most people really just don't like him with all of his idiotic statements that he makes and his crazy antics and buffoonery .

    He really should just cash out and take all of his money any just go away and fade into obscurity where we don't have to look at him or read about whatever daily craziness comes from his demented mind.

  25. Annihilator

    RE: Drivers

    The reason Win 7 has been so 'driver successful' is because it's not changed the versioning significantly enough to require rewritten ones. Vista drivers pretty much work with Win 7.

    Consider Vista taking the brunt of the pain in terms of getting drivers updating. MS have learnt a bit of a lesson.

  26. b166er


    Someone smart would distribute a fake of their signature, right?

  27. zanto

    excuse me...

    i need to barf

  28. martin burns

    Oh dear: Windows 'about the people..?'

    Windows is all social all the time; iPhone (etc) about being on your own. Yeah, nice.

    The reason Apple ads don't have to strenuously advertise how they're 'about the people' is that they already have damned strong word of mouth without having to pay for ads about how everyone in their world is just having a *great* time networking. It's like the kid at school who has to insist at every turn that he *does* have friends.

    Here's a hint - if you need to advertise it, you ain't got it.

    Oh, and Apple employs agencies that don't produce toe-curling ads.

  29. Anonymous Coward


    Is MS really expecting non employees to be doing this? Although great PR machine.... you would think there were really going to be a whole bunch of enthusiasts ready to celebrate.

  30. Player_16

    The Ballmer signature edition.

    Fine by me. That's a free copy of an new original OS in a package. I'd take it. I'd buy it for a cheap price if I could. Once I load it on my iMac, that box will never see the light of day again...

    ...until the next stable version comes out and I post 'W7 signature edition' on ebay.

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Puzzle Pack

    The big puzzle is why anyone would want to put M$ shit on their PC after being shafted by Vista?

    Or why anyone would be so sad that they need to have one of these "parties"

  32. Anonymous Coward


    What utter shite! They are about making money and this is a publicity stunt!! One of the 'smart' marketing individuals has heard about Linux install parties and thought they'd use the idea. They are trying desperately hard to be 'cool' and failing miserably(not that install parties are particularly cool!)! They've ended up like a looking like a dad trying to organise a 'cool' party for teenagers! Your point, while laughable, was fine until you started on Apple for no reason. Are you trying to deflect from the ridiculousness of the party how-to viral? What have they got to do with Windows 7 parties or signed Editions of Windows 7 anyway!? Fine, you don't like Apple and you what everyone to know how much better Microsoft are. By and large, you really are preaching to the converted here! Both, with the release of Windows 7, make excellent OS's that are stable and easy to use, but they are just OS's—not football teams or religious dogmas! I'm going to start making Apple and Microsoft hats and scarves, so you can start wearing your colours like football fans. I can't wait for the first reports of OS related hooliganism…

    Let's get one thing straight, Microsoft and Apple only really care about the contents of your wallet, or more specifically, how they can get their grubbies on said content! If you fall for the marketing crap, then more fool you! While we're on the subject of what you think, "...this is what average people look like."? Really?! I guess that you don't interact with normal people much! I'd hazard that the majority "average people" won't be having Windows 7 parties, and I'll let you into a secret. AVERAGE PEOPLE DON'T CARE. If they turn it on and it works—fine. So long as they can plug in their old peripherals and open their files, they generally couldn't give two flying Crunchie bars!!!

    I'm not intending to start any religious wars, just I find this posturing rather pathetic, and see it as a mission to ridicule protagonists ON ALL SIDES when I see it. These companies have big enough advertising budgets without the fanbois on all side chiming in with their special kind of hyperbole. Anybody else want to join in?

  33. James O'Brien
    Gates Horns

    Where to start?

    "Microsoft’s Windows core OS division boss M3 Sweatt blogged about the “Signature Edition” on Friday and provided a few pictures too.

    "The goodies are actually very nice, especially the Windows 7 tote bags, perfect for the Cayman Islands for the beach!

    For the beach? Seriously? What a twat, the only people going to the beach at the Cayman Islands are the execs over there as they laugh all the way totheir off shore bank.

    Also included were Windows 7 branded napkins,

    So you can blow your nose on Win7

    a puzzle pack; the pieces come together to form a wallpaper image from Windows 7,” he said.

    Are the puzzle pieces made out of the install disc?

    “There was also a pack of Windows 7 playing cards,

    Imagine play poker with the boys friday night and pulling these out...youll be the talk of the town.

    a colour poster and of course the piece de resistance, a FULL copy of Windows 7 Ultimate Edition (Steve Ballmer Signature Edition). What I was not expecting though was the Anytime Upgrade to Ultimate Signature 64 bit edition. A nice bonus!""

    Really?? A FULL!!! copy? Was that some sort of bonus as opposed to half a copy? Maybe they are shelling out so we get the whole install disc as opposed to half of it? What a twat.

  34. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    What ! No chair included?

    It really should have included a throwable office chair, than maybe I'd go for it.

  35. Anonymous Coward

    I'm hosting a Windows party!

    Although I only invited friends from different nations......

    Can't see anyone wanting to fly from Norway to my party...... Thankfully!

    On the plus side, I do get a freebie copy of win7 to examine, beats having to pay for the crap.

    Dunno, maybe I'm just old and jaded, but isnt an OS simply there to run your applications on top of it, and allow you to network and copy files etc?

    Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I get all my work done in the apps side of things.

  36. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Cheap tatt

    Balmer: The unacceptable face of ...well, anything, really!

  37. Mathew White


    "Inside the box, Microsoft has included the aforementioned balloons, which the eagle-eyed among you will recall had been unceremoniously yanked from European Windows 7 parties."

    So every signature copy of windows 7 has a "Caution, choking hazard" written prominently on the box...?

  38. JCL


    @SmallYellowFuzzyDuck, how pweety!

    "I have no objections, I'm a grown up adult like I hope everyone else is on here..."

    Great name! Though I'm not sure if it ties in with that last sentence of yours.

  39. Hugh_Pym

    A full set of playing cards!!

    as opposed to what? a part set? a single suit edition? a single card to swap and collect with your friends?

  40. Wesley Parish
    Jobs Horns

    Ballmy Allmy

    And that's all the comment that's worth making.

    People don't take Ballmer as seriously as they did Gates. And, I think chair-throwing should be made an Olympic sport.

  41. Phil 54

    No balloons in France

    I got my Windows 7 party box yesterday, but NO BALLOONS!!!!!!

    Just to be clear, I don't (and never had) have any intentions of actually hosting a Windows 7 party. I will probably get pissed with some friends on the date that I specified, but there's a 5/7 chance of that anyways!!!!

    Interesting sidenote: According to the courier, there are about thirty people that are "hosting" Windows 7 parties here in Nantes. Nantes has a population of about 300000. Therefore, Microsoft must be giving away almost 7 million free copies of Windows 7 worldwide!!!!

  42. Anonymous Coward

    For Sale

    I got one,

    but no baloons

    I tried to install it as a monitor stand, but the box was too flimsy.

    Doesn't work as a door stop either.

    I'm told above that they haven't even sorted the drivers yet (oh of course, that's not the job of the OS)

    Do you think it is worth money?

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