back to article Holy hatchbacks! Batmobile spied in Sweden

A near-perfect replica of the Batmobile has been caught on video, while parked on a street in Stockholm. Can't see the video? Download Flash Player from The car is rumoured to have taken over 20,000 hours to build and to have cost around $1m (£621,000/€683,000), with the black Batmobile shell thought to be welded …


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  1. jnievele

    Height adjustment

    Given how low that car sits... I believe the height adjustment actually refers to the suspension. Not THAT unbelievable...

  2. Robert Hill
    Thumb Up

    If it cost $1MM...

    then I can certainly believe their might be two engines each pumping out 500 hp, giving the total figure of a 1000 hp. Figure two turbocharged small-block V8s maybe. Unlike Ghz ratings in multicored CPUs, horsepower figures for multiple enigines actually DO add linearly...

    I do have to say, it looks like a very nice piece of work - pity it was on the street where some idiot probably keyed it right after this video was taken...

  3. Greg J Preece

    I'm unconvinced by the vid

    I'll wait to see it moving. But if the sketchy info is true - a Lincoln Continental? Could you not have picked a better car? I know this is America, land of the shitty automobile, but c'mon!

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