back to article Intel 'Light Peak': not an Apple idea after all

Intel's newly announced 'Light Peak' optical interconnect wasn't developed at Apple's instigation as has been claimed. So says a mole cited by Cnet, and we're not at all surprised, for a number of reasons. Intel has been working on various technologies relating to the integration of optical data streams into computer systems …


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  1. leon clarke

    I hope the final Light Peak port isn't that shape

    The worst thing about USB is that you can't tell which way up the plugs are. If we go to optical without fixing this, we'll be spending the rest of our lives staring at USB plugs to work out which way up they go. A terrifying thought!

  2. jubtastic1

    That makes more sense

    I couldn't understand why Apple, who shift hundreds of millions of devices that charge and sync over USB would push for a replacement that couldn't supply power.

  3. Steven Knox

    It must be nice being right, even when you're wrong.

    "The Reg believes that [the] mole knows what he's talking about..."

    Oh wait, that's from the article published yesterday, where you were positive that it was Apple's idea.

    Now you're quite sure that it's not:

    "So says a mole cited by Cnet, and we're not at all surprised, for a number of reasons."

    I'd accept this as simply Rik and Tony disagreeing, except that they've used "The Reg" and the collective "we". A responsible editor simply wouldn't allow that through unless they wanted the writer to put forth the paper's position.

  4. Dennis 1


    No one said the connector was entirely optical.

    USB4 = USB 2 plus optics?

  5. Mr Bear


    Who cares who's idea it was?

    Or do we need to know who to blame if it doesn't take off?

    And if it doesn't take off then why would we care about blaming someone over something that doesn't matter?

  6. Bounty


    Perhaps they mean, they're not suprised now. An hour ago they were, but now that they've had breakfast, it seems completely reasonable (especially now that they know the truth.) Either way, it's a great way to push out articles. "Confirmed! Microsoft releases source code for Windows 7" shortly followed by "Microsoft obviously didn't release source code for Windows 7"


    Apple Uses Intel 7 Intel has marketing & Need.....

    Thought it sounded fishie, yet porported reason is in header.

    Perhaps just apple iPhone that was connected to Blazing wires & writer went too far. TIME WILL TELL.


This topic is closed for new posts.