back to article Optical zoom arrives on 12Mp cameraphone

Samsung has followed up its recent launch of the 12Mp Pixon cameraphone by unveiling the world’s first 12Mp cameraphone that has an optical zoom. Samsung_W880_02 Samsung's W880: supports optical zooming for - hopefully - better stills Digital zooms, as most gadget fans know, don’t result in particularly good quality long- …


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  1. Yorkshirepudding

    covert shots

    well thats the voyeuring gone out the window

  2. Anonymous Coward

    I would But...

    It wont remember the camera settings and they wil NEVER release a firmware fix.

    Disgruntled i8510 owner.

  3. Martin Huizing


    Here in China there is a secondhand mobile phone shop (shady place) where I have seen camera's with optical zoom and phone capabilities. They are Korean import (or Japanese) and probably break when just looking at them. But they exist and work. Oh, same goes for that watch phone. Seen them around for two years. Comes with Bluetooth too!

  4. Andrew Dodd
    Thumb Up


    I had a Sharp 3G phone back in 2004 that had a optical zoom so there is nothing new here

    But does look very cool

  5. Monkey


    ... it looks like they might just have a form factor large enough to encourage them to increase the size of the CMOS censor to make the 12mp camera take decent pictures and not just generate back ground noise on the image.

    That's assuming they can be bothered to make a proper job of the internals...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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