back to article Congo major had piss-up with rebels

A Democratic Republic of Congo army major has been suspended after inviting rebels for a few liveners at his base - hours before they rather churlishly repaid his hospitality by torching part of the facility. According to Bloomberg, Major Leon downed a couple of jars with members of the Resistance of Congolese Patriots, aka …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    A title

    This business all seems a little bit 'Judean Peoples Front/Peoples Front of Judea'.

    Only not as funny.

  2. Steven Griffiths

    Age old method...

    Looks like the old "get them round, feed them, get them pissed then stab 'em in the nadgers" ploy didn't quite work then...

    Note to Americans: The Nadgers - small range of mountains just south of the equator.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What a waste


    I was born near there, on the Rwandese side... I grew up a few miles from Goma and the Zaire border (it was called that back then).

    Not that it does much good, but I always wish that peace could somehow break out... Such beautiful countryside destroyed. So many lives wasted. And no real reason to even have a border there aside from politics, same tribes, same families, same culture...

    Oh well...

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