back to article Nation's moral guardians snap over 'shag bands'

Parents be warned: If you spot your seven-year-old daughter sneaking off to school sporting innocent-looking "cheap coloured plastic bracelets", it means she's actually inviting the opposite sex to snap her "shag bands" in return for sexual favours - part of a "terrifying wave of promiscuous behaviour" which threatens to …


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  1. Jimmy Floyd

    Simple, eh?

    Yes, ban it. The simple, reliable answer to every little problem.

  2. Secretgeek
    Paris Hilton

    Now I know I'm old.

    At our school we played 'tig' and that was the closest I came to touching a girl for the first 15 years of my life. Seems 'tig' has gone XXX.

    Paris because you don't need a band with her, just a crapload of cash (not that I'm suggesting she's an expensive prostitute or anything).

  3. Oliver Mayes

    Two points...

    Firstly, I remember these things being around when I was back at school in the late 90s, has it really taken this long for the sensationalists to notice?

    Secondly, has anyone considered that these children are just lying about what they're doing? How many teenagers claim to have had sex when they're just trying to sound big in front of their friends?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Nothing new

    This is nothing new, it was happening when I was at school during the '90s. No one ever followed through with any of it, though.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    <Witty Title>

    I saw something about this in my local paper too - these wristbands have actually be branded as "evil". How can plastic be evil (unless it's Chucky)?

    If only this craze would catch on amongst certain adult females I regularly see on my journey to and from work... Picture it, a crowded tube train, an attractive blonde, a snapped black band.....

    AC, in case the girlfriend happens across this page, and questions me on my morality....

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Only way to respond to these socalled guradians of morality:

    "Creagh said she'd written to one of several high street shops punting shag bands, asking it to desist in undermining youth morality, but that it had told her to take a running jump."

  7. Allan George Dyer
    Paris Hilton

    Sun reporting = misreading

    Paris, obviously.

  8. Tom 15
    Thumb Up

    What a load of nonsense

    As a 23 year old who broke a girl's black shag band when I was 16 I can report that there is nothing new about this kind of behaviour!

  9. Anonymous Coward

    It were never like this when I were a lad.

    More's the pity. ;)

  10. Lloyd


    Won't somebody please think of the children!!!!!

  11. Alien8n
    Gates Horns

    First I've heard

    Kids at the local school here are far too busy sacrificing goats and selling their souls to satan...

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    had to give him oral and he gave me a lickout!

    aaaw! from the mouths of babes

    Must make her mothers bossom just swell with pride!

  13. lukewarmdog


    To 1980.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Christ Almighty!!

    Whatever would happen to one's dear sainted mother collecting the kids from school wearing a full pair of Marigold rubber gloves, fresh from a hard afternoon's washing up...??!!

    It's enough to have my dear grandad (God rest his soul) turning in his grave, and the locals at the Stuka and Spitfire spitting feathers into their Spitting Feathers (it's a brewery for those not 'in the know'...)

    Gawd help us...

  15. Obvious Robert

    Why is it always Yorkshire?

    Seriously, it's always Yorkshire.

  16. Anonymous Coward

    sounds a bit like the myth...

    of Pharm Parties from the US. Where a bunch of people bring all their drugs to a party and dump them into a bowl and then the attendants play lucky dip with the bowl of pills. ie a load of old scaremongering nonsense that no one has any real evidence of existing.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Bugger I wish I had thought this up.

    The company has a warehouse full of useless rubber bands which are not selling. They setup a website or two claiming to be children using these bands in some sort of sexual way.

    They then phone the press to "anonymously" tip them off about the new trend.

    Hay presto millions of pounds of free advertising. Brilliant. Within a month nobody will care and the people with the warehouse will have a warehouse full of cash. Brilliant.

    Technically nobody has done anything illegal. Brilliant.

  18. Lottie


    1 = find a behaviour that has supposed to have existed for years

    2 = suggest it's a new craze

    3 = moral outrage

    4 = profit from more paper sales.

    Seriously, I remember when the bands round my arms were called shag bands and that was loooong ago. I actually had a wristfull of black ones. Unfortunatly, I ended up snapping a few of them by fidgiting and playing with them. t'was nothing to do but entertain myself :-)

  19. no_content

    Old News?

    I remember 'shag bands' from when I was at school about 12 years ago. Maybe there's something new about these ones but sounds like pretty old news to me! (never actually owned them myself as I was more in to football stickers!!)

  20. Al Iguana

    Instruction manual

    This is another example of moral-outrage eating itself.

    My 7-year old daughter has an arm full of them. Bought them from the local shop. As have all her friends. They just like them because they are "colourful fashion bracelets".

    Then along come some website, The Sun, and MPs, and tell kids "no! they are not fashion! they are sex-toys. Here, if you go to, you can read the rules and find out how to do it! Which, of course, you shouldn't! Outrageous!"

    If everyone had kept schum, then they would continue to be... harmless colourful bracelets. It's the GROWNUPS (so-called) that are turning them into something more.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Band on the run

    You don't need "shag bands" to talk about sex, nor to have kids daring one another. Youngsters are sexually curious, with or without shag bands.

    What you need, is decent sex education, not "biological" education. If youngsters were taught about smegma, that men lie, cheat and bully, and sex with an underage teen can have you labelled a paedophile or slag, I think most kids would think twice.

  22. Robert Brown

    Urban Myth?

    The bands thing is a myth that's been going on for years according to a book a recently read.

    Hippo Eats Dwarf by Alex Boese mentions it being a long standing story that repeatedly crops up from time to time in the media.

  23. Kurashima

    No , wait , dragging up a 5 year old story

    So , either the Sun doesnt read anything across the pond , where the "Moral Majority" had a little media frenzy of their own about this back when wearing livestrong bands became popular, or this was a really , really slow news day, and the reporter tried to make something interesting out of a niece of nephew coming to visit and telling him how things were going at school.

    The ultimate non-story. Queue outrage ,and a Daily Mail campaign.

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Where the hell was this sort of thing when I was a lad. 16 years of education and what did have to show for it?

  25. The Original Ash

    What, they still have these?

    They had these when I was at school.

    A decade ago.

  26. David Hicks

    Tired old crap

    This colour-coded jewellery for sexual favours thing is nonsense. It comes up about once every two years when some newspaper has nothing better to say.

    They've been touting this nonsense on and off about these plastic arm-bands for almost a decade now. Before that it was "friendship bracelets" which I'm sure anyone of my generation (born late 70s) will remember the girls making from bits of coloured string and giving out.

    There was never anything to it then (more's the pity IMHO...) and there's nothing to it now. The fact that an MP has fallen for it speaks volumes.

    Why is the reg reporting this ridiculous old hype?

  27. Clarissa

    Stand back... moral panic in progress

    Nice to see the combined headless chickens of the tabloid press and politicians off on a new threat to the kiddies that has only ever been heard about from some anonymous sources on the internet that, because they are on the 'tubes, simply *have* to be true.

    If they want some more ideas then Cracked ( has a few more they can borrow (Rainbow Parties come in at #5 on that list and I believe #1 has already been dealt with in depth).

  28. TimS
    Paris Hilton


    They were around when I was at school 10 years ago, but despite snapping as many as possible nothing happened...

  29. dunncha

    What colour is the band

    For go do your homework?

    Or go play football

    Or go to bed!

    Or that's not music! That's just noise.

    When I was young you would get called a sissy for playing with girls!

    And as for boys wearing braclets? Well it just wouldn't have happened.

  30. Shackleford Hurtmore
    Paris Hilton

    I wish these would catch on in my office.

    And I think a rainbow party would make a great team building event for our next quarterly meeting, too.

  31. Ed Blackshaw Silver badge


    People believe this? Are their incredulity glands not working or something?

  32. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: Band on the run

    Before anyone leaps on that AC, he appears to be a bloke, not an embittered woman misandrist feminazi, 'kay? 'Kay.

  33. Paul Dx

    Having your cake and eating it

    Anybody remember Brass Eye ?

    I call Bulls***

  34. Paul was already taken

    25 fives years too late

    Where were these when I were a lad!!

  35. Anonymous Coward

    What colour did Roman Polanski get?

    I wonder if he'll be using that in his defence.

  36. Rabbers

    So let me get this straight

    A member of parliament for Wakefield is advocating a ban on selling plastic bracelets for kids?

    Am i missing something?

  37. Anonymous Coward


    much like dogging some time back - 'news' leads the behaviour of the sheep.

    Damn that internet and the porn fuelled blameless society it has created....

  38. Anonymous Coward

    Sweeping the UK's playgrounds?

    If so it must be sweeping at roughly the same rate as continental drift. Girls had shag bands when I was in year 8 at school, no less than 13 years ago - and I dare say some while before that.

    My girlfriend who was in the year below me at school in another part of the country confirms that they had them too. I find this kind of hysteria all very chortlesome.

  39. James 12

    Old old story

    I'm now 28 and this was the case at schools in Oakham back in my day. Which makes this story at least 14 years old.. probably older

    What's the suns next breaking story, kids are chasing each other and if they catch the other they have to kiss...

  40. Steve the Cynic

    Oh dear, not this again...


  41. DeanJ

    Welcome to the 80's

    This is nothing new and nothing harmless. I remember this about 20 years ago when I was in school. It's not a binding contract!

  42. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    How times have changed

    I used to wear them when I was a teenager [16+ yrs]. The way the bands were used was that when a female kissed a boy she would give the guy a bracelet/band. The number of bands a guy wore indicated how much he scored. It meant that a male had to ask if he could have a band/snog and the girl could refuse. The Bands did not have any other meaning. Breaking the bands does not make sense as you would not have as many trophies to wear casually.

  43. Andy Enderby 1
    Dead Vulture

    discussed on radio 4..... some length last week = hoax.

    More media stupidity.

    El Reg - c'mon, buck up. You should know better.

  44. MonkeyBot

    What the hell's wrong with these kids?

    Spend all your money on these shag bands and you'll have none left for cheap cider and pot - both of which being far more likely to lead to teenage sex.

  45. surely not


    want to become moral guardians - simply ban the sun?? given the way the media control the UK government, I'm sure there will be a law passed on this shortly

  46. Anonymous Coward
    Big Brother

    @ Lloyd - Re: Ahhhh

    "Won't somebody please think of the children!!!!!"

    That'll definitely get you arrested!!

  47. Annihilator

    Oprah, Oprah, Oprah

    This or some variant was brought up on Oprah about 5 years ago. Does yellow mean you have to give Lance Armstrong a reach around?

    One of the many moral panics that springs up from time to time. Still, jolly good fun to be able to reminisce about the phrase "lickout"...

  48. The Indomitable Gall


    " Won't somebody please think of the children!!!!! "

    I'm sure the Sun will be pleased to tell us that there's lots of people doing so already. And that they're looking for sh@g bands. And that if your kid gets his/her black band snapped by a filthy old perv... well, God help us all.

  49. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Chav names



  50. Anonymous John

    Isn't it time

    for the LSD-laced temporary tattoos hoax to circulated again?

  51. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Expect Ed Balls to respond, his is the Normanton constituency, Normanton is geographically part of Wakefield. These two are neighbours in constituency terms, both coming from Wakefield.

    I've had to give these two people IT support before, they really do think they're the moral guardians of society and are the last people you'd want to trust making decisions surrounding this sort of thing. It wont start and stop at a ban, it will without a doubt result in something stupid like all retail staff having to sign the sex offenders register if they dare try sell them to anyone under 18 or even simply forget to check their ID.

  52. Anonymous Coward


    Now I wonder who got the glitter band...?

  53. Andrew_F

    You're not supposed to just reprint email forwards

    What, is The Sun trawling Snopes for stories these days? Or just printing anything they're emailed?

    Tomorrow's headline: "Bill Gates gives fortune to email forwarders"

  54. Hugh_Pym

    Hold on a sec...

    Doesn't this make the wearing of a band an offer of sex. If the kid doesn't wear the band they are exempt from the 'game'. Seems a bit like if you can catch me you can <whatever> me.

  55. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    I got a red one

    Postie left it this morning. Any takers........?

    Ah well.

    Bust of Paris (literary-wise it's the nearest you've got) because where my sex life is concerned it's apparently a case of Nevermore.

  56. Anonymous Coward

    RE: What colour did Roman Polanski get?

    Hi ! leave Polanski alone. He is famous and a (apparently) talented film guy. So what he did or diden´t was ok. Its not like he is a commoner like you lot who would be sick disturbed individuals that needed to be shot, castrated and hug til it really really hurt.

    (Joke alert because some are to stupid to tell whether it is or isen´t a joke)

  57. Paul Gomme


    Smoking causes paedophilia, heroin addiction and suicide bombing...

    Just ask the Rockall newsdesk... ( sadly missed :-( )

  58. Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

    So ...

    Let's not ban them, simply vet the kids and require they have the right licence to wear each coloured ban. Revenue from vetting fees for the government, they get kids on the database and used to being on databases. It can be integrated with the school's lunchtime fingerprint database, so policy evidence of 'joined-up thinking'. The database information can be sold to the sex industry proper to raise an extra load of cash, and, indirectly, VAT. Good for government, good for business, good for everyone.

    I don't really understand the moral outrage; if kids are opting-in to offer and receive 'sexual favours', they'll find some way to make that known. Banning the bracelets won't stop that. Arguably it's better to know who is 'up for it', and it wouldn't be such a bad idea in the adult world.

    Mine's the one with a pocket full of wrist bands. Catch me if you can; I'll be the one standing still, whistling "One Night in Paris."

  59. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ Obvious Robert

    I live in Yorkshire, I've lived here for 14 years.

    Yet I agree with you, entirely. The problem is people here are much lazier, generally more stupid, want things done for them.

    This is evidenced by the fact that it is both the Labour and BNP heartlands. Really, there's a reason these two parties (which combined represent all that is lazy and ignorant) flourish here- it's a centre of ignorance, moral outrage and panic at the slightest things.

  60. TeeCee Gold badge

    "....but that it had told her to take a running jump."

    No sense of humour some people.

    I'd have sent her a black bracelet in two halves and told her to take a flying f***.

  61. Anonymous Coward

    If they're being sold

    next to the newsagent's football sticker boxes as "Shag Bands" with instructions then YES, it's wrong to let kids buy them. Yes, kids'll fool about and come up with whatever games they can to make the guys seem less prickish ("Haha! I snapped your band. See you behind the bike sheds at lunchtime!") and the girls less slutty ("Oh, deary me- you snapped one of my several gold bands. Now I've GOT to do all that with you- it's schoolyard law.")- and that only comes about because of the prudish way we're brought up.

    BUT exploiting underage sex for profit should definately not be encouraged. By all means stick them in the booze aisle or sell them at pubs/clubs/etc. for unimaginative adults to enjoy.

    If they're just sold as bands and the kids are coming up with their own meanings then fair enough- it's an innocent product. It's not like it's a binding legal contract- if they didn't want to they (a) wouldn't do it and (b) wouldn't wear them.

  62. Anonymous Coward


    Not Yorkshire. The people trying to make money from this are based in Croydon. Here are their profiles, each reader can make their own mind up about the "Team" who are running the company promoted on the site.

    Any readers in Croydon who are not happy about this can of course go pay them a visit or even protest outside the shop. This will ensure even more publicity.

  63. Anonymous Coward

    Legacy of the Britards

    "What I think we have here is the commercialisation of childhood."

    Yes, despite the "it's not for real" protests, which I'm sure are largely correct, what we have here is the exploitation of all ages: adults who buy The Sun because they think it's "news"; children who are seen as a consumer "resource" to whom stuff of all kinds must be sold, whether that stuff is appropriate or inappropriate, despite that group actually having negligible income of their own. Combine this with blatantly commercial media and what passes for entertainment amongst a corrupt clique of unscrupulous producers (and other denizens of Soho), and how surprising is it that the herd all moves in the same undesirable direction?

    What the "instant politician" (a soundbite in a can!) fails to mention in the predictable outburst is that all this is fuelled by the contemptible education policies of the political mainstream, most of whom would rather see the whole education business outsourced to a bunch of toffs and/or theotards so that the state's only role is to fill in the propaganda blanks in whatever syllabus eventually gets delivered to a bunch of kids whose only role in life will be that of a compliant Sun-buying consumer who prefers Brand Jesus to other brands, thus making speculative foreign wars so much easier to legitimise with "popular support" as the gawping masses jeer for "satisfaction", more cheap shit to buy, and another juicy scandal to fill in the intellectual void around them and their mates/marriage/co-workers.

    Why can't the member for Wakefield - a whip as well, representing yet another idiocy of the Lord of the Manor era political system of the Britards - just resign and lead all the other career politicians out of the door in the process? After all, they have all presided over the "commercialisation of childhood" and a lot more besides without doing very much about it.

  64. davefb

    the whip

    since this MP is a whip.. shouldn't they ban whips, after all they're always associated with deviancy. She could then exclude herself from being anywhere near any kids..

    It truly beggers belief that instead of explaining to the parents in her constituancy that this is just a load of old rubbish she wastes parlimentary time by bothering with it..

  65. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    this idea has been around for about 13 years (it was around when i was a child), like many things, its all talk, maybe a snog happened as a display of social dominance (having the balls to actually do it)

    then again, it depends entirely on the intelligence level of the children.... they are all little shites and slags these days... maybe they actually take it seriously?

    let your own paranoia guide you to your own truth with this one :)

  66. fixit_f
    Black Helicopters


    Wonder what you have to do for a brown band then....

  67. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    That's Nothing

    There's this new craze sweeping the nation, it only started yesterday.

    Smack bands, if someone manages to get one of those off you then you have to smoke crack and inject the same time. You can't not do, it's the rules, you have to do it, and then eat poo.If you don't then you are saying you are gay.

  68. Scott 19
    Paris Hilton

    In my day

    We just used a bottle?

  69. Adam West

    old news

    As someone else has pointed out, this has been going on since at least the 90's, when I was at secondary school. The only new/disturbing part of it is the age of the kids now involved. Someone has dropped the ball somewhere. Parents, most likely.

  70. Anonymous Coward

    Nothing ever changes

    When I were a lad, we used to smack the woman we were interested in over the head with a large stick then drag them back to our caves. Some of these folks grew up to be famous mass murderers and tyrants, but you never heard a bad word about any of them.

    The parents of kids of today don't know they are born. Bring back national service is what I say. That'll teach them about proper sexual perversions in dingy bars in Germany and Burma. Once you've seen Maxi Ping Pong do her special trick, "shag bands" will be the last bloody thing on their minds.

    Bah humbug!

    Hand grenade, because that was part of Maxi Ping Pongs other trick.

  71. spam 1

    Mary Creagh

    Bound to find at least one useless waste of space politician eager to jump on this passing bandwagon......

  72. DAN*tastik

    Good luck to those boys who become gay adults!

    They will get very confused when they have to swap the shag band color codes with the hanky color codes...

    Those who will pick somebody with a yellow one - hint: it's not a hug - will certainly get an unwelcome surprise when they get down to it. And good luck to those who meet somebody sporting a teal blue one!

  73. frank ly

    @Alien8n re. First I've Heard

    "..Kids at the local school here are far too busy sacrificing goats and selling their souls to satan..."

    ...and they are no damn good at it. When I was their age I'd materialised three major demons and sacrificed my cousin. All these kids do is mooch around in capes trying to look cool, standards have slipped.

  74. Anonymous Coward

    Pictures, or it didn't happen

    I just couldn't resist since no one had asked. Thanks, Ms. Moderatrix. <3

  75. Spleen

    @Adam West

    "Someone has dropped the ball somewhere."

    I think you'll find that none of them have dropped their balls, that's the whole problem.


  76. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    *tard alert.....Again and I repeat.

    For Heavens sake, it's a hoax.....A myth. Based on an old urban legend wideley debated on Snopes back in about 2003...Get a grip people, since when has the Sun been a newspaper or known at all for responsible research ?

    Jebus..... IQ's are surely falling around here.

    Thumbs down anyone on here that believes this drivel.

  77. northern monkey

    All I can say is... least they don't follow the handkerchief code colours! Or perhaps they do and all those children wearing livestrong bands didn't accidentally wet themselves. Urgghhh, so wrong.

  78. John Smith 19 Gold badge


    Yeah, they have enough toruble with undeage sex she'd be desperate to do something about that.

  79. LaeMi Qian

    When I was a Lass...

    ... it was the colour of M&Ms in your lunch box.

    Those of us who recognised chocolate as a valid substitute for (pretending to) sex made a killing swapping one of the 'best' colours for two - or even 5 - of the more mundane ones.

    We need a ZZZzzz ... icon.

  80. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    adult wearing one colour wristband ,equals ---------

    criminal offence as seeking to groom . Maybe ?

  81. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle


    You've all been very, very naughty and need to report to Matron for a cold shower and some washing out of mouths.

    This sort of thing will not be taken lying down.

  82. bigphil9009

    URL Says It All

    Hmm, not sex, but SEX. Sensationalism at its very best!

  83. dl

    Missed out...

    They didn't have any of these when I was in Secondary School.

    Mind you it was an all boys school so maybe that was for the best.

  84. OffBeatMammal

    Wasn't ths a storyline on Grange Hill?!

    ... if not, it should have been :)

    (shows my age!)

  85. Steven Jones

    Interesting what you find...

    It appears that the MP for Wakefield instigated an investigation into cronyism by Lib Dems in Islington council, back in her days as a councillor in Latteland. That particular investigation, by the Standards Board of England, lasted over three and a half years and found no evidence of corruption by the accused Lib Dem councillors. I'm sure the one million pounds plus of public money which this costs was well spent. In an interesting 159 page ruling the tribunal described Ms. Creagh as an "insensitive witness, lacking in balanced judgment and one who was prepared to make assumptions about honesty and integrity of others without any proper basis".

    The ruling also said "The tribunal considers that her evidence was heavily influenced by her political motives." Lacking in judgment, thinking the worst of others? Who'd have imagined it from this story...

    Just to avoid Ms. Bee worrying about the libel lawyers getting in on this, then here is a link to the Guardian article from which I have extracted these quotes.

  86. kosmos

    I wish

    there was an issue I could get outaged about on behalf of a group of people without properly understanding the cultural importance or even, the facts behind it...

    Good to see the newsrags are being outraged on behalf of people..

    Mines the one with the gold band....

  87. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    they had these when I was in school in the 80's with a similar outrage back then too.

    Back then, they only came in black (as they were just rubber seals). The black bands back then meant the same as today, but being that they only came in black and people not being very PC back then, they were called niger bands not shag bands. I'm guessing that the name shag bands came about in the 90s when people became more PC and the manufacturers started making them in a variety of colours.

    The truth is no-one did anything with anyone they didn't want to, and it's a bit late to be banning them.

  88. TeeCee Gold badge

    Just a thought.

    Thinking back, was there anyone else here who saw the title of this article and clicked on it expecting to find that it was something to do with the Rolling Stones (or more likely some modern bunch of wannabees)?

    <straight face>

    Not that I would ever dare to suggest that a great British institution such as they have ever been involved in excessive fornication, underage sex or anything else that might cause an outburst of fulminant rage in the tabloid press.

    </straight face>

  89. call me scruffy

    Let's imagine that this is true, widespread, etc.

    So some kids with low self esteem do naughty things ultimately because "their mates tell them to".

    It's gone from "Have you met shaun? You should shag him cos he's fit and he fancies you"

    to "Shaun snapped your band so now you've got to shag him." Errrr, same thing.

    If there is even the most remote problem with this it's that kids are prepared to surrender their rights to a game.

    Blue haired troll because EVERYONE knows what it means if you've got a blue haired troll.

  90. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Halo

    Re: Band On The Run.

    So now we've got a comment involving kinky band activities, the moderatix, and the words "Jumping On".

    Bill Gates with a band round his head, because I know _just_ where a packet of shag bands left on the haloed desk would end up, an the thought makes me wince.

  91. Ascylto

    @ Oliver Mayes

    But it needs to be remembered that the scaremongers (some of them advisors to government) claim that "Children Never Lie".

    Might I suggest they have never seen a child, much less been the recipient of a child's lies?

  92. Ascylto
    Black Helicopters

    Money, money, money ...

    Here's a way out of the Recession ...

    Make all wearers of shag bands subject to CRB checks and take their DNA!

    More money for the Treasury and more details for the Über Database!

    Job Done!

  93. Anonymous Coward


    I note, with disdain of course, the close correlation between this eroto-braceletian sensationalism, and the Sun's impromptu side-shuffle in political alliegances. Coincidence? I think not.

    Moreover, it is in the public interests to know - would David Cameron hug a hoodie sporting a yellow band?

  94. Chris007

    was the same in the late 70's and early 80's

    but they weren't plastic they were [usually] made of tightly twisted coloured wool and therefore (without a sharp blade) difficult to break!

  95. Ricky H
    Paris Hilton

    back in the 90's

    I thought the idea was tacky. Yes I was a late developer but damn i'm proud of it. back then only the sluts of the class who[r]e them and I doubt much the same has changed. this recent round was just to sell papers, and yet here I am reading about it online first.

    paris because i'm sure she snapped a few.

  96. Lionel Baden

    Brown Band

    You sir owe me a new keyboard

    and almost a new job !!!!

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