back to article Xerox barges into services with $6.4bn ACS buy

Copier giant Xerox plans to buy US outsourcing and data centre management giant Affiliated Computer Services Inc (ACS) for $6.4bn in a cash and stock deal. The company announced its "game-changing" acquisition proposal today. Xerox said it would cough up 4.935 of its shares and $18.60 in cash for each share of Dallas-based …


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  1. Captain Save-a-ho

    Game changing? We never learn...

    The only thing game changing about this transaction is that HP Enterprise Services (formerly EDS) will no longer provide IT services to Xerox. There really isn't anything revolutionary about a printing company offering IT outsourcing (just ask Mark Hurd).

    Yet another example of "Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose."

    Major Fail...

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