back to article Orange gets UK iPhone deal

France Telecom's Orange is to start selling the iPhone to UK subscribers later this year. The company has yet to tell us the date, or pricing plans. But it did issue a short statement which confirmed an agreement with Apple to, "bring iPhone 3G and 3GS to Orange UK customers later this year. Orange globally now offers iPhone …


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  1. Terry Ellis

    Does that make the UK...

    ...the first country to have the iPhone on two competing networks?

  2. Myopic Aardvark

    Excellent timing

    Just spoken to a colleague of mine who said "There won't be any new iPhone providers this year".

    And then less than 5 minutes later you post this.

    (He's just taken out a new contract with his 3GS with O2, despite not liking their service).

    Ha ha ha ha ha.

  3. Paw Bokenfohr

    I want to start the my cell network's better than yours war

    Orange - pah!

    Good luck getting ANY 3G data coverage on Orange at all. One of the reasons why I actually went for an iPhone in the end was that of all the networks, O2 seems to have the best coverage (I was on Orange before with a variety of Nokia and HTC handsets for over 10 years).

    Commence the flaming!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I'm sure Orange will manage to cripple the iPhone in the same way they've crippled the Samsung Jet.

  5. Andy 97
    Thumb Up

    Nicely done

    Well done Orange.

    At least O2 will have less to crow about!

  6. The Avangelist

    oh and I am the first


    I've been saying this would happen all month, it was clear that was the sole purpose of the t-mobile merger, and now we have what we wanted. score one for the orange under-dogs. Now we just wait and see whether they're still going to carry crap tarrifs or if they will do some creative accounting.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Good news...

    Shame it wasn't Voda

  8. Richard 81
    Thumb Up


    Orange may not be for me, but the competition should at least stop O2 demanding your entire immortal soul in exchange for these things. Might actually be able to get one some day.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Perhaps now visual voicemail will work on my unlocked iphone, which has been on orange for the last 18 months.

    All I need now is a way to get a cheap, unlockable 3gs. No way am I changing my contract - my average monthly bill is <£1 ;)

  10. Anonymous Coward

    @The Avangelist

    "it was clear that was the sole purpose of the t-mobile merger"

    Really? The only reason they merged was so they could acquire rights to a PHONE? You should be a CEO with that logic...

  11. Giles Jones Gold badge

    Competition is good

    Hopefully when my O2 contract runs out in Feb I can use the Orange deal as some leverage for getting a better deal. £35 a month is fine for people who use all the minutes and texts, but I'm only really interested in the mobile internet aspect of it.

  12. Frank Bough
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    Does that mean...

    ...that us O2 iPhoners might get some relief, 3G network wise? On my commuter train each morning it's actually significantly faster to disable 3G. Man, I love reading El Reg at GPRS speeds.

  13. Mike Forsyth


    So it was exclusive on O2 and now it isn't and Orange have it as well as O2? Does this mean that Vodafone might pick it up as well - or is it exclusive with O2 and Orange now? That might stop the marketing phone calls from Vodafone with HTC magic is better than the iphone and Samsung Jet is better than the iphone....

  14. Trevor Watt

    With any luck this will bring O2 back to their senses....

    With any luck this will bring O2 back to their senses and they will start selling some other decent handsets, other than their current attitude where if you want a PDA type phone it is the iPhone or nothing.

  15. Peter Wilkin

    What exactly have Orange agreed with Apple

    I wonder what exactly Orange agreed with Apple? As they already cell the iPhone in other countries did they just agree with Apple to let the sell in the UK ? Or did they (Apple) really want to end UK exclusivity as a pilot to ending AT&T's in the US.

    I wonder how pissed Apple are at O2, and how the O2 execs are now feeling after this announcement by Orange

  16. Andy Shaw
    Thumb Up

    @Paw Bokenfohr

    Interesting - I now intend to pay my O2 contract off and switch back to Orange as Orange provides significantly better converage in my area - O2 barely manage 2G, and it drops out frequently; Orange have blanketed the area with 3G.

  17. William Gallafent

    Making comparison difficult …

    I was just wondering how many minutes and texts you get from O2 for your £35 per month, but I was thwarted by O2's website being out of commission … redirects to which reads “Sorry, this area of isn't currently available.”

    That'll stop anybody comparing O2's iPhone tariffs with Orabile's.

  18. Phil 54

    poor bastards

    I pity the fool who signs up with Orange, at least if Orange UK is as crap as Orange here in France

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hang on...... What have I just done?????

    I don't even like the iPhone but I've just gone and registered my interest. It just feels inevitable. Perhaps its the cool Lightsabre app...... Or maybe Orange have done a Jedi mind trick on me.....

  20. Anonymous Coward

    Jailbreak + 3 PAYG sim + £5 topup == <3

    For £5 you get 150MB of data to consume over a 3 month period. If you don't talk and don't go mad for data then it's a darn good deal. In my case once the 150MB is consumed I'll happily let it chew through the £5 at 30p/MB and then top up again.

    Only downside is having to mess with jailbreaks - one day the mobile industry will figure out that we don't want locked-in phones!

  21. Matt.Smart
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    Irrespective of how you feel about Orange's coverage, customer service, etc, this is brilliant news. Anything that introduces competition into the iphone market has to be a good thing. You never know, maybe the price will come down...

    Like Peter Wilkin, I have to wonder what O2 did wrong to piss off Apple enough. Or perhaps it's just the end of the exclusivity agreement. Either way, good times :)

  22. jeffrey 1

    I've seen it

    I've had a play with an orange branded one, here is what it's like

    1) The 4 icon dock at the bottom has been removed, it is replace with an orange band

    2) Instead of icons being 4x4, they are 3x4

    3) On the left is the orange menu, very like the one on the p990, it is unremoveable un changeable. I to the contacts book, the calander, sms messages, the camera and the orange webportal.

    4) This side menu appears on all app pages, and the lock screen

    5) This orange menu consumes 36mb of ram , and 24% of system resources , constantly -even in lock screen mode

    6) Due to the customised nature of the os, regular apple patches don't work, you have to wait for custom orange updates.

    What are you complainging about? they've done this for every other phone they sell so why not the iphone?

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    @Terry Ellis

    No, in France the iPhone is available on Orange, SFR (Vodafone), Bouygues Telecom,

  24. Ozwadi Ogolugi


    Both Orange and O2 suck!.. Just wish the iPhone would come to Vodafone!!

  25. cdtplug
    Thumb Up


    T-mobile are going to start selling the iphone as well, so O2 will get a kicking there as well

  26. Scott Broukell

    iRhyme 2.0

    well i'll go to the foot of me orange n'apple and pears !!!

  27. Anonymous Coward
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    Orange Coverage / Tarrifs

    I've been with Orange for 10 years now, and despite the tendency of my monthly bills to creep upwards by small amounts each month until my yearly "re-adjust my tarrif and sent me the most expensive phone you do for free", I've generally found them very good.

    I bought an iPhone from the Apple store and have been using it on Orange for the last 18 months now - first a 3G, then a 3GS. Coverage and data speeds are excellent, and I pay £27 a month for 'dolphin 25' (200 cross network minutes), unlimted texts and 5 gigs of data. Of which I use about 70mb a month.

    Can't complain about the price, can't complain about the coverage.

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Does that make the UK...

    Nope, it's available on all Australian networks. (I'm guessing there's other countries where this would be the case too).

  29. exilis

    any more for any more?

    Just need confirmation for T-Mobile and I'd be tempted if the price is right (which it inevitably won't be), still not convinced by android and windows mobile is just annoying me now

  30. Jon 9

    oh #@$% &#@!!!!!!!

    Took out a 3gs on o2 6 weeks ago, ditching my work provided orange phone cos their selection of handsets was crap....

    Now this....


  31. CitizenErazed

    Orange = good

    Paw - not sure where you are, I'm on orange and get blanket HSPDA access in London and out to Essex. At worst I might get plain ol' 3G. Even at Reading festival I was getting 3G and good speeds, with all my o2 iPhone chums complaining of slow network access. Probably because 10,000 other people there had iPhones on o2, but hey ho.

    Jeffrey - they're generally quite good about not doing that with smartphones, my Hero's completely untouched apart from a splash screen on load. And, correct me if I'm wrong, but I've owned several non-smartphones with Orange and where that menu is existant, it's also easy to disable.

    Anyway, moving swiftly on, this move = good, no matter what network it was. O2 are far too comfortable with the iPhone, and have even been using their iPhone tariffs on their other smartphones, such as the Pre. Now they might actually have to be competitive on pricing.

  32. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Terry Ellis

    In short, no. We are one of the last as I believe only The US and Germany have exclusivity deals in place. A small win for UK consumers though...

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @jeffrey 1 - misinformation isn't good.

    I think you must have confused this with another phone - Apple have incredibly strict human interface guidelines.

    Apple have not authorised these changes, Orange are not making them. Stop trying to spread FUD.

  34. Neil 4

    Bad Joke

    Orange and Apple? Let's hope they don't turn it into a Lemon...

  35. IHateWearingATie

    More competition = Good

    Maybe this will mean O2 will adjust their attitude. Been trying to buy my wife an iPhone for the last 3 weeks and every O2 store (and carphone warehouse) we go to is out of stock - annoyingly the attitude is:

    'no we don't have any, don't know when we will have any, won't reserve one, won't call you when they are in or in fact care that you want to join our network and pay us lots of money. We're a monoply supplier so could spit in your eye and you'd still have to beg us to let you have one'

    Been with Orange for 9 years - b0ll0cks to O2 now!

  36. jeffrey 1
    Thumb Up


    LOL, I was only joking, but it is based on truth,

    my last phone on orange was a p990, and their menu did eat most of the system resources, and you could not disable it, drove me mad, until I got a phone shop to hack the firmware to remove it. Also, orange usually released their patches for the p990 several monthe after sonyericcson, and towards the end, they didn't even bother with sony's later patches.

    It was the same story with the wifes samsung slider phone.

    But hey, maybe they've changed that in the year since I left.

  37. Si 1

    Buh-Bye O2

    I can't stand O2's network, as soon as my contract expires I'm off to Orange for a 3GS. Hopefully this will trigger some competitive pricing instead of O2's rip-off pricing.

  38. Joel 1

    When we are out of contract....

    ....with O2, will we be able to get our phone unlocked to use with the Orange offering?

    I bet O2 are feeling a bit foolish now about not letting iPhone 3G owners upgrade to the 3GS early... would have been happy to enter into a new 18 month contract at that point, which would have locked me into O2 until December 2010. Now, I'm less than chuffed with O2, and look - my contract is up in December 2009 and suddenly there is a new kid on the block!

    I left Orange to move to O2 to get an original iPhone. Will be interesting to see what the competition results in..... and, more importantly, who gets the new iPhone next June?

  39. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    This can only be good, or at least not dire

    For consumers.

    However, I expect that when Orange start selling the iPhone then rather than undercutting O2 prices I reckon that they will do one of 3 things:

    "investigate the economics" and determine that the prices charged by O2 are the best possible given the prevailing market forces and therefore charge the same,

    Deliver a completely different set of minutes/texts/services which will make direct comparison pretty much impossible or

    Charge massively different between the handset and the monthly rentals which will work out pretty much the same over 2 years as O2.

    O2's data network should improve over time though. (and Orange's foul up I expect).

  40. Jonathan 17

    Does no-one else think of this?

    So now you can get your Apple on an Orange?

    Geddit? Apples and Oranges?


  41. Anonymous Coward

    @Paw Bokenfohr

    "One of the reasons why I actually went for an iPhone in the end was that of all the networks, O2 seems to have the best coverage"

    Where were you when OFCOM spent millions (probably) on compiling this then

    You should have saved them the money and just told them that O2 have the best network... oh, except of course what you're saying is bollocks as O2 officially have the lowest coverage in the UK, with Orange 2nd only to Three.

  42. Anonymous Coward

    Orange Data

    Orange's Data network can't even cope with their Blackberry service right now. The t-mobile merge won't come soon enough for them to be able to avoid some serious crashing in the new year.

    The most likely option is that Orange/Apple (or Fruit Salad as they should be known) will cut the prices (O2 at the same time) and also promote and push other Apple products.

    It's just giving you a choice of which network is going to extort money from you to fund their overpaid CEO's. Nice phone though...

  43. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    @Myopic Aardvark

    "(He's just taken out a new contract with his 3GS with O2, despite not liking their service)."

    As O2 are online, if he has purchased the phone he has 7 days from the date of delivery to return it (distance selling regulations).

    I don't think this will introduce competition at all though, Orange will sell the phone at the same price over the same contract length, for the same tariff, all it will do is give another provider of the same phone so Orange will cut down on their other mobile phones (cause everyone wants an iphone... ) leading to *less* competition, at least phone wise.

  44. Kieran 2

    Speaking as an Orange customer

    They are not a fit home for Smartphones, largely due to their hilariously ripoff data roaming plans.

    Don't want to pay the hideous data roaming charges? Well, you can buy 10Mb extra for about a tenner... but you can only buy one, and they won't tell you when it runs out. Going somewhere like Moscow? The only "bundles" are 50Mb+ MONTHLY - no one-off bundles available at all.

    I'm tied into my contract at the moment, but I'll be gone from Orange before I next leave the country. I would have actually paid more, and happily, if I'd been able to use google maps abroad rather than being forced to turn off data roaming on my Android handset.

  45. Professor Quatermass
    Paris Hilton

    Bombard the Orange press office with questions!

    Don't stop until they give us some information!

    Paris 'cos hot blondes have all the answers.

  46. Greg D

    @Paw Bokenfohr

    Dude, go and look at the Ofcom coverage maps.

    O2 have the worst network coverage in the UK out of all the operators. End of chat.

  47. Hermes Conran

    Apple + Orange =


  48. tanker1

    @Jeffrey 1

    I've had exactly the same experience on Orange with an LG Renoir

    - they've installed a whole bunch of demos in the 'my applications' folder which you can't delete (and always appear above the ones you've installed);

    - they've deliberately crippled Google Maps so that it doesn't work with the GPS (in a an attempt to make you pay for their mapping service ... which won't actually work on the phone)

    - and they've put six favourite links in the browser which you can't delete or move and always appear at the top of the favourites list

    - you have to be pretty techie to be able to change the home page from Orange world)

    - they have only just released the latest firmware pathc - 9 months after LG released the base version.

    Thank god my contract expires in November.

  49. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Reasonable Data Tariff

    I get 500Mb from Orange for £5 a month - not bad I think. I've only got a SE W995, so I'm lucky if I hit 100Mb a month, despite trying my hardest.

  50. Alex Johnson 1

    Makes July All The Weirder

    I agree this is good news for everyone. I think all things being equal O2 will keep me as I will switch to SIMplicity at £20/mo. when my contract is up in January using the PAYG iPhone 3GS I bought on launch day (yes it works out as cheaper, if you don't care about visual voicemail), and I also have their broadband; it'd be £60pa more expensive if I didn't have a phone.

    But it keeps O2 on their toes, and reinforces to me their stupidity in not locking in all those would-be upgraders for the 3GS; the 3G people's contracts will roll off in January, and they'll drop nicely into a competitive market. I can only assume they've been busy negotiating and hoped in the summer that they would retain exclusivity, as otherwise it's remarkably stupid.

    People did point this out in June, of course, when the contract nazis were going on about how unreasonable it was for iPhone owners to expect some deal: they could have locked in their most price-insensitive customers for at least 18 months. Some will have done it anyway, through clenched teeth. Some will have done what I did and split out the phone from the contract, counting the days. And some will have just been p'd off, and will now be delighted. Well, congratulations O2, you won that battle. Pity about the war though.

  51. Peter Labrow

    As soon as my contract expires

    ... I'm off from O2. Nothing wrong with the network but terrible customer service and slap dash approach to support. I left Orange for O2 when the iPhone came out, and I'll be glad to go back.

  52. DafyddG

    Apples and Oranges?

    Interesting that Steve Jobs, a really smart individual in so many ways still has this cockamany "exclusive" attitude towards his little iPhone. What he needs to do is look in his rear view mirror - the competition are not just closing on him, they're in a higher gear. If I were Apple I would have opened the door to all network operators to sell the baby before it falls out of the pram and is replaced by a nicer looking and less fussy infant.

  53. Frank Bough


    Have you ever tried using the O2 online store? I hear internet commerce is the coming thing...

  54. Alastair 7

    @Greg D

    No, it isn't the end of chat.

    Vodafone having spectacular coverage isn't going to matter one bloody jot if I can't get coverage in my house. Who relies upon getting coverage in every corner of the UK? No-one. You pick the network with the best coverage *in your area* based around what you do with you life. For me, that's O2 by a fair margin. Tried Orange and Voda, never got reception in my living room, one bar upstairs in the bedroom. Useless!

  55. Anonymous Coward

    Orange Get iPhone...

    Two months later O2 get new Model!

    Did mention the iPhone HD is coming soon?


  56. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Just to point out the bleedin' obvious...

    All these cheap contracts that people mention sound great, well done for getting them. Quick question, is free unlimited* Wifi access included in the tariff? What about MMS, are they an extra, or do they come out of your allowance? Since Orange are doing a deal with T-Mobile, they'll probably supply the wifi, and seeing as that's an extra £20/month for unlimited, the tariffs suddenly start to look OK, and yes, to get FULL use of some the iPhone features (iTunes, downloading larger apps from the App Store to name a few off the top of my head) then you do kind of need it. Not forgetting that phone is *partially* subsidised (alright, not by much!). I'll admit that there are some irritating about O2's services, such as service outages, coverage, tethering (if enough people complain to the right authorities, then they'll be forced to change that), but having swapped from Orange about a year ago it surprises me to hear people say that their customer service is poor. It's spectacular next to what Orange provided me with - the signal where I live is an order of magnitude better (I *actually* get one!).

    *OK, I know that O2's idea of unlimited is entirely different to that of some of you, but what do you people want to download?!

  57. dave 81
    Thumb Down

    Shiny Gizmo

    Just left orange because of their crap customer service. Certainly not going to go back just for a shiny Gizmo.

    Android anyone?

  58. Giles Jones Gold badge

    @Apples and Oranges?

    You're forgetting something, the competition tried to beat the iPod but guess what? when any mp3 player is being tested the iPod is still the benchmark.

    Sure, plenty of other players have more features, many of them sound better but where is the alternative mp3 player that has an established hugely popular application store?

    One store gives you TV and movies (purchase and rental), lots of useful applications and games, plus lots of music. Nobody else has the same amount of selection in a easy to use package.

    Even if you don't buy anything or download anything, you still have an music and media player that is one of the best to use.

    Apple won't roll over and let Orange ruin the iPhone, I suspect the reason Orange took so long to get the iPhone was due to Apple holding out on them until they agreed not to mess with the software.

    It's about time someone stood up to the greedy mobile operators.

  59. Fuzz


    Since when did competition make Apple products cheaper? You can by a Mac in several shops on the high street and web based stores but the prices are within a few pounds of each other. Same is true for ipods.

    I'm going with Lee on this one, Orange will either price the phone the same as O2 and hope their brand attracts customers or they'll use a completely different tariff structure to make it impossible to compare the two.

  60. Red Bren

    Tethering costs

    Will Orange charge an arm & a leg to allow tethering on top of a supposedly unlimited, inclusive data allowance?

  61. RoyRogers
    Jobs Halo


    Currently Orange customer thinking about ditching to O2 to get a 3GS. Think i'll take orange up on their offer as long as the interface and menus aren't completely crippled by them. I'll have a play with an orange branded one and if it's not destroyed, i'll stay. Apple are notorious for controlling their products, so maybe Orange had to back down on this one and see that I don't care about their shovelware.

  62. tiggertaebo

    Oh Joy!

    Now that the iPhone is on a network NOT made up of tin cans and string then maybe we'll stop hearing the shrill cries of the fanbois defending O2 when it goes down (again)

    Personally as long as it doesn't stop Orange offering handsets that I actually want then I couldn't really care less.

  63. Lloyd


    Frankly, Orange are shite, have been since FT bought them so good luck with that, but after the grief of the last Apple update (not just mine other peoples too) I'm inclined to say that the Jesusphone is also utter shite, Android's the way forward.

    Alien because it seems to be what testing is for the Apple software development team.

  64. IHateWearingATie

    @Frank Bough

    " Have you ever tried using the O2 online store? I hear internet commerce is the coming thing..."

    I'm not a complete idiot you know. There are two problems with the online store:

    1) They were also out of stock

    2) Lots of things are going missing from my post at the moment (may be due to the strikes round my way). A selection over the last 4 weeks:

    - 2 x credit cards (sent separately at different times)

    - 1 x cheque from insurance company

    - 1 x card pin notification (not the same as the credit card though)

    - 1 x package with car parts (front brake caliper bolts if you're interested)

    The likelihood of an iphone arriving unmolested to my house at the mo is pretty low!

  65. CitizenErazed


    @Simon - I have wifi at home, and in the office, and if I'm out and about there are innumerable coffee shops that I know of that provide free/cheap wifi. So having free access through 'The Cloud' isn't a big issue to me.

    Orange possibly aren't the best network to get the iPhone, and it's moot for me because I just took out an 18 month contract on a phone, but more competition can only be good. The handset will still be prohibitively priced, but perhaps O2 will finally get round to upgrading their 3G network to compete.

  66. Anonymous Coward


    Does this mean they are going to give me a free iPhone to make up for the extremely shite home internet access they are giving me?

    -AC (for obvious reasons)

  67. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    @ Trevor Watt

    Indeed. I went into the 02 shop the other day looking for a smartphone type of thang to replace my Touch HD. I told the monkey I didn't want a JesusPhone and he tried to get me to take a vintage HTC handset rebranded and recased (probably an original Touch looking at it!).

    When I asked if they had anything a bit more, you know, current, the only option was an iPhone. Take it or leave it. So I left it.

    In Orange's defence, although their customer service is second to all they have the best phones when it comes to 'serious' devices.

  68. Patrick 14

    No orange for me

    I was with Orange for 18 months, just before the end of my contract, I moved home.

    I was not able to make phones calls in my Home any more. When I asked Orange, they told me that was normal. Nice

    And only live three miles from a large Town.

    O2 are not great but I can just use it in my home if needed.

    And don't get me started on how bad o2 data service is

  69. John H Woods Silver badge

    Oi you!

    Greg D says:

    "Vodafone having spectacular coverage isn't going to matter one bloody jot if I can't get coverage in my house. Who relies upon getting coverage in every corner of the UK? No-one. You pick the network with the best coverage *in your area* based around what you do with you life. For me, that's O2 by a fair margin. Tried Orange and Voda, never got reception in my living room, one bar upstairs in the bedroom. Useless!

    True true. But I think you'll find it's MY HOUSE. No wonder my leccy bill is so high.

  70. Bacon

    Orange T-Mobile joint venture

    Personally the IPhone is not my thing and I am not looking forward to more IPhone users not only arguing over the fact their phone is better than everyone elses but now that their network/tarrif is better than other IPhone users....

    What with the New Orange/T-Mobile Joint venture soon to be in effect I think the Orange network will give the much hated O2 network (by me anyways) a good ol kick in the arse.

  71. Paw Bokenfohr

    @ Andy Shaw and CitizenErazed

    Yeah, it's the vagaries of the cellphone networks for sure that lead to these sorts of experiences. I was happy with Orange while I was living in Stoke-On-Trent, but after I moved to Birmingham and then later to Basingstoke, my Orange phone (well, phones plural, as I upgraded over the years) always had worse coverage than my partners phone on O2 or my work phone on Voda when I had one.

    I've been really happy with O2s coverage where I use it, but that's the point - it's where you use it that the coverage matters, not an Ofcom map; a network might have 99.9% coverage, but if you live and work in part of the 0.1% area, that network is useless to you and you may as well go for one that has 98% coverage, but you're *in* that 98% area.

  72. Paw Bokenfohr

    @ AC, 28th September 2009 12:06

    Get over yourself. Is there really any need to be like that? Nobody else's who's commented has been nasty about their experiences, but I guess that's why you're an Anonymous Coward isn't it?

    Other than that, I refer you to my previous comment:

    I've been really happy with O2s coverage where I use it, but that's the point - it's where you use it that the coverage matters, not an Ofcom map; a network might have 99.9% coverage, but if you live and work in part of the 0.1% area, that network is useless to you and you may as well go for one that has 98% coverage, but you're *in* that 98% area.

  73. Chief sub

    Why the shock-horror!?

    Why is The Register and every other media outlet so breathless with this news? I was always given to understand that Apple's iPhone exclusivity contract with O2 was likely to come up for review after two years, similar to the deal with AT&T in the US. It's standard business practice, after all. Maybe I made it up. Oh no, hang on: I read something about it in The Guardian in August last year:

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