back to article 3 flings bribey fivers for new subscribers

3 has started paying customers who sign up friends and family a whole pukka fiver for every subscriber recruited. Said subscribers will have to put their (free) SIM into a 3G phone, and top up with some credit too. Once they've done so they get another couple of quid in credit, and the person who supplied them with the SIM …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    I get a *free* company mobile for home working and the free landline... my mobiles great and doesn't cost me anything.... doesn't piss me off with stupid text msg LOLs. However, its nearing its replacement time... hasn't been switched on for 11.5 months, that may well be a factor in this.

    Stuff the £5...

  2. Shane 8

    hell no!

    After experiencing 3 Customer Service for an entire 1 year i would NEVER go back to them even if they offered me £1,000! Imo they need to get support centres in england like O2...

  3. Marvin the Martian

    "Obviously" RE: tax on earnings

    I do not think that word means what you think it means...

    Now where's my Inigo Montoya icon?

  4. Mark 140

    Hell no part 2

    Hell no +1.

    Their customer services are terrible. Horrible. I wouldn't use them ever again. When leaving it took more than 20 minutes on the phone to get my PAC.

  5. Jo-mo

    Bribery? They need it...

    Was on 3 for guts of a year. The general service quality was crap, and 3 support was among the worst I've ever experienced.

    I had a text message issue from day 1 that they initially had never heard of (despite seeing it all over support forums), then couldn't seem to diagnose, then couldn't find a way to fix it, then completely contradicted themselves multiple times, then denied all existence of such an issue and refused to do anything anymore, accusing o2 of being the problem. It was never fixed, despite months of ongoing calls to support.

    The support staff were ok, but either I couldn't understand them, they couldn't understand me, or both.

    The reception quality was awful, I kept having dropped calls all the time, and they never once offered a newer firmware for the c905, despite SE releasing about a dozen, resulting in a buggy, slow phone.

    There is no amount of money they could pay me to ever go back.

  6. Pete 2 Silver badge

    quidco's better

    you get a much larger payout by setting up (or having your friends / family sign up) from a quidco account. OK, you probably have to wait for the wonga, but it's better to travel in hope than to arrive.

  7. Fred 24
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    Hell Yeah!

    Whats not to like?

    I've been using my PAYG mobile (Skypephone S1) for PC internet for well over a year now and all for a fiver a month.

    When a Skype update removed Skype from my phone they sent me pre-paid packaging so I could send it to them for repairs - not bad when I had change from £40 when buying it.

    As it happens they couldn't fix it, so they very kindly sent me a spanky new S2 all for free, no hassles, no worries.

    The trick is to get the 'internet' add-on not the 'broadband' add-on, as its twice the download limit (2Gig) for £5, normaly at 70Kps [bluetooth connection with Ubuntu]

    I'll recommend them to anyone who wants free calls and cheap internet!

  8. Antonio 1

    Done before

    As all above been on 3 on a 18 months contract and regreted every second of it. I only joined after my gf insisted because they offered more 'free' minutes than others plus she would get £30 credit and so would I.

    Many calls to the to customer services and reply was ' should have applied by post' , 'should have gone to a shop', ' Maybe cookies were disabled', 'your browser was not supported' , many excuses and we never seen the credits.

    3 never more

  9. Andy Hards

    Been with them since 2005

    Came back to the UK after many years away and had not heard about all the bad things they are supposed to guilty of, so I signed up with them as they gave me a nice shiny new phone that did everything I wanted and more and were by far the cheapest. Years later I have had only small problems with them which were quickly and happily resolved. Got one for my missus which upon renewal I said I wanted to go PAYG but they persuaded me to keep the same deal (350 mins, 250 texts, 25 mins video calling and £5 of downloads per month) for a tenner. She never uses it all but a tenner for all that plus a new phone every 18 months is fine by me, and her. I upgrade every 18 month and have been paying about £35 for loads of everything plus 1gb of internet access, which is more than any other network. The others offer 500mb at most, if they offer it at all.

    I'm perfectly happy thanks. I do recommend them to people all the time but these days most people already have a prefered network and so itis difficult getting someone to change unless they have had a particularly bad experience or they are iSheep.

  10. Alan 42

    never again

    paying for new customers after lots of customers left when they last changed their t&c's. That and crappy customer support.

  11. Nathan 13

    I genuinely would turn down £1000 to join 3

    They are not only THE worst company in the UK, but probably the whole world. Their customer service is appalling, they lie, dont keep promises and are rude and barely able to speak any English.

  12. Al Iguana
    Jobs Halo

    nice, but

    I'd rather that Three offered me an iPhone on upgrade....

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Never again

    Would I take 3 for all of the reasons outlined by Jo-Mo. To cap all of 3's other appalingness, they seemed to pimp my number out to every corner shop reseller of mobile tat so they could call me every 10 minutes. None of the otehrs are much better, but if you have to, the best bribe on offer at the moment is £150 to sign up to an Orange pay monthly service via I've used them a few times for other things and they seem very reliable, unlike 98.9 percent of cashback offers. The only pay monthly tariffs not covered are the two cheapest 36 month contract ones.

    Given the two year contract I've just signed up to with Orange will only get them 400 quid out of me in total (and I never go more than a quid or two over in a month), the £150 cashback + cost of a 'free' Blackberry curve suggest they won't do much better than break even, even excluding normal running costs . I doubt I'm the only one who's a tight arse with my private mobile use. I reckon the real money must be in people with no credit rating forced onto PAYG.

  14. Dan 37

    is that all?

    Only £5 eh? If I recommend friends & family to my mobile/phone/energy supplier I get a % discount every month for as long as they remain a customer. So thanks but no thanks to 3.

  15. The Jase

    @Mark 140

    "When leaving it took more than 20 minutes on the phone to get my PAC."

    20! lucky you. When they changed their T's & C's (yet again) and I pulled my contract, I argued for 45 minutes to get a PAC. I had to keep saying "I want to record that" when they spewed their lies. Their helpdesk is not there to provide help, but to make it as difficult as possible to leave, so most people just give up and stay.

  16. Richard Jukes


    Im locked into an 18month contract with 3 when I only signed for a 6 month contract? How does that work out? Signal is shit, call quality is shit, customer service is shit, broadband is amazing (when working) but normally shit. I've not turned the phone on for over a year...the broadband dongle seemed to work better once it had been 'manually fine tuned' by repeatadly throwing it up the wall (a little orange chip fell off, seemed to work better with out...)

    Im awaiting the day in december when I can call them up and tell them where to stick thier cheap ass pile of shit. I've given up trying to get a broadband dongle that works, they are on the whole a waste of time. I dont know how to say this in any other way, but they are just SHIT. And anyone who is thinking about using them should seriously, go home, sit on their bed, and think about their life.

    Hell, if given the choice between having a mobile on 3 and simply not having one (because no one else did them) I'd happily never use a mobile phone again, safe in the knowledge that I would have a life free of 3. They make me so angry!

  17. Jo-mo

    To Richard Jukes

    My contract would also have been ending in december had I not got out of it.

    3 changed the terms of their "3 like home" service earlier this year, meaning that previously where they allowed you to travel to the republic of ireland and some other european countries and get charged as if you were at home, now they charge roaming costs and so forth.

    This is in fact a breach of their contract to you, and I was able to get out of my contract because of this. If you call foul over this, I suspect you will relatively easily get out too.

  18. The Jase


    "3 changed the terms of their "3 like home" service earlier this year"

    "This is in fact a breach of their contract to you, and I was able to get out of my contract because of this. If you call foul over this, I suspect you will relatively easily get out too."

    Me too. I argued for 45 minutes and had to keep saying "so you are saying you are to changing your terms? Hold on, I want to record that" It was hard work, but worth it. That was the second time they changed T's and C's on me, the first was charging me a quid for itemised billing.

    Its too late to claim a breach over the "three like home" now, but no doubt they will change their T's and C's (yet) again, they seem to every 3 months.

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