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It is not often that an issue will unite our beloved readers in a rousing chorus of concentrated, directed bile. If you think about the subjects that get you hot under the collar, there is always a balance, with the numbers in favour of each seemingly poised in a yin and yang-type cosmic display of karmic harmony: Windows vs …


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  1. Paul 25


    I'll have my lawyers on you for libel for suggesting such a heinous thing. Shopping in Currys is up there with kiddy fiddling and listening to James Blunt in the league of shame.

    I didn't say I *shopped* in Currys (or Dixon's as I still think of it), I just go in there to try out the radios in the hope that they've actually improved.

    I swear most of the people in our Currys just go in there to take a look at things in the flesh, and then go home and order them online. That and annoying the staff with blindingly stupid questions.

    There aren't many gadget shops in Bath, we take what we can get (or go to Bristol). There's a choice of Comet, Currys, or M&S's TV section. Not great :(

    Oh, and I concur, DAB is German one-handed truck-driving technique.

  2. Uncle Slacky Silver badge

    Reg will eat itself

    Commenting on comments? You can tell it's Friday...

  3. Simon Dummett

    Cats with 20 claws?

    "And it's 18 claws, actually, as they only have four on each rear paw. Don't say I never give you anything."

    Polydactylism is quite common in cats; 6 claws on each front paw and 5 claws on each of the back paws isn't unheard of...

  4. Sparkypatrick

    DAB Rules!

    In a five room flat, I have DAB radios in three of them. The one in the bathroom is an Alba that cost me about £20 and runs on 4 'C' cell batteries which give me a month's worth of getting ready in the morning and other bathroom visits. Unlike the previous incarnation, which took 6 'C' cells and went a couple of weeks, it shuts down its display unless called upon. Basically, DAB radios can do lots of things. The more of them them you use, the more power is consumed. If you want it to run on batteries, you just have to use a little intelligence in the design.

    But yeah, I would like better sound quality. I certainly won't be buying a Hi-Fi DAB unit any time soon. Pretty keen on getting one in my car, though.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Oxymoron and random thoughts.

    HiFi DAB, nuff said.

    Paul25, you should be ashamed of yourself. Currys is only for washing machines and fridges on a Sunday afternoon when you have no alternative. There is no excuse.

    Cats, nasty evil little feckers but it's not actually illegal to kill a feral cat (not that I would), you just have to do it humanely. If anyone has a surefire way of stopping the neighbourhood cats shitting on my garden and leaving me gifts of 'killed for fun' small furry animals that stops short of battlefield tactical nuclear warheads (the kids have to play there as well) I'd be grateful.

    I'm surprised nobody came up with suicide bummer

    Apparently the bomb was triggered by mobile phone! Must have been with O2, they can stick their mobile phones up their arse too. Or perhaps it was an iPhone, apparently there's an app for that?

    I'd like to know how that bloody well worked though because I can't get a decent signal here in a suburb of Manchester.

    It's been fun seeing and hearing the BBC trying to avoid saying where he'd concealed the bomb as well.

    Grenade, pass the lube someone..

  6. Greg J Preece

    Reads like SYB

    And I like that. :-)

    "I swear most of the people in our Currys just go in there to take a look at things in the flesh, and then go home and order them online. That and annoying the staff with blindingly stupid questions."

    Yup, that's pretty much it. Same with PC World, with the exception that a friend and I have a long-standing rule regarding PCW: every time we're in there, at least one sales stand must be sabotaged in some way. Our current favourite is connecting my iAudio S9 (iPods can kiss my ass) to the new Samsung surround sound units with Bluetooth, then blasting out whatever we feel like at mildly illegal volumes. When they run over to turn the machine off, pause it right before they get there. If they turn their back, hit play again. It's like playing with cats.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    dab and pirate radio

    FM Radio where I live and work gets invaded by Pirate Radio.

    So DAB is good because Pirate Radio cannot interrupt my enjoyment of the programme I am listening to.

  8. Chris Simmons
    Paris Hilton


    I have 5 cats (Gandalf, Smeagol, Merlin along with Tiddles and Toffee - don't ask); they are all trained and vicious just to cope with the kids next door - little fuckers they are (the kids).

    "Oh look mummy pussycat" Arghhhhhhhhhh scream, cry, bleed.

    That'll teach you for waking me up at six on a Saturday morning with a fucking flaming hangover.

    Paris? Well...

  9. Jeffrey Nonken

    @Simon Dummett

    And it happens on humans, too. Then there are those who through birth defects or accident have fewer than the norm. However, the NORM for cats is to have five claws up front, four in back, per paw.

    Otherwise the real number is "indeterminate". "If not... well, they have some indeterminate number of claws, naught or more - and know how to use them" just somehow doesn't have the same impact.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    Astroturf Fail?

    You can see all too plainly who's being paid to like DAB in public... they're a bit outnumbered though.

    Whoever said 'Dab is wank' wasn't quite right though - most of us would enjoy a wank much more than DAB radio, and it would work indoors!

    And wouldn't need to pay £50 for the pleasure either...

  11. Ossian


    The point of DAB is choice. Plain and simple. There are no FM rock stations where I live for example. DAB delivers on choice. I am a radio addict and listen regularly to more stations than most people (the rock stations, World Service, Radio 3/Scotland/4, Radio 5 (until I started just downloading the Kermode pod cast), etc. I need more presets!

    As for audio quality there's a lot of tosh talked about that too on both sides. The bit rates are fine for kitchen/bathroom radio listening. The bit rates are too low for listening through a good hi fi (a more complex codec than MP2 would be sufficient to fix this however there are signs that DAB+ just may not happen in the UK, unfortunately). This may improve as analogue spectrum is freed up however I am not holding my breath.

    So if you want choice and it's for a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen radio then it delivers. If it's choice for the lounge then use your set top box.

    I think digital is the right direction we just have issues to deal with like codec, bandwidth, and transmission/reception [not an issue where I am but reportedly a serious issue for many and I suspect a blocker for those who use it in car. I am going to get a DAB unit for my car and see how it goes].

  12. Neoc

    Firing instructions...

    Nah, surely the instructions would be:

    "Walk up to victim and say 'pull my finger'"

  13. wv9e


    You should be in the states where the clowns forced Digital TV on us and if you don't have cable you don't have TV. (unless you like looking at snow or black screen).

  14. Trygve

    4 C cells a month?!?!?!?!?!??!!?

    I have a £15 shower radio that takes 2 AA batteries and needs new batteries about once every 9 months. FM Rules!!

  15. Sorry that handle is already taken. Silver badge

    Re: Reg will eat itself

    Commenting on comments is, like, so Web 2.0 dude.

  16. Jay Castle

    Re: Re: Reg will eat itself #

    "Commenting on comments is, like, so Web 2.0 dude."

    So, what about commenting on the comments made on the comments?

    That, my friend, shifts us into a parallel universe, one in which all matter as we know it is replaced with concentrated pointlessness.


  17. alyn

    I shall say this only once

    Because I have posted this before on El Reg.

    If DAB was implemented the way it was designed to be, i.e. with low-power fill in transmitters then signal strength would not be a problem. The "Jacuzzi effect" or "bubbling mud" as others call it would not be a problem.

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