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With London Fashion Week now, oh so last week, designers of a different sort are gathering at Earls Court, London for 100 Per Cent Design, the annual contemporary interiors and architectural event. Here, established designers and manufacturers rub shoulders with er, less well established designers and innovators, to show off …


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  1. frank ly

    Oh Dear

    Pass the sick bag....the one made from recycled carrier bags with the faux art-deco pattern on it.

  2. ian 22


    I feel nausea. And not from the curry, beer, and doner ... sorry, must run

  3. Neil Barnes Silver badge

    Graduate of Royal College of Art, in Design Products

    But he obviously skipped the bit about not making controls that can accidentally get tweaked while doing something else... a radio that changes volume or tuning if you happen to nudge it? Get real...

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Neil Barnes - what about the disabled?

    Hey - there's a very real purpose to this sort of an approach. What about people who may not have the full use of their limbs? Having a radio that is so simple to control could be a real improvement in quality of life.

    I also think there are people out there who find it easier to do many complex tasks with only one control than to have a dedicated controller for everything. The bits on the end of my arms are a good example of this. Four fingers and a thumb on each arm to do EVERYTHING? How ridiculous!

    Seriously, this sort of design is to be encouraged! Its very hard to do well and there are often highly beneficial applications that the original creator never envisaged.

  5. david bates

    @@Neil Barnes - what about the disabled?

    "Its very hard to do well...." - Thats distressingly obvious from the article. Sadly, its very easy to just DO, as a glance at the 'conceptual' tat on any number of websites will prove.

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