back to article iPhone + naked ladies = headline gold

Porn is finally giving the iPhone a good seeing-to with two applications branded by stars of the adult entertainment scene, making the two-handed nature of Apple's handset even more of an issue. The apps come from Grindhouse Mobile, which has been pushing porn into punters' palms for years, but only with Apple's new-found …


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  1. Jellied Eel Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    tech + pron = innovation

    Or as P.T Barnum may say, there's a sucker born every minute. What's the sales rate on jesus phones?

    I'm thinking there may be a market for the position sensing in iPhones and their ilk. Kind of like those old fashioned nudie pens, but with more interaction, and importantly, micro payments.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    not new

    There have been raunchy graveure idols on it for some time (from the app store) my buddy has a half dozen sexy scantly clad Japanese girls on his.

  3. Mike Smith
    Paris Hilton

    Where's the BOFH when you need him?

    "about which we can tell you nothing as El Reg accounts declined to approve the necessary expenses"

    Tsk, bloody beancounters. Bet they're only peeved that they won't get to do the reviews.

    Methinks the BOFH needs to administer a lesson on what's acceptable to techies and what's not.

    Paris... obviously.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I might be interested when there's a Spankwire client.

  5. Toastan Buttar

    Why waste even 59p ?

    I'm not familiar with either of these ladies' names (honest, guv), but wouldn't it be simpler to just surf the web for piccies of them and upload them to your iPhone ? I hazzard a guess that you might even be able to find examples of them WITHOUT their underwear.

  6. JASR


    '...mediocre pornography...' - so, can you point your readers to where the really good stuff is?

  7. Winkypop Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    I always said..

    ..iPhoners were w@nkers...

  8. SmallYellowFuzzyDuck, how pweety!

    The iPhone does have a vibrate function doesnt it?

    Well that could open up a whole new market and increase the number of visits by people to A and E.

    No no, don't have an iPhone (Not even in my coat pocket) not too curious really...

  9. Elmer Phud
    IT Angle

    iPhone apps

    Still seems to be like the craze for ringtones to me.

    Yet another app built for tits and wankers.

    Not sure where the IT angle is - wouldn't the potential cutomers be better off with the Star or Sport?

  10. Ben Rosenthal
    Paris Hilton

    people do this crap for free

    on Android.....and then there is tinytube for any phone with a half decent web I hear :)

  11. Rob 30

    re: mediocre

    i agree with JASR on that, i always thought internet porn was quite good, maybe i've just led a sheltered life though..

    so where is the good stuff?

  12. Jerome 0

    @ Toastan Buttar

    Bizarrely, there's no need to surf on your desktop and upload to your phone - the iPhone has a web browser built-in! Whatever will those clever boffins think up next.

  13. seanj
    Paris Hilton

    Let me get this straight...

    You buy your iPhone, on a contract, which happens to include unlimited web access....

    And you're going to choose to pay 60p or whatever for a pic of some bird's tatty-bo-jangles, which you could get for free on said internet?

    Paris - even she isn't that stupid, but if it weren't for the internet, I STILL wouldn't pay 60p to see her bristols...

  14. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD

    And I'll ask again...

    So where is the good stuff?


  15. Anonymous Coward

    No relevance whatsoever, but...

    Aria Giovanni was born on the exact same day as me!

  16. Anonymous Coward

    I have to ask...

    What good is an app which delivers photos of naked ladies to iPhone users?


  17. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    @Jerome 0, @seanj

    Un-jailbroken, the iPhone does not support many of the codecs used to encode grumble-flick snippets (not that I've tried, you understand...). As such, it's usually necessary to download the videos, convert them, add them to iTunes, and then (*finallly*) sync them to your iPhone.

    Paris and AC for obvious reasons....!

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    I don't understand

    Who's got a hand free to hold this thing?

    Paris knows what I'm talking about. It take two hands to handle a whopper.

  19. Loki 1

    So sorry... hear that your accounts department wouldnt fund the premium content. How are you to get any proper investagtive journalism done under these conditions?

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