back to article Fujitsu battles WMDs with online survey

Like other dutiful hardware manufacturers, Fujitsu is doing its bit to fight the war on terror with a customer survey. Fujitsu is a long-time distributor of Sun Microsystems' Solaris Unix variant, which runs on its PrimePower and Sparc Enterprise lines of Sparc boxes. As part of its Solaris patching site, it has a brief …


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  1. Stan 2

    Can we have...

    ...a dishcloth waring tux with an AK47?

  2. Brian Miller

    Are governments terrorist organizations?

    This survey is nuts!

    Is China barred from producing "(i)Battle Tanks, (ii)Armored Combat Vehicles, (iii)Large-Caliber Artillery Systems, (iv)Combat Aircraft, (v)Attack Helicopters, (vi)Warships..."

    Is there no distinction between a terrorist cell engaging in "Aerospace research" and Boeing, NASA, or Airbus?

    Yeah, right, I'm feeling soooooo secure....

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's an ill wind that blows no good

    After the redundancies there'll be even less chance that any of use aid and abet the forces of evil.

  4. Craig 28

    Nothing new

    Dell has asked you if you're going to use their computers for nuclear research for years, according to US law... and this was when I was ordering from the bloody UK site. Damn them.


    At the time it was the only place I could find to sell me a laptop with XP Home rather than Vista. I require a specialist package which has the unusual quirk of having a different grade license for the professional versions (which the software checks), and as for why not wanting Vista... that should be obvious.

  5. ElReg!comments!Pierre

    "But they do fight amongst themselves over which distro is better"

    Debian. And don't give me that Cruduntu thing.

  6. Fazal Majid

    Silly hoops

    At one point Oracle was flagging people with Middle-Eastern sounding names and requiring them to verify their geographic location. It's nothing but bureaucratic CYA to avoid liability under export control laws.

  7. Stubar


    Pah! What about my frozen payslip? That's a Weapon of My Destruction!

    Nice to know they're spending my money wisely!

  8. Brutus

    Frozen Payslip?

    Have you tried putting it in the microwave?

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