back to article Sony beefs up slimline PS3

Sony has confirmed those recent rumours of an upcoming 250GB slimline PlayStation 3. 250GB_slimline_PS3 Sony will sell the 250GB slimline PS3 in a bundle with Final Fantasy XIII The most capacious slimline PS3 yet – Sony’s previous PS3 slim sported a 120GB HDD – will be launched alongside the release of upcoming videogame …


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  1. MarkOne


    "The bad news for storage-hungry PS3 fans is that, so far, Sony has only confirmed a launch date – 17 December - for the 250GB model in its native Japan."

    Everyone knows, surely, that you can fit whatever size HDD you want. The handbook shows you how to do it, and it does not affect your warranty,,,

    a 500GB PS3 upgrade is £60. (Western Digital Scorpio 2.5in SATA 500GB)

  2. calagan

    Want one

    I'm not at all into Final Fantasy, I'd upgrade the HDD to 500GB anyway, but still... I WANT ONE!

  3. adam payne

    Why is it?

    Why is it that Sony always seem to be announcing things after Microsoft have already announced them?

  4. MarkOne

    More PS3 news.

    1m PS3 Slim sold in 3 weeks...

    Microsoft and Nintendo crap their pants...

  5. JeeBee

    Bundles are just about a reasonable deal.

    £35 for an extra 130GB seems okay, especially if it comes with two budget games / a full priced game / especially two bluray movies and a remote. But only just.

  6. Ryan 1986
    Thumb Up


    I have a 500gb drive in my PS3, I had to get a new drive after filling the 60gb no problem with games, demos, music and films.

  7. 20legend

    @MarkOne (unsurprisingly)

    I doubt that Microsoft will give a flying fuck, with the release of Halo ODST likely to boost sales very nicely for them.

  8. Anonymous Coward


    bet they do now. EPIC FAIL!

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