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In a printing market awash with colour products, here comes HP with an A4 black-and-white business laser. But far from seeming dull, the LaserJet P3015d serves to remind us of how good HP lasers are – and how much better they can be than much of the flashier competition. HP 3015d mono laser printer Quality performance: HP’s …


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  1. Chris Cartledge

    Electricity Consumption

    According to HP, this printer goes into sleep mode when the product has been inactive for 30 minutes, so a typical printer will spend most of the time in this mode. Sadly HP specifies no sleep mode power consumption - only : 780 watts (active), 14.5 watts (standy), 8.5 watts (powersave), 0.6 watts (off). Taking sleep and powersave to be the same, the printer will cost £8.50 per year at typical UK prices, just to be plugged in without any printing.. HP specifies typical electricity consumption at 3.267 kWh/Week which costs £20 per year.

  2. mvirks

    Help files

    "HP has also stored a set of illustrated Help documents in the printer, so you can quickly print out step-by-step instructions on clearing paper jams, ..." Printing out instructions for clearing paper jams? Really? Probably quite useful if you have *two* printers of the same model side-by-side...

  3. Matt Bucknall

    Not as bad as

    a Lexmark C530dn where it is actually cheaper to replace the entire printer which includes 1.5K starter cartridiges, rather than buy a complete set of replacement 1.5K recycled cartridges!

  4. Donn Bly

    "No Ethernet" is not a serious complaint

    Alistair - I think that you have completely missed the boat with the "No Ethernet" complaint. There are three base models in the 3015d series, and you manage to review the ONLY ONE that doesn't have an Ethernet port.

    Not every business situation warrants having an Ethernet port in the printer, and I have deployed quite a few workgroup printers in the past couple of years that attached to the network wirelessly (and in HP's case, wirelessly means attaching a EW2400 via the USB port that you also questioned)

    While I do admit that the price is a bit on the high side, if the application is on-demand printing of prepared forms and documents it can be less expensive in both dollars and floor space to deploy one of these than a less expensive printer AND a companion computer to hold the forms. It's not a large market - but it is a market that that is addressed with this printer.

    @Chris Cartledge on Electricity Consumption

    You might want to consider that a company does not spend this much money on a printer with a maximum duty cycle of 100,000 pages per month for it to sit in power save mode all day. Typically, the printer will either be actively printing or in standby waiting for the next print job - and it is going to be less than 30 minutes before the next print job. Given that the average business that uses this type of printer is open more than 15 hours a day, your assumption that the printer will spend the majority of time in sleep mode might need some reconsideration.

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