back to article Intel crams four displays into one PC

Intel has upped the ante concerning the number of displays fitted into a laptop, by powering a machine with four separate screens. Intel_fourscreen_laptop_01 Intel's Tangent Bay concept laptop has three OLED screens Credit: Crave Laptops with small secondary screens integrated into the keyboard half aren’t uncommon. But …


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  1. Lottie


    Looks nice, but I'm not too sure what they could be used for really.

    Having said that, I'd get one for sure if I could have an excel spreadsheet on the screen and play minesweeper on one of the screens.

    Pretending to work FTW!!

  2. shaunm

    talk about..

    Overkill, who needs that many screens I meen really?

  3. The Original Ash

    Four times the screen means

    Four times the prawn!


  4. Code Monkey

    And the battery?

    That's going to be hopeless unless they've crammed 5kg of batteries in it somehow.

  5. tony72


    Why don't they just build an Optimus Maximus* keyboard into the laptop, and get 103 displays in one go?


  6. Oz

    Re Four times the screen means

    "Four times the prawn!"

    That's as maybe, but you're going to go even blinder yanking your crank to an image on that small a screen!

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward thanks

    I can't really see much point to this.

    I miiiight be useful if you had a load of gadgetry and widgets on the Windows sidebar and wanted to offload them to a separate tiny screen next to your keyboard but I don't know anyone who actually has the sidebar turned on.

    Maybe to display stocks and shares or something?

  8. matthew maclean

    Great idea

    I think its a good idea. I'd have system monitors, music playlist and El Reg RSS feeds on the small screens. (also maybe some mini PRAWN)!

  9. Andy Barber

    Man Who Fell To Earth

    That's nothing; David Bowie watched 12 TV's, at the same time, in the above mentioned film!

  10. lukewarmdog

    could be handy

    If they can be programmed to display what you want.

    Graphic equalisers, scratch pads, racing games, ventrilo, links to websites for MMO players to see if it's worth bashing a particular mobs head in or to stock markets for those more financially informed.

    Course it could turn out to be completely pointless. I reserve judgement.

  11. Steve Mason
    Thumb Up


    guarantee they'll have some uses in games assuming the developers code for it... flight sims with extra instrument panels, racing games with side/rear mirrors, MMORPG's with statistics and chat windows just to throw a few ideas out.

    WoW already does similar with the logitech G15 style keyboards.

  12. Popperist
    Thumb Up

    Major UI rethink required

    You could do some good stuff with this but you would have to be brave enough to rethink some of the user interface - not something that most windowing systems really allow.

    f'rinstance, all the the big display is used for active work and all menus, pop-ups and messages on the little'uns. Like function keys only you can see what they do.

    Given the coservatism of most application developers it is doomed to highly customised stuff helping UPS drivers and traffic wardens.

  13. Gordon861

    Could be useful

    These would be a lot more useful if they were standalone and plugged into the USB port.

    Pulling up info like who's speaking on Teamspeak/Ventrillo or using them as configurable keyboards for game would be great.

  14. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD

    3 more screens eh?

    Hmm... great. Maybe when I get another 3 pairs of eyes. Or maybe I should get another head like Zaphod.

  15. Psymon


    those who cry "what's the point in so many screens?" clearly aren't power users.

    I have 3 widescreen LCDs on my work machine, and it's still not enough for all the systems I'm managing and monitoring.

    At home I have 3 LCDs, and a projector (cloned off the centre screen). Middle screen is used for central activities (movies, games, net etc.) while my two 'wing mirrors' are used for utils such as volume control, music players, task manager, download managers etc.

    So, yes, I can see a point to more screen acreage.

    As for battery? OLED screes are significantly more efficient than LCDs, and running them constantly would have less impact than accessing a CD/DVD for just a few minutes.

    No, where I become sceptical is the touchscreen element. Not entirely sure how well it would work on a screen that small. Even the Iphone has a bigger screen than that, and touch only JUST works.

    You would have to be very careful designing the UI.

  16. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse

    Like most IT "breakthroughs..."

    It's a solution looking for a problem.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Virtual Desktops

    Could be a nice way to implement virtual desktops, with the other three being displayed on the mini screens?

  18. Cameron Colley

    Why three more?

    Surely you could just have one long, thin, screen to divide as you wish?

    @Tony72: I think there's more mileage in that concept myself -- Imagine being able to switch the keyboard from qwerty to classic azerty to dvorak to Nordic...

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