back to article Intel powers down Xeons for microservers

Intel is introducing a reference design for what it calls "a new category" of microservers, along with low-wattage Xeon processors to power them. The term "microserver" has been bandied about for some time now, with various and sundry vendors dipping their toes into the market for small, low-power, densely packed systems. Now …


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  1. Andrew P.
    Thumb Up

    Good idea

    I'd like to see some of this low-power microserver technology make it into home file servers, too -- less than 5 watts while sleeping with wake-on-LAN capability.

  2. David Halko
    IT Angle

    Intel following the lead of Sun and getting a fair shake

    The author writes, "To that end, Intel is introducing a reference design for what it hopes will be a burgeoning microserver market segment. The reference design will fit 16 hot-swappable microserver modules into a 5U rack.... the keynote stage Andy Bechtolsheim, an industry vet who was the engineering brains behind the founding of Sun Microsystems..."

    Back in 2003, Sun released a "microserver" with 16 blades in a 3U high form factor that only used 1000 watts maximum for a fully loaded chassis - and supported RedHat, SuSE, and Solaris!

    Was Sun just too visionary at the time or was the media just too biased to give it a fair shake?

  3. Billc

    Home VMware Server

    All I need is a hime version that I can install ESXi onto. Then I can run my own Exchange server, Apache server, etc. without doubling my power bill.

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