back to article Fisker wins big US govt e-car loan

Fisker Automotive has won a $528m (£324m/€358m) US government loan, designed to help the firm launch an affordable range-extended hybrid car by 2012. Karma_01 Fisker's Karma (above) will launch next year, but Nina won't be out until 2012 Called Nina, the new small-size Fisker will use the same Q-Drive range extended hybrid …


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  1. Steven Hunter
    Thumb Down

    Change the name

    "Nina" (or even "Niña") is a terrible name for a car.

  2. Anonymous Coward


    Who is the final arbiter of what's affordable?

    I'd say 24 grand is a little out of the reach of most people.

  3. Pete James

    Strange Comments

    I find it a little hard to swallow the idea that this so-called affordable car will be feature cuting-edge technology and world-class quality yet also be made in the US. Such an idea will mean either Stateside components manufacturers are going to have to achieve the impossible, or there will be a major contribution from Japan. For the good of the company I would hope it is the latter.

    Styling-wise it is possible that the company could come up with something brave, beautiful and new; sadly these are three words you could never use to describe the previous offerings of such limited talent so evidently displayed by their CEO. He may like to think he is in the same mould as Sir William Lyons, but in reality he is a long, long way from reaching such elevated heights.

    And as said above by Will, £24k cannnot be described as affordable per se. But when you consider the amount of money they are receiving from the State and their desperate need to build a proper business (their press blurb says they intend to export a significant amount of their ambitious volume target of 100,000 units a year so Vic Doolan will be a busy man) as well as the model range then they don't have much choice but go go after as much for each unit as possible. So the suggested windscreen price is pretty unsurprising.

    It also means that we will have to wait for someone else to come up with a car that is truly affordable to the masses, so there's still plenty of time for seomeone to corner the market.

  4. fred slack 1

    Political Overlords

    $39,000.00 is a drop in the bucket to the political Overlords in Washington, D.C.They just dip into the tax money from the rest of us lowlifes. Then give amnesty to an illegal alien to drive them around and providing them access to the their own elitist medical program. Then they can stand in a town hall meeting and brag how they have given jobs and medical care to all those deprived "Americans".

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Re: Political Overlords

    Stop bitchin' and read this:

    Click through to slide 6.

    It will give you a food for thought about "dipping into tax money".

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