back to article Brocade bulks up DCX switch

Brocade has extended its DCX fabric backbone switch technology to inter-connect data centres and enable a bunch of servers to send FCoE traffic to it. The DCX backbone switch is Brocade's play in the converged Ethernet and storage networking data centre that everyone appears to be adopting. Together with Cisco, Brocade is …


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  1. Etherealmind

    Remorseless, ptchaaa

    Remorselesss but only if you are pushing a shopping trolley with a drunkard named Fibrechannel inside it.

  2. exit...quit...bye...quitbye.ctrl-C..ctrlX.ctrl-alt-X...aarrrr*slam* Silver badge


    Less cables.


    Do I need that? probably

    Do I want that? maybe

    Ok, I´ll ask:

    How much?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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