back to article SpectraLogic first off LTO-5 block

Data protection vendor SpectraLogic is announcing the first LTO5 drive pre-purchase programme, and is also introducing two new deduplicating disk backup and archive products for small and medium businesses. SpectraLogic is that rarity, a profitable tape automation supplier. It is privately-owned and was founded in 1979 by …


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  1. Simon Casey

    IBM 7,000 tape capacity?

    I'm not sure where that info has come from, but certainly an IBM tape library (3584/TS3500) that can be used with Mainframe and LTO/3592 media does not stop at 7,000 slots. An S54 frame fits 1,000 3592 tapes or 1,320 LTO tapes. Last I checked you could fit on at least 14 expansion frames of this giving 14300 to 18780 approx, maybe more. That's a tad more than 7,000 or 10,000.

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