back to article AMD chipsets: the feeds and speeds

X64 chip seller Advanced Micro Devices launched its "Fiorano" family of homegrown server chipsets yesterday, but many of the technical details of the three different chipsets were not available at press time. El Reg has finally got its hands on the specs. AMD was originally expected to come out with one chipset, which is based …


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  1. E 2


    Woohoo yeah yeah yeah woohooo! Fireworks ferris wheels bumper cars!


    Hi Drashek Here: My Arm Caught In .....Aghhh,SQ Waves.

    Two controlers has been upper quality mainboard for while, cheapos use mere 4 sata slots & One sata controllerontroller off southbridge, yet for those wanting more with less, often few more with independent, persumably better quality controller, are offerred.

    R.A.I.D. on seems way to speedup slower southbridge, it has ssooo much to do, yet it costa thang.

    with Faster & Faster Hardware, Faster independent Controller (s), might be answer.

    DFI has made 12 Sata Mains & thats Lot.


  3. blmille1

    AMD64 != x64

    To alleviate confusion, remember this:

    - IA64 = Itanium (Intel)

    - AMD64 (AMD invented this version of 64-bit technology) ~ EM64T (Intel's version [copied])

    - AMD64 and EM64T is commonly known as x86-64

    - x64 makes me think of IA64, which is completely different from AMD64


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