back to article 3D tech-agnostic set-top box designed

A standard way of displaying 3D content on a TV screen has yet to emerge, with manufacturers currently developing 3D-capable sets using a handful of different technologies. SAGEM_STB The Sagem/Sensio STB works with any type of 3D TV, the makers claim For broadcasters, such as Sky, this creates a problem. Transmitting one …


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  1. It'sa Mea... Mario


    ...An STB that can 'translate' any type of 3D TV signal for display on a non '3D TV' would be more useful?

    If consumers want 3D TV, and Sky are likely to be the first to market with a channel then you can faily safely bet that which ever method they choose is likely to become the standard.. this would give a box that can display any 3D signal 'only' on any 3D TV a very limited market of wealthy early adopters that chose the wrong one.

    And if they can afford to be an early adopter of 3D TV are they going to buy an STB to fix it or just buy a new 3D TV that works..

  2. Anonymous Coward


    Really what is needed is a standard 3D Broadcast Technology, Then set manufactures can do what they wish to process the Stereo Image.

    Who Defined Colour Television? the broadcaster or the consumer? Passing the Buck to the consumer only costs the consumer money, and stalls takeup (Bluray HD-DVD) when the manufacturers rake in double.. it ruins the consumer relationship. Broadcasters need to take the lead!

    However that would rely upon the Broadcasters cooperating.. (how likely is that? how likely is monopoly commission involvement? kangaroo anyone?) or a big Broadcaster taking the lead (which wont happen if the guberment breaks them up!! or splits the licence fee amongst the others)...

    Solutions exist, Government Quangos and greed prevent.

  3. Patrick 14

    never mind 3d

    whats the point. I paid for a hd tv, and got Sky HD (£29), but show me where the take up of that is for every program on TV. not even Top Gear is HD, but last of the Summer wine is?

    Never mind 3d, get me a full hd service first.....then maybe in about 5-10 years I might do 3d LOL

  4. Anonymous Coward

    6 Eyes

    So SKY's current approach will lead to a nation of spectacle wearers having to put on two pairs of glasses to watch 3D TV? Back to the drawing board I think, not only for SKY, but for this set top box. Unless Specsavers are planning a range of prescription 3D specs for the future?!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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