back to article Microsoft adopts Say-on-Pay measure for shareholders

Microsoft jacked up CEO Steve Ballmer’s salary by four per cent for the company’s bumpy 2009 financial year, which ended in June. Redmond paid Ballmer $665,833 compared to his 2008 salary of $640,833, according to a US Securities and Exchange Commission regulatory filing. The Microsoft boss, who at the start of this year …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    That much.....

    ... for running round on stage waving your arms and sweaty armpits at people, and acting like a complete twat?

    I know he probably does more than that but that's the public face he presents.

  2. Raumkraut

    Wait, what?

    "Ballmer currently owns around 408m MS shares"

    "Microsoft said it has left its quarterly dividend at 13 cents per share."

    Correct be if I'm wrong, but does that mean El Ballmer rakes in about $53m in dividends *per quarter*!? That would make his salary and bonus practically pocket change, albeit pocket change which could keep quite a few actually useful people in work.

  3. alistair millington
    Gates Horns

    This would be funny if it were not sad.

    Obviously the madman at the top isn't alone anymore.

    We need a Ballmers evil icon.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Short chain

    Billy just wants to keep Steve on his leash, where he knows where he is all the time. When something comes along that requires Ballmers, hmmm, "unique" talents, he can unchain him and let him loose!

  5. jackharrer


    "Redmond paid Ballmer $665,833[...]"

    Very modest for this sized company, I need to say. For once I'm impressed with MSFT ;)

  6. YumDogfood


    Silly to have a pay rise, why would he need more than 640K? (dollars)

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