back to article Dell plus Perot - It's a start

Dell's $3.9bn acquisition of Perot Systems comes after two years of sweet talking by Dell chairman and chief executive officer, Michael Dell. While adding the Perot services business to Dell's own will certainly help the PC, server, and storage maker on a number of fronts, the acquisition will almost certainly not be the last …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not A Smart Move

    I think Perot sold to Dell for the same reason he sold to GM: he's run the grift well enough to now, but he's getting out at the top. I haven't worked with any Perot Systems people, but if they are anything like Perots' EDS commandos, then they are mostly show and little go. Back in the mid-1980's I knew a couple of long-term employees who left EDS for positions with their clients (got tired of moving every two years) and watched their shock and horror when they discovered they knew EDS and not computers. Pretty sad, actually.

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