back to article Blue Shield provokes fresh China censorware row

China is reportedly pushing local ISPs to apply a censorware filter that's even more onerous than Green Dam, the PC software add-on that provoked an international privacy and censorship row this summer. Landun (or Blue Shield) is even "more powerful than its problematic predecessor Green Dam", according to Reporters Without …


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  1. Tony Paulazzo


    This is a country (state?), that gave the world The Tiananmen Square massacre of 1989, culminating in the deaths of hundreds of civilian protestors, that cheated when hosting the Olympics, that invaded Tibet with global immunity (no oil there sadly).

    They torture they're own dissidents (writers, journalists etc), permit trafficing of women, and the one child policy has created an army of mostly female and or handicapped orphans with no legal existence. Reports of forced sterilisation on Tibetan women who have given birth once (since the one child policy doesn't exist in Tibet), and read the stuff on their death penalty (for non violent crimes) and Tibet.

    They are an evil (not too strong a word), ruling elite, and any government that does business with them is as morally bankrupt (unfortunately including our own sceptred isle and the great US of A).

    Blue Shield is the only logical conclusion to the extermination of freedom of thought and expression, and, seeing as how the copyright mafia love to divide the globe up into seperate paying entities, will probably be trying to lobby other governments into following suit.

    They're not too concerned about child abuse though...

  2. David Cameron

    We the people can open the wall !

    If we wait for governments to do something, we will wait forever. All governments are in the pockets of the rich and high-tax generators. However, when we feel strongly about something, the solution lies directly in our own hands. If it says, MADE IN CHINA, then simply don't buy it ! Post to on-line sites that you have stopped yourself from buying £x value and that you will buy NOTHING from China until the wall is removed. The wall will come down pretty damned quick --- IF enough of us do that !

    Of course, I am dreaming because the vast majority couldn't give a shit. They won't stop buying stuff made in China because its cheap. Their own greed leaves the Chinese out to dry. Just as it always is. They will tell you that there is no point, 'what can one man do?' Well Mr Turniphead, armies are collections of 'one-mans' and it seems to me that if every one of those 'one-mans' said, what can one man do, there wouldn't be any army. Would you, as one man, like to stand against an army, Mr Turniphead? No ? Then you just answered the question for yourself !

    If everyone lays just one pebble on the path each time they walk along it, the path will soon be paved !

    So basically, if the Chinese elite get away with this, we know who's fault it is, don't we!?

  3. Long Fei


    If you stop buying stuff made in China, who do you think will suffer? It will be the workers who make the stuff. They're already on a pittance as it is.

    Anyway, this new stuff seems to be working, as even proxies don't work at times now (here in Beijing).


  4. John 211

    Made in China!


    " If it says, MADE IN CHINA, then simply don't buy it !"

    Be careful. Lots of things labelled 'made in China' are made somewhere else, and assembled in China. Also don't confuse 'made in r.o.c' or 'made in republic of china' with 'made in china/PROC/people's republic of china' - R.O.C means made in Taiwan - where as PROC (people's republic of china) = what we know as china - don't accidentally cripple Taiwan in this.

    Either way Long Fei's comments are valid and you also be affecting the workers (who we need as allies) - not that I'm saying Boycotting is out of the question.

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