back to article Mission sets e-bike land speed record

Mission Motorcycles has set a land speed record for an electric motorbike. Mission_record_01 The Mission One bike hit a 150.059mph average over two one-mile runs With test rider Jeremy Cleland in the saddle, the Mission One bike achieved an American Motorcyclist Association certified 150.059mph average over two one-mile …


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  1. WinHatter

    That's one useless record.

    OK it goes fast but some trains go even faster on leccy.

    Now I would be impressed if the bike were to run 200 miles on a R6 or AA battery. But I guessed it had just enough juice for the run up and one mile.

    Wasteful speed records are not worth it. Even Formula 1 is applying the brakes on gas consumption.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    So that'll be....

    about one hour's worth of travel if the idiot who works opposite me gets his hand on one...

    AC as I don't want him to know it was The Dorset Rambler wot posted..

  3. Igamogam

    not an e-bike

    This is a new world record by a electric motorbike.

    Electric bikes are electrically assisted bikes (or bicycles) not electrically powered motorbikes (or motorised bicycles).

    The lines are being blurred...

  4. J 3

    Very nice!

    Considering my 250cc bike has a top speed of 105mph (supposedly, I never rode it above 90mph) and goes about 240 miles with one tank of gas, this is very close performance, I'd say -- certainly good enough for city use.

  5. Sarah Baucom

    Almost as fast

    Almost as fast as the record for a human-powered pedal bicycle - 152.2 mph. Of course he was drafting, which makes a huge difference.

  6. viatoris

    For the low low sales price of $68,995

    Maybe I will buy two or three...

  7. I didn't do IT.
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    A 'leccy that I can drive around without looking like a pansy, *and* it will fit in my closet of a garage!

    Now, if only it doesn't cost more than a year's mortgage...

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Those fancy batteries

    What happens if a battery blows up?, not that I haven't anything against them, but a small explosion is not as life threatening as this packs.

  9. Reg Sim

    @J 3

    "Considering my 250cc bike has a top speed of 105mph (supposedly, I never rode it above 90mph) and goes about 240 miles with one tank of gas, this is very close performance, I'd say -- certainly good enough for city use."

    As a technical demo, yes its very intresting. As a city bike, its does not look very nice place to be when sitting in traffic, and because your in a sports bike pose you can not see over the traffic well. Ie its a crap city bike, like most racey styles.

    It looks like its the right shape for a quick blast along an A road come a sunny weekend (or a frustrating week day), however, 150 miles, presumably not doing 150mph but with much accelleration, decelleration and the fabled wind resistance at higher speeds turning that 150 miles into diddly.

    My 600 town bike (Fazer 600S 2003) does 145Mph (so I have heard, cough), but its range of around 100-150 on a tank drops like a rock if I sit at 80-90mph for any leanth of time, and even that is good compaired to accelarating and decelarating all the time. Whilst I imagine the race bike style that it has will make it a bit better when it comes to wind resistance, I still think its going to be quite a bit short of a fun 'weekend Machine', when you have to turn around and leave all your mates to 'go plug my bike back in'.

    I also wonder about the cost.... things like this rarly ever come in cheap, so you might beable to afford a new bike every year for the next 8 years with what this may cost (250cc I am meaning).

    Don't get me wrong, I look forward to electric bikes of one type or another, but this is not the deal maker. Still pat on the back for thinking of a 'valid' excuse to do a fast run on two wheels :)

    < The Pengin, because everybody should pick one up, unlike a leccy bike atm.

  10. My New Handle
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    @Those fancy batteries

    Life threatening? Oh purleeze! ICE vehicles burst into flames too. Statistically a mechanical or electrical malfunction is bound to occur, it is a risk we all take as we mount any vehicle. We can't be worrying about such things or we'd never leave the house.

    These speeds and mileage capacities are impressive in that in a very short time of serious development they're getting closer to what an ICE will give on a single charge. Its all heading in the right direction.

    What I hope is that Mision (as did the now defunct Vectrix) show the way forward is to develop realistic looking vehicles that come from this century, and not some freak butt-ugly concept pile o'crap.

    Good luck to Mission - lets hope that they get the commercials done better than Vectrix did.

  11. Hermes Conran

    @ By My New Handle

    Well said brother (sister?) I can't wait till the chinese start ripping off their designs so we can all afford one!

  12. bell

    @Reg Sim

    I'll second your point on humping the fuel tank/battery being a crap city riding position.

    I'm not so sure about the range issues though. Regenerative braking removes a lot of the power consumption issues of stop/start travel, and electric motors don't suffer as bad an efficiency crash as i/c on acceleration.

  13. Anonymous Coward

    It is illegal to commute by motorbike in the UK

    Well not yet. Westminster Council has started charging to park motorbikes (the same council that started charging cars and now you can't park for more than four hours) so it won't be long before you can't park a bike all day and go off to work.

    OK electric bikes do not need to pay to park in Westminster but that would change if we all started to go electric. After all the reason Westminster is charging is because of limated road side space in Westminster.

    I have been supporting from the start of Westminster Councils "experiment" in charging bikes, which is still going on.

    I hope this bike is a success and after sticking more fliers on more bikes than I care to mention I think it could be as I can testify that sports bikes are very popular with commuters. Howether because I have no wehere to charge an electric bike at home and Westminster are not about to provide charge points for bikes I will not be buying an electric bike soon.

    megphone because I am going on a gain about again

  14. Homard

    @AC illegal bike

    How far do you live from work ?

    If you live less than 15 miles you could push bike. City traffic rarely moves fast enough to make anything other than a pushbike faster.

    Fit guy like you could cover 15 miles in less than 45 minutes right ? ;-) Give it some thought. I don't *have* to ride that distance to work but I do take big detours just to pad out the mileage and get a bit fitter, regularly riding much more than 15 miles.

    Go for it, and tell the congestion charge councils just where to get off by doing what they intend. You will never look back ! Believe me you won't. And the people you will meet through the change you make - BONUS.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I do live less than 15 miles from work, but where do you sugest I park a bike when I get there. I could attach it to a lamp post and risk the kids steeling or vandalising it as they have done withe the motorbike.

    Ultamatly this is about choise. I chose not to ride to office and spend the day drying out if is rainning or dripping with sweat if it is not. I aslo chose not to put my life in the hands of those that run the underground. I still remember the Kings cross fire. The fire was caused by a poorly maintained escalator which those in charge where told was a death trap, but did nothing about it.

    The parking for motorbikes has always been free and still is in other countries because it reduces congestion by encouraging motorbike use.

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