back to article Google says Apple silenced its Voice

Google has told the US Federal Communication Commission that Apple rejected the Google Voice and Google Lattitude apps it submitted to the iTunes App Store - though Apple says otherwise. In fact, Google's response to the FCC's letter (PDFs) requesting clarification of Apple's rejection of the apps states that the rejection was …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Halo


    apple doesn't think very highly of their fanbois. i've not known a singe nokia user who got confused between google maps and nokia maps.

  2. Chris 211
    Jobs Horns

    The more I read about apple....

    The more I think Apple is a NAZI organization hell bent on controlling the idiots who want to be managed and controlled by apple and who are happy that choice has been removed from the user. How can apple justify controlling which applications go onto the iphone just because the user might get confused. Just shows how much apple thinks of its user base which seams to me people who cant handle technology, the type of people who have difficulty with left and right click!

  3. K. Adams

    He said, she said...

    The Fruit and The Goog sound like a pair of siblings blaming each other for the broken cookie jar in the kitchen, while Mom (the Feds) scowls in disapproval and Dad (ATandT) sits at the table reading the paper...

    Perfect picture of the quintessential American Family!

    Grabbing my coat as I sneak out the back door to avoid being drawn into the bickerfest...

  4. Anonymous Coward

    If they want to be stupid, let 'em!

    What's the problem? It's Apple's toy, they can decide how to flog it and use it. If you decide to lock yourself in to their rules, then tough! I assume you're an adult and can handle making adult decisions.

    Apple have cultivated this image as a matey sort of company, everyone's bestest friend, always there always reliable, never let you down. Balls! Contrary to what the metro-sexual morons at the Apple genius bars will have you believe, Apple are a huge, money making corp, just like all the rest of the money makig corps. Interested in the bottom line and nothing else. If they decide to act like prats and put stupid rules in to restrict their platform, their business and their loss.

    Oh and I own 4 macs, and thoroughly enjoy using them, I just don't buy this Apple worship BS-fest the fanbois preach! All religion is anathema to me, none more so than the Cult of Jobs!

  5. Anthony Prime

    K. Adams

    What a fantastic Metaphore - That's cheered up my Sunday afternoon no end!

    And don't worry about the Bickerfest, you can sit quietly drawing on your pipe and reading the Sunday Times as it unfolds around you - AT&T style! ;-)

  6. A 20

    A Schiller in marketing?!?

    "Cupertino's SVP of marketing ... Phil Schiller"

    Seriously? A Schiller in marketing? Doesn't anyone else find that amusing?

    OK, it's just me then, nevermind ;)

  7. Anonymous Coward

    What's the fuss?

    From what I understand this is an invitation only service that is available exclusively in the US. It *is* available on the platform through a web interface. What's the problem? Is the iPhone the dominant smartphone platform? No. Is Google Voice available on other platforms? Yes. Is the service publicly available? No. Google should keep quiet until this service is publicly and globally available when they actually have a point, as it is, it seems like a storm in a teacup. Both parties really need to look at themselves though, as neither are painting a particularly good picture of their busnisses. I'm sure the myriad el Reg reading armchair lawyers will wade in with their own peculiar brand of punditry and analysis - honestly, you'd get more sense from Lawrenson, Wright and Schmeichel...

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Simon Banyard

    Google Talk is publicly available.

    Maybe you should take a minute to check the facts before pontificating!

  9. Anonymous Coward

    @AC 21/09/09 22:06 GMT

    Maybe you should do the same. Google Talk =! Google Voice. Only a coward would post that.

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