back to article Microsoft's Web Office trial gets limited release

Microsoft has released the online version of its Office applications for limited technical evaluation. And limited is the word. The version of Office Web apps will see at least one major feature implemented in Excel missing from Word and PowerPoint, while another familiar element of the Office family line up will be missing …


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  1. ElReg!comments!Pierre
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    Not so easy to out-Google Google, is it? Though given the horrendous pile of dogshow that MSOffice code is*, it is surprising that they even managed to finally make an online version. Even late and incomplete as it is. They might have succeeded by rewriting the stuff from the ground up, but that's not the MS way is it? (last attempt at rewriting stuff was the aborted Longhorn, which eponymous keratinized integuments are still hurting MS collective backside 4 years later, I reckon).

    Shorthorned BG for obvious keratinized integument reasons.

    * MSOffice? There is no such thing. At least not in the "integrated suite" meaning that people tend to see in it. There are individual apps held together -barely- with a couple rolls of duct tape. That's probably why the available features differ from app to app in these online versions.

  2. Anonymous Coward
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    Has anyone tried to use Google Docs?

    Can't be any worse than Google docs. I'd rather use 1980's wordstar or wordpad.

  3. Anonymous Coward


    This isn't beta, this isn't even alpha, this is "it finally compiled, let's have other people do the testing because we're not competent enough to do it ourselves". Any half-way decent software outfit would fire the entire team for showing something like this to the outside world.


    Epic win for using "keratinized integuments" outside of a biology journal. But I think you mean half a roll of old duct tape, a bit of string, and some paste.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    RE: Has anyone tried to use Google Docs?

    AC wrote: "Can't be any worse than Google docs. I'd rather use 1980's wordstar or wordpad."

    Oh, the innocence of youth! It can be worse than Google Docs (and probably is).

    Personally, I'd rather use WordPerfect since its the only word processor I've ever used that allowed me to create documents with readable mathematical functions. Word frankly sucks at this and always has, I doubt the on-line version will be any better.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    So what on Earth

    do they expect when they try to port a long-established, complicated office package to f**king JavaScript? Web 2.0 is such a joke. I suppose they're just panicking that they have to get everything on the bandwagon. Coming up next: send your Excel spreadsheets to Twitter. But only 140 cells at a time.

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