back to article Sony Ericsson's Pureness set for pre-Christmas launch

Sony Ericsson’s transparent mobile phone will be launched before for Christmas, it has emerged. Can't see the video? Download Flash Player from The Pureness sports a transparent, touch-sensitive display, and will appear in a string of designer retail stores – such as Selfridges – from November. The handset will …


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  1. calagan

    I don't get it

    How are those two gals even related? They don't look like each other at all

  2. pedrodude

    I love it! ...wait....

    Genius! So presumably the transparent touchscreen, combined with a forward facing camera and a hardware spec and OS capable of running high-power image registration software, means that we're moving a step closer to Augmented Reality HUDs, perfect for applications such as Wikitude AR Travel Guide (on Android), without the associated battery drain from a full brightness video display! FTW!

    Oh wait, a terrible thought's just entered in to my head... Oh please don't tell me that this is being done just to be cool... Please tell me that this is actually a well-engineered progression towards practical AR. It isn't, is it?


    So instead, the biggest revelation in this story is the lack of exclusivity. Oh good grief.

  3. Gareth 18

    touch screen?

    The Pureness doesn't have a touch screen does it? It's only input method is a standard keypad.

  4. Kotonoha

    Wait a second...

    It's a colour screen, right?

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