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Apple rarely - if ever - praises the products of rival companies, but the recent launch of the new iPod range included an unexpected tribute to the merits of the compact and easy-to-use Flip camcorder. “That’s a market we want to get into,” said Apple CEO Steve Jobs before confirming that Apple has added a video camera to the …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    it would be very sweet

    If flip had a high stack of patents to go with their camcorder.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Nice bit of kit

    I though about upgrading my old player to this. It's an amazing piece of electronics.

    Issue is that I still don't know if I can pause a track, then switch off the player and after switching on come back to the same place. It's quite essential for audiobooks. Anybody knows which players can do this feat?

  3. TeeCee Gold badge


    Is that a site for fanbois of King Edwards, Maris Pipers and other such?

  4. jason 7

    Nahh not for me.

    I'll take a ZuneHD thanks.

    The Apple stuff looks a little too old hat now.

  5. si 6

    audiobooks not a problem

    "then switch off the player and after switching on come back to the same place. " this is a feature in iTunes rather than the player. Can't see why the nano wouldn't be able to do this

  6. Coyote
    Thumb Up

    Of course it will stay paused...

    Every iPod since the 1st generation has been able to do that... "Power off" on an iPod is really just turning off the screen.

    Exceptions being the iPhone and the iTouch: if you do the "slide to power off" they have to boot when you power them back on.

    In fact, audiobooks on the iPod can hold your place even if you play other tracks.

  7. Richard Porter
    Thumb Up

    What's wrong with 4:3?

    4:3 is the best aspect ratio for small screens and photos. That's why it's been used by film and cine cameras for many decades, as well as tv. Low height (misnamed "widescreen") has been foisted on us by the tv industry which doesn't want to bother scanning old cinema films that no-one watches anyway.

  8. Dave 129

    @AC 12:51

    Cowon S9 (iAudio S9, reviewed here on El RegHardware) can do that; you have to turn it on first (resume audio playback). Also has it for videos too. I've taken to using it on mine :)

  9. Wayne

    @Anonymous - this works for me

    I regularly pause tracks, listen to something else, power off for a while, then come back to my audiobook and it picks up where I left off. All I need to do is ensure that for all audiobooks in iTunes, I select the 'Remember position' option.

    This is on a second gen nano.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    If you encode your audiobooks as .m4a files and then rename them to .m4b, then re-add to iTunes, they will show up as "Audiobooks", which pick up from where you left off. If you're using a Mac this script will do the renaming for you:

  11. Dale 3

    @Nice bit of kit

    iPod Touch can do your trick, especially if you tick the option (on a per-track basis) to play from the previous position in iTunes.

  12. Dale 3


    Ok hands up, who EVER uses sepia mode on their digital cameras?

  13. Bilgepipe

    @AC @12:51

    You can tag audio tracks to do this in iTunes. I did this when I downloaded some audiobooks as MP3s.

  14. Anonymous Coward

    @Nahh not for me

    Zune HD is not coming to the UK...

  15. B 9

    Forget the UK

    Zune HD is not coming ANYWHERE! The Zune brand and products are both stillborn. Sorry, but MS couldn't innovate their way out of a wet paper bag. . . .

  16. Ty
    Jobs Halo

    Zune HD


    haha sorry. That just cracked me up.

  17. Fred Flintstone Gold badge


    Does that measure how many paedophiles are in the vicinity? Or is that to measure the sweatshop labour in your Nikes?

    Joking aside, the video quality was actually not bad, also considering the light levels at the Underground. And you have a historic video there:

    1 - a Tube that actually moves

    2 - not being arrested/shot as a forward planning terrorist

    3 - not being knifed for the iPod later on.

    Things are definitely looking up in London :-)

  18. jason 7


    Not a problem -

    Great piece of kit. Also great to see the envy.

  19. Mei Lewis

    Shooting on the tube

  20. J 3
    Thumb Up


    Almost tempting me to replace my 1st gen nano, which is still working as well (or you might say badly depending on your taste, but I like it) as the first day. Seems like a waste to buy another if this one is still going strong -- ignoring the scratches, of course.

    I only listen to radio when I forget my iPod at home, and I couldn't care less for videos, so I'd rather have those in cash discount. But anyway. The pedometer is interesting though, IF it works without requiring the Nike shoes (does it?).

  21. Cameron Colley

    Is it the same otherwise?

    Is the sound quality still as good as it used to be(I hear good reports generally)?

    Do you still need to install iTunes to use it at all?

    Does it support any more Codecs?

    Bollocks to the camera, is it a less restricted personal audio device?

  22. Jonathan 6


    Quote from article: "Apple rarely - if ever - praises the products of rival companies..."

    Um, they (Steve Jobs as well) praise other company's products in virtually every keynote they hold. It is actually very rare for them NOT to do so. They also criticise products too, Windows and MS in particular, of course.

  23. Synthmeister


    The HD part of the ZuneHD will not work in Europe. But otherwise it's a phenomenal feature. Oh, yea, and the cutting edge OLED washes out in any kind of bright light and actually uses more power than an LCD screen but it's good to watch in a dark room. And apparently MS shipped some Zunes without software but you can download it from the internet real soon.

  24. Anonymous Coward

    RE: Nahh not for me

    jason 7 wrote: "I'll take a ZuneHD thanks."

    That was a "joke" right?

    Hope so because it made me laugh.

    Why not simply repeatedly bang your head against the wall until it starts to sound like techno? It's a more enjoyable experience.

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Lovely little bit of kit

    Very attractive device; hard not to whip the plastic out when you see one in John Lewis.

  26. Anonymous Coward

    Video Editing

    The report mentions "poor" PC owners having to go to a 3rd party ap to edit video. I'm not too hot on video codecs but what about Windows Movie Maker? Free with XP and Vista (not sure about Win 7 - but then is anybody?)

    It's free and it's adequate. Yes, you probably won't want to make a blockbuster using it but it'll trim, enable transitions, allow the input of stills (think PowerPoint Slides for example) and manage audio overdubs. Probably everything the man (and woman) in the street needs.

    Been thinking about a Flip Mino but may reconsider based on the fact that I'd then only need to carry 1 gizmo with me rather than 2

  27. Scott Mckenzie

    @J 3 - Nike+ Thing

    I'm not sure if the pedometer thing is the Nike+ bit being incorporated as per the Touch, but you don't have to have Nike shoes anyway, i use this little gadget which velcros the Nike transmitter to the laces of your shoes and off you go - works perfectly.

  28. George Britton

    @ Andy Poulton

    Looking at the video example in the review, the Nano quality seems a stepl below the standard Mino. I've owned that, and now have the Mino HD. Brilliant pieces of kit, especially the HD.

    Plug the Mino into a PS3 and the playback quality is frankly amazing for such a miniscule piece of kit.

    If Flip (now owned by Cisco) built a credible MP3 player into the Mino HD, it would be a very serious contender.

  29. Chris Reynolds

    @AC: Audiobooks

    So long as you set your audiobooks as audiobooks in iTunes, the iPod will keep your place, even if you go and listen to something else in the meantime. At least it does on my old 3rd Gen iPod Nano, so I'd expect it to on the latest.

  30. JB
    Thumb Up


    Funniest thing I've read all day! Nice one!

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