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NetApp has announced a new mainstream FAS2000 array and dropped the price of its entry-level FAS2020 product. There are three main NetApp storage array product families: the high-end FAS6000, mid-range FAS3000 and low-end FAS2000. There were two FAS2000 products: the entry-level FAS2020 and the larger FAS2050 with 20 internal …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Error Correction

    I hate to pick fault but....

    The FAS2050c packs 2 GbE ports per controller, and you can add a further two on an expansion card (again, per controller), so a maximum of eight, but usually four ports total. The FAS2040, contrary to your article, actually has four GbE ports *per controller*, so eight total - therefore, the FAS2040 is at least as good in networking - unless you get the cheque book out and buy 10GbE.

    The FAS2050 can only support 8 FC ports if you use the expansion slot (it only has two built in on each controller, like the FAS2040), so it's either 8x FC and 4xGbE or vice versa.

    The FAS2050 has no onboard SAS ports - The 2050 has one per controller. It'll be interesting to see what this will be for. Do I see a SAS attached tray coming?

    It's amazing what a quick check on the NetApp site will tell you....

    Otherwise, I'll be interested to see how pricing works out - this low end space is becoming really competitive, with alot of players with cheaper solutions.

  2. peter 62

    @AC 15:37

    The 24-disk SAS shelf is already announced:

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