back to article Avaya grabs Nortel's telecoms biz for $900m

Avaya has won an auction for Nortel's enterprise telecoms business, beating out rival bidder, Siemens Enterprise Communications. The company will pay $900m cash for the unit, nearly double the $475m it initially offered during so-called stalking horse bidding as part of Nortel's bankruptcy-court proceedings. Avaya will also …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Be affraid

    If you own Nortel telecomms kit, start looking to replace it. Avaya won't keep it, they'll stop product development and push you to "upgrade" to their own existing products.

  2. Kev Jones

    Don't be afraid

    I wouldn't be so worried, Avaya won't be forcing customers to rip and replace their kit as they have the session manager that'll let you upgrade gradually. & after all both vendors have been pushing open standards for a while now.

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