back to article MS insists bodged fix didn't spawn Windows crash risk

Microsoft has denied claims that an unpatched flaw in a file and printer sharing feature was inadvertently introduced when it fixed an earlier, less severe problem in the software back in December 2007. Redmond patched a medium severity flaw in the same Server Message Block (SMB) version 2 functionality within Vista nearly two …


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  1. Geoff Mackenzie


    It wasn't always there, and it is now. It may not have been MS07-063, but it was MS\d{2}-\d{3}, unless someone other than MS has been contributing to SMB on Vista.

  2. Benedict

    nerd alert nerd alert

    @Geoff Mackenzie

    only nerds use regexs in general conversation

    therefore, you = nerd

    penguin because hes a nerd too

  3. Anonymous Coward


    Shouldn't that be you == nerd?

    me != nerd > sysadmin && init 6

  4. ZenCoder

    I wish more people would use regular expressions.

    If more people used regular expressions in general conversation I wouldn't have to hunt for a cheat sheet every time I need to write one.

  5. Jim Kirby
    Paris Hilton

    Meta Nerd Alert


    Only nerds use the term "regexes".

    Therefore, (you == nerd) tests true.

    Paris 'cause she's probably had a few tests of her own in recent years...

  6. Yaro

    Not surprised.

    Microsoft rarely admits when its something they do that screws stuff up. They blamed all of Vista's quality problems on the hardware manufacturers. Apparently the hardware was so crappy on my computer that Linux could run it perfectly.

  7. DZ-Jay

    They could be telling the truth

    "We researched this claim by the researcher and confirmed this vulnerability was not introduced by MS07-063,"

    Perhaps they know it came from an even earlier patch.


  8. Ivan 2
    Thumb Down

    Gaffié is a narcisist

    You failed to mention that Gaffié disclosed his finding, along with a sample exploit, without first advising the vendor. So no, he's not as clever as he'd like us to believe, but rather just immature and attention seeking. And as the fruit of his socially irresponsible efforts, we have a zero-day exploit. Lovely.

  9. barry 15

    @All Nerdslingers

    If you read El Reg, and specifically security articles, then by definition you are a nerd.

    If you believe that you can have an interest, professional or otherwise , in security but not be a nerd, then wake up and smell the hot lava java.

    If you can even say regex without looking it up, and yet still have the temerity to sling mud at your fellow nerds, then your worse than a self-hating furry (often dress as coes and eat humburgers, weeping softly).

    Your just as bad as you think we are, except we dont pretend to be cool, cos the cool kids hated us and now we post their personal pics on /b/ whilst "supporting" their inability to turn on a monitor.

  10. Trevor 3

    @Barry 15



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