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What are you doing on Oct 22? Microsoft is putting a Tupperware-style twist on the upcoming Windows 7 rollout, launching a new initiative to encourage thousands of employees, partners and technology enthusiasts to throw parties in their homes and communities to demonstrate and help spread the word about its new OS - Slashdot …


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  1. jon 44



  2. Admiral Grace Hopper
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    Thank you, Verity

    That made my day.

  3. Anonymous Coward


    Someone has way too much time on their hands..

  4. David S
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    Genius usual...

  5. Paul Gomme

    Oh yes...

    She's back... :-)

  6. Stacy
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    Having to fight with stupid project leaders at the moment that made a fantastic distraction!

    And is exactly what I thought when I heard about the idea of the parties, and exactly why I wouldn't throw one!

  7. Trevor 3

    @jon 44

    Oh hi Jon,

    I'm fine thank you, so you're from the internet? Oh yes that's right. Yes it is a shame kids don't need to use their imaginations anymore. Oh I agree, they couldn't see a joke if it jumped up and grabbed their testicles, shouting "arrrgh! I'm funny"

    Yes well it's your own fault, I did attempt to warn you, I've got some cream somewhere. What? No, just leave now. Your coat? Yes it's behind the door with the Linux geek.

  8. DJV Silver badge
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    More please (and more BOFH too).

  9. Linbox
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  10. The Original Ash

    Kelker shows?

    That made my brain cell hurt.

  11. Anonymous Coward
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    Just ....


  12. Kev K

    More please

    that is all

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Could all this backfire?

    To be honest, I think this whole party thing is going to backfire on Microsoft, badly.

    I mean, considering...

    *) The only people who are going to do this are already aligned to Microsoft.

    *) People not aligned to MS are going to have a nice party and hope that some kind soul will knock the laptop with their elbow in such a way that a critical rear corner is the first part to hit the deck.

    *) Anyone with a Sony Vaio or one of those Fujitsu Siemens machines will have an issue when it comes to XP Virtualisation Technology time ... or is that part missing from the party manual?

    *) Lets face it ... when it comes to having a REALLY good time, the only electronics involved are some batteries and a fast, off-centre weighted motor; and should the day come when we need software licences and updates for that kind of technology, then we really ARE ... um ... screwed.

    What's that you say? Wireless versions that talk over the Internet have been around for years? Oh. Well, given that most of them only run on Windows and MSN anyway, that'll probably be what these paries are all about then.

    Party hard, people! .... um ... do those tote bag thingies contain any lubricant?

  14. YP
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    'Summer Guitars Stuck in a Lift Collection 2009 Volume 2' Worth it for this alone!

  15. Richard Jukes


    Mindless drivle. Shame.

  16. The Dorset Rambler
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    Thank you Verity

    mwah mwah

  17. IndianaJ
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    Sounds like

    one of those InstallFests that I nearly attended once. Luckily I met up with the LUG beforehand and decided not to go.

  18. Juan Inamillion
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    Top banana

    Ha Ha! Well done Verity, great parody. The 'presentation' deflated like those balloons.

    And for those who didn't get it - you're clearly lost and need to relocate to a different site.

  19. Ian Ferguson
    Gates Halo


    I do hope your guests were a young, affluent, stylish mix of races.

  20. Tony S


    I regret to say that when I was in my teens, most of the parties I used to go I couldn't remember very much about them afterwards. Which is why I probably enjoyed them...

    Perhaps we should persuade Microsoft to link up with Carlsberg to organise these things.

  21. Trevor 3

    @michelle knight

    Open source GPL vibrator for men.

    Everybody has had their hand in it.

  22. rhydy

    me so stupid

    what's the yellow cat in white wig? ..sorry

  23. Piers


    Fantastic. Sister called Parity!

    And all very amusing - probably the bestest thing about the whole Windows 7 launch.

  24. RichyS
    Gates Horns

    This is just nonsense

    I'd imagine that the real Win 6.1 parties will be waaaay more tedious.

    @Rhydy: spotty yellow cat... Sort of like a leopard. With a white wig. Snow Leopard, per chance. Or it's Boris Johnson in some dubious 80's leopard print Spandex... Your choice.

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A little long, but...

    ...About half-way through I started to hear it narrated by Joyce Grenfield ("George? Don't do that...")

    It's been that sort of day...

  26. Anonymous Coward


    @Ian Ferguson

    "'I do hope your guests were a young, affluent, stylish mix of races."

    But some had white heads photoshopped onto them


    "what's the yellow cat in white wig? ..sorry"

    white=snow - do we really need to explain the rest? ;-)

    @Richard Jukes

    "Mindless drivle. Shame."

    ho ho, someone else who didn't "get it" and couldn't spell drivol, erm, dribble, erm, drivel (yes!) either.

    Say, why can't I choose more than one icon?

  27. iamzippy

    'kelker shows?'

    Early Smirk!

    Love it Verity. Cracked me up.

  28. blackworx
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    But can we have a little bit of Demis Roussos?

  29. Dive Fox

    Some furry... going to make a parody Windows 7 Party video wearing a snowleopard fursuit, I can just feel it.

  30. Nanki Poo

    I can hardly bear it... @"don't get it"s...

    Yellow? Bandage?

    What else will you be avoiding on the weekend of the 21st Sept? Took me a minute and a quick Goo... Bling.. Bing confirmed it...

    Funny, I've not been invited to a Win7 Party yet... odd ...


  31. Lyle Dietz

    Remind me...

    ... to rent a Tux...

  32. Dave Harris

    @A little long, but...

    You weren't the only one to read it in Joyce Grenfell's voice. Still much missed

  33. Anonymous Coward
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    who knew...

    ...that snobbish Londoners were as bad as snobbish New Yorkers?

  34. Dave Bell


    If you're going to make snow leopard jokes, stick with the stereotype. Yes, I know the fur colour is seasonal.

  35. Gulfie
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    And now I know what to do if I get an invite (slim chance I hope)

  36. John O'Mary


    ... must've been a jolly good crop!

  37. Anonymous Coward
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    @Michelle Knight

    "some batteries and a fast, off-centre weighted motor" never heard it desrcibed like that, damn funny.

  38. northern monkey

    @Seth Galitzer

    They're not, they're worse! At least snobbish New Yorkers, if they attend self-defence classes, actually learn something - snobbish Londoners wouldn't hear anything because they'd be too busy relaying the most hilarious story about how their waiter served their chardonnay 1.5 degrees too cool and they "just simply had to send it back - it was dreadful, oh and of course he was an immigrant so perhaps it's not his fault he didn't know (do they have wine in latvia isobelle, you holidayed there last year didn't you? Oh of course, I forgot about that - poor trixie, she's never quite been the same has she.)"

  39. ElReg!comments!Pierre

    What about the *real* party?

    I heard there is a real good party at the same time. Loads of pizza and Red Bull available. There will even be decoration and all (a penguin sticker on the basement's door I believe). But then again the transcript might not have been as funny: "Mhhh. MhMh. Hmmmm. HMhhhmmmHHHHm. Ntntnt. Hm" and so on. And as far as music goes, the Imperial March on loop can be a bit tiresome after the first 2 hours. Especially with the basement's reverberation.

    @Michelle Knight:

    "when it comes to having a REALLY good time, the only electronics involved are some batteries and a fast, off-centre weighted motor"

    Nothing like a Wild Tail for some serious pussy fun:

  40. Anonymous Coward
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    Great Job!

    Keep 'em coming, Verity!

  41. Big Al
    Paris Hilton


    Loved it.

    Paris because she knows all about partying hard as well.

  42. Big-nosed Pengie


    They won't be nearly as much fun as that.

    Beer - because that would make them more fun.

  43. James Pickett


    "a little kelker shows I picked up"

    Does Parity write, too?

  44. Mark C 1
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    Only just caught up with this .... excellent stuff

  45. Martin Eddington

    Setting up with E's ?

    ... dancing to the EULA! Gurning as it trashes your XP data. Frantically babbling "I love you" to the girl on the phone telling you the 40 character activation key you need as your wireless doesn't seem to work...

    Sounds fun.

  46. Anonymous Coward

    awesome :)

    I hope my party goes off just as well it had all the perfect party elements including a youn whippersnapper who is born of the man with horns.

    what is even worse, is that the Dirty Mac fanbois across the street went even tackier with the lights :), only for their Leccy Box to explode an hour later :)

    Anon because some maccy bois know me :)

  47. Pollo

    @Richard Jukes

    Looks like the sense of humour bypass operation was a complete success then buddy...

  48. JimC

    > For those who didn't get it

    Try this - or googling "George Don't do that" Grenfell

  49. archie lukas

    Huzzah, I'll get out my polar brae suit


    cos when Ms launched their last software, the boys in suits all ponced around in polar bear suits. Why they were asked?

    They responded, "...because they eat penguins! (Linux) geddit?"

    Obviously the jingoistic boys in suits have never examined the Globe.

  50. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    And they say Mac fanboys are bad

    Truly pathetic

  51. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    ... no reference to a bald monkey dancing around screaming "Windows 7 Party" repeatedly dripping sweat all over the place... ?!?!

    Still absolutely lovely!!!

  52. Paper


    Of course, it's only a true windows 7 party if you let Microsoft perform a Windows Genuine Party check at the event

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