back to article Mozilla Labs bootstraps on another Jetpack

Mozilla Labs has launched a new version of its Firefox web extensions package just a few days after Google opened up support for extensions in its Chrome browser. The open source outfit has dubbed Mozilla’s Jetpack 0.5 “the bootstrap edition”. It comes loaded with more features, API and an updated Twitter library for …


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  1. Cameron Colley

    More malware?

    So, now any fool can create an add-on and send an easy install link. Yeah, good one.

    Are they deliberately trying to open Firefox up to more malware?

  2. Havin_it

    RE: More malware?

    I don't see how this really makes the extension attack-surface any larger. It's always been possible to do all sorts of malicious things if you can get a user to install your extension; this just means you can have the various APIs provided by Jetpack to play your naughty games with too (any of which you could have coded into your extension earlier, if you had a mind to do so).

    That's why exists: it provides a trusted source of extensions. It has always been the case that you install extensions from elsewhere at your own peril. Relax and have a pint, things won't seem so bad!

  3. Tom 35

    RE: More malware?

    It still has miles to go to catch up with Active-Hex in the malware vector world...

  4. Glen 9

    RE: More malware?

    If we destroyed anything that allowed us access to malware the internet would have been nuked by now.

    Stay calm. Have a pint.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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