back to article Bing shines Silverlight on visual search

Microsoft's Bing search engine will use the company's Silverlight browser-based media player to change the way it presents images of results. The company has unveiled a feature it calls Visual Search that presents images, then allows you to scroll through them and eliminate pictures to refine your search. Like Google, Bing …


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  1. AngrySup


    Heck, even McDonalds uses icons on it's cash registers now. It's to tough to read these days. It's like when they replace the "Walk/Don't Walk" signs with the pictures of walking, or staying put.

    The grenade, 'cause we, as a society, have already pulled the pin.

  2. Ian Davies

    Have MS ever heard the phrase

    "Swimming against the tide"?

  3. bygjohn

    As if there weren't enough reasons to ignore Bing already...

    ... Now they want us to install silverlight to use it. FFS. And the world keeps right on using Google.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Here since November 2001. No need to install DRM-crap-silverlight; will work with any browser; is much more flexible with advanced operators.

  5. Yaro

    New name. Same search engine.

    Is there a REAL difference between Bing and the old Windows Live Search? As far as I've read to this day it's done the exact same thing: Ad revenue for Microsoft more than actual search results. I'll keep using Google since it won't put up "sponsored results."

  6. Timbo 1

    Visual MILF Search

    Does this mean that if you search for MILF it then presents pictures of


    Lonely Russian Housewives

    Friends' Mums


    which you then further refine by selecting a picture of the age range?

  7. Forename Surname

    @ McDonalds

    "It's to tough to read these"

    Writing can also be tricky;

  8. JustAsItSounds

    Contact the official leaks dept. immediately

    Microsoft has mistakenly released video of their Guess Who?/search engine mashup.

    Web 2.0 because it's a client-heavy proprietary mess

  9. jackharrer
    Thumb Down


    "Microsoft said on its Bing blog that its research showed that consumers process results 20 per cent faster than with text-only results. "It's clear images play a big part in helping consumers with a variety of search activities," the company said."

    Anybody remembers hospital scene from Idiocracy ?

    Anyway Cooliris ( has been doing it for ages. Try their Cool Previews add-on for Firefox. Brilliant for fast checking Google results without opening tons of tabs or going back-forward.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    If Bing is so good....

    If Bing is so good - how come you can type "" in Google and it comes as number one, but type the same in Bing and it doesn't exist.

    Similarly is number one in google but doesn't exist according to the Bing search engine.

    When I typed in Bing Crosby I actually thought it was similarly going to let me know he didn't exist!!!

    How are they going to hide things they don't like in a visualised form???

  11. ChrisInAStrangeLand


    What would be really nice is if this worked for datasets that hadn't been painstakingly hardcoded. I for one don't really have a use for the salaries of MLB players sorted by headshot.

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