back to article Todger-chop woman's sentence depends on hard evidence

A Turkish woman who cut off her lover's penis is now anxiously awaiting the result of a todger-reattachment op which will determine the length of her prison sentence*, Reuters reports. The 39-year-old woman claimed she was prompted to separate her 28-year-old boyf from his manhood after he "had broken his promise to marry her …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    She might have

    done him a favour - y'know that 'ribbed' feeling without the condom...

  2. Anonymous Coward

    I suppose if he recovers.....

    Chopper chopper's chokey chopped!

  3. Graham Marsden


    ... he is being charged for "beating her and forcing her into prostitution", yes...?


  4. nickrw

    Understated Ouch

    I don't understand why the punishment for dismemberment should be any less severe just because they could reattach it. I'd say she was having a good go at ensuring it couldn't be by throwing it on the neighbour's roof, no?

  5. Sampler
    Thumb Down

    Mitigating circumstances?

    Surely she should be let off - guy sounds like a total ass

  6. npupp 1

    Playmobil reconstruction


  7. Paul Hates Handles


    ...not that poor a bloke if he actually beat her and forced into being a hooker.

    If that part is true they should re-attach it and let her cut it off again. Repeatedly.

  8. Andus McCoatover


    Now, that's what I call a hard time.

    Mrs. Bobbitt would be - er - proud?

    (Subject slightly off - but being Friday - many years ago, the Times Crossword had a clue that read "Heard of a sexual deviation? (5,2,4,4)" (scroll for answer, but have a go first. First letter of first word is "P". Mate of mine, who was a floor cleaner in a factory in Leamington Spa could do the Times Crossword in about 15 minutes. 20, if it was a Sunday lunchtime and he was pissed out of his head. Phenomenal)















    To which the answer was "Prick up your ears")

  9. Steve Swann


    Why is it material to the case that he 'make a full recovery' or not? Her intention, and actions, were clear, and therefore so should the contents of the trial and any judgment made.

  10. The Vociferous Time Waster

    "forced her into prostitution and beat her"

    yet she's the criminal?

    What a place!

  11. Kevin Johnston

    hard time

    So let me see if I get this right.......She was up before the beak and is desperate for her ex to also be up before the beak?

  12. Sly

    for a man that beats women

    he got off too easy

    /coat - mines the one with the noose on the back

  13. dunncha
    Paris Hilton

    Will this performance have to be witnessed?

    And if he doesn't perform how would they know if is due to physical separation or stage fright?

    or maybe just being too pissed.....

    or if he is smoking too much (according to my pack of fags)

    I prescribe Dr Paris for this one.

  14. Swarthy Silver badge

    Her sentance?

    It may be just me, but I'd think getting your tally whacked would be about suitable recompense for forcing your girlfriend\fiancée into prostitution.

  15. My Opinion

    And the IT angle is?


  16. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: And the IT angle is?

    The IT angle hangs to the left.

    When will you people stop?

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    "forced her into prostitution and beat her"

    Jail-time, pah, she should get a reward for cutting his dick off - and double if it never works again.

  18. Les Matthew
    Thumb Up

    The bad puns are

    a bit limp in this article.

  19. James O'Brien

    @She might have

    ROFL - Wasnt expecting THAT to have been the first comment. Well done

    @The Bee - But what happens when it hangs to the right?

  20. Anonymous Coward

    RE: "forced her into prostitution and beat her"

    @ The Vociferous Time Waster

    How can you come to a conclusion from this article alone that :

    a) She made a complaint about him abusing her

    b) indeed he was taken to court and let off?

    Never mind eh, don't let the truth get in the way of making racist / zenofobic comments.

  21. steogede

    Re: understated ouch

    >> I don't understand why the punishment for dismemberment should be any less severe just because they could reattach it. I'd say she was having a good go at ensuring it couldn't be by throwing it on the neighbour's roof, no?

    Easy way to think about it to compare it to a (attempted) murder case. If the doctors manage to treat the patient and prevent them from dying, the damage done is lessened - despite the fact that the accused intended to kill the victim. The punishment for dismembering shouldn't be less, however if the damage is permanent the punishment should be greater.

  22. ilovemynips
    Dead Vulture

    Spam Javelin?

    Is there any need?

  23. Anonymous Coward

    Claims of prostitution etc

    To all those saying he deserved it, has he actually been charged and and found guilty of the allegations of beating and prostitution, or are too many people a bit too willing to believe the first excuse that comes into the culprit's mind? What, you think a criminal never lies to try to get off the hook...? It does sound a bit like the old "well they were asking for it" justification...

    And there was me thinking I was reading El Reg, not The Sun.

  24. Roger Merrick

    @And the IT angle is?

    I think we've all had a few tense moments when duplication equipment fails due to improper removal. I'm shocked you need to ask.

    The IT angle is it is friday afternoon and no one wants to do more work than necessary, and checking out an important article in a technical journal looks sufficiently like work to pass a casual monitoring thereby filling in ti,e untl it is ok to go to a call-out from which there need be no return to office

  25. Anonymous Coward

    @ac - Claims of prostitution etc

    Yeah, 'cuz everybody knows women just go whang whacking on willies for the fun ot it now.

  26. David Webb

    How many?

    How many double entendres were there in this article? Everything from hard time to length! Keep up the good work! Unless your a poor Turkish chap where keeping up would be an issue right now.

  27. Andus McCoatover

    Oh, Sarah, Sarah...

    <<The IT angle hangs to the left>>

    Obviously as you're a female you've never been in for a suit fitting, and been asked the delicate question "Which way does one dress, sir"

    When will we stop? When you cease to be the Great Moderatrix, natch. Then we'll all bugger off and go to the Inquirer. Or, read the Daily Mail.

    Nah. We wouldn't go that low. Would we?

  28. Anonymous Coward

    are you people serious (or women)

    I don't care what he did, it doesn't justify cutting his dongle off. If someone stole my Playstation it would not justify me cutting both his hands off. But this even sounds like just a personal dispute. "he promised to marry me waaaah".

    If he actually broke the law and was beating her or somesuch, then the solution is still not to extricate his obelisk. For one thing, the victim should never sentence the criminal, for another it is for a court to decide not her, him doing something wrong does not give her justification for committing a crime of her own, two wrongs don't make a right, etc.

    Plus let's not forget how heinous it is to snip someone's willy off. She deserves every one of those eight years if she gets them. (as others have said, whether his mancannon is functional should not matter to the sentence).

  29. Maty

    don't forget

    'Yeah, 'cuz everybody knows women just go whang whacking on willies for the fun ot it now.'

    I think that the bit about not delivering on a promise to marry her might have had something to do with it.

  30. MinionZero

    Huh?! ... no really, huh?!

    "broken his promise to marry her" ... So she still wanted to marry him ... after ... "forced her into prostitution and beat her" ... ! ... huh?! ... so what has this evil guy got to do before she doesn't want to marry him?! ... invade Poland?!

    So instead of just leaving him, she will now end up in prison for years. I don't know which of them is the more mixed up.

  31. jaron

    There are no guilty people in prison

    And obviously this poor woman is innocent.


    Let's see... this woman is badnuts, first for believing that the 11 year younger guy would marry her and second for cutting of his willy.

    An eye for an eye...

  32. Anonymous Coward

    So, what about him being charged?

    If what she says is true, why is she being charged with anything? Wouldn't that be a case of self-defense?

    FAIL because the Turkisk court system appears to be failing this woman, although there is doubtlessly more to this than this short article has revealed.

  33. Chris C

    Yes, she IS guilty of a crime

    @nickrw re: Understated Ouch

    "I'd say she was having a good go at ensuring it couldn't be [reattached] by throwing it on the neighbour's roof, no?"

    Probably, but not necessarily. In regards to John Wayne Bobbitt, back in 1994, Andrew "Dice" Clay said "He's lucky, he's lucky, I'm telling you. I mean, she could have threw it in the trash compactor, she could have flushed it down the toilet, she was nice about it. She hid it like an Easter egg."


    @The Vociferous Time Waster re: "forced her into prostitution and beat her"

    "yet she's the criminal?"

    Uh, yeah. It's pretty bloody obvious (no pun intended) that yes, she IS a criminal. Instead of walking away from him, she decided, with forethought and malice, to cut off his penis. How can you NOT consider that a crime? I'm not defending him because IF what she said is true (yes, I still believe in innocent unless* proven guilty), he deserves to be in jail (or dead), but that does not nullify the criminality of what she did.

    * Yes, "innocent UNLESS proven guilty", not "until". "Innocent until proven guilty" means you ARE guilty, and the prosecutor simply has not yet shown proof of guilt.


    @AC re: "So, what about him being charged?"

    "If what she says is true, why is she being charged with anything? Wouldn't that be a case of self-defense?"

    Umm, no? How on earth do you equate cutting off a man's penis with "self-defense"? Was his penis attacking her and she couldn't get away from it? If he was attempting to rape her at the time, then I could understand possibly thinking of it as self-defense, but not in any other case. Even if it could be viewed as self-defense, she would still need to be charged until an investigation (if not a full trial) showed proof that it was self-defense.

  34. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wrong Section

    Surely this article should have been in 'Software News'.

  35. Anonymous Coward


    ..... are we to assume that the length of her prison sentence will be inversely proportional to the length of his re-attached todger.............

    Mine's the one with the Plastic Surgeon's manual in the pocket

  36. PerfectBlue

    Is there a crime here?

    Is there actually a crime here?

    If he's a woman beating pimp then he obviously can't be a real man, therefore she can't have injured him by chopping off his wet wand. Woman beating pimps have no use for that part of their body.

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