back to article Oz government sites floored in firewall protests

Hackers reportedly knocked over the website of Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd for a few minutes on Wednesday in an apparent protest against government plans for compulsory internet content filtering. The site of the Australian Communications and Media Authority also disappeared for about an hour Wednesday evening local …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Conroy is a liar (in my opinon, of course)

    I've seen the list on wikileaks. The Reg has seen the list on wikileaks.

    It contains sites which are not illegal.

    Thus, in my opinion, this makes Conroy a liar.

  2. Robert Ramsay

    I foresee a new group forming...

    TFD - Terrorists For Democracy

  3. s. pam
    Thumb Up

    Well Done Anonymous -- Save Ferris too please!

    Congratulations on behalf of all of us in Oz for your overnight pranks -- it was fitting in its efficiency and beautifully done to shut up the communications idio^minister and the like. Kevin 07, (in)security 09 couldn't have said it better lads, your fair shake of the sauce bottle is now done, and we'll put Barbie on the net and another sausage on for you.

    All joking aside here folks, they did what many of us wanted done -- silenced a bunch of town idiots who have less clue about net neutrality and functionality than a single peon in the Chinese internet departments do.

  4. JimC

    Now there's a really smart strategy...

    > Anonymous ... [said] "Failure to meet these demands will result in our full-fledged wrath.

    > This is not something you want to happen,"

    Guys, setting yourself up as blackmailers who reckon they are above the law may not be a smart long term strategy...

  5. SteveK


    While I think the idea of a countrywide firewall of that sort is a really bad idea, not to mention pointless, I can't help but wonder whether mass hacking of government websites isn't going to confirm in the minds of ministers (and the people if it's spun right) that they need a firewall to protect them from this?


  6. Paul 4


    Anonymous are becoming a terror group. Worrying.

  7. Il Midga di Macaroni
    Paris Hilton

    Bad idea

    Clued people like myself and other Reg readers will know this isn't true, but as all pollies know, you can fool most of the people most of the time and that's usually enough. How easy would it be for Mr Rudd and Mr Conroy to point to the attacks and say "Look, this is a type of e-crime! Our filter stops some types of e-crime! Just imagine if that was your web site - and don't forget if you're a business you make money from your web site! You need our filter to protect your job!"

    The proper way to stop this filter from happening is to dress up in a white lab coat, stand in front of a server farm and tell the Australian public that 1) it won't work and 2) it will make the internet crawl. Then tell them to write to their MP. Especially if their MP is one of the two holding the balance of power.

    Paris because she's smarter than Mr Conroy.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Il Midga di Macaroni

    Paris because she's smarter than Mr Conroy.

    Nice insult to Ms. Paris; putting her in same sentence with that nutter.

  9. Tony Paulazzo

    but no feature creep

    >...filter would only block illegal content such as "imagery of child sexual abuse, rape and bestiality<

    Didn't it just start with child abuse, now it includes S&M and bestiality (I'm assuming rape over the internet means fake non consensual sex vids n pics - unless their internet is far more advanced than ours).

    And dentists obviously - sick bastards. My last visit definitely included oral rape.

  10. Adam White

    Illegal content

    Remember folks, in Australia distribution of all sexually explicit content is illegal, except by mail order from vendors located in the ACT.

  11. Mark 65

    @Tony Paulazzo

    "And dentists obviously - sick bastards. My last visit definitely included oral rape."

    So are you saying your dentist stuck his cock in your mouth?

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