back to article Florida cops cage 'Dracula'

The powers that be in Florida are holding a man cops have dubbed "Dracula", and who's certainly a contender for the worst ever mugshot trophy. Dale Lee's mugshot. Pic: Pasco Sherrif's Office Dale Alan Lee. 43, was arrested on an aggravated battery rap after allegedly stabbing a man in the stomach in Dade City. One shaken …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Makes one wonder...

    ...why Americans have such a hang up about British dental hygeine.

  2. Ray0x6

    i finally get it!

    if there was free health care in the states, yankee cops would be bereft of perp lolz. it all makes sense, now.

  3. Elbrop


    Jesus this is a bit bloody petty.

    Sorry I mean Haha look at the ugly person being ugly! Next lets go laugh at the handicapped kids. Look at 'um, they think they're playing real basketball.

  4. mafro

    And the yanks still bang on about..

    English bad teeth.

    That's what'll happen without a nationalised health service! (Although in his case, I doubt that would help either.)

  5. SmallYellowFuzzyDuck, how pweety!
    IT Angle

    Type stuff here

    And what is his current job title in the IT industry?

    Nice teeth, awaiting a Simpsons "Is he British?" teeth reference

  6. Dogbyte

    I guess...

    police are now hunting his dentist.

  7. Jonny Leigh
    IT Angle

    So he has bad teeth...

    And that makes this worthy of a Reg article?

    I didn't realise that this was a freak show.

  8. Daniel 1

    Obviously on private healthcare

    This is what you get when you don't have a national health service, boys and girls.

  9. Cazzo Enorme

    Ye gods

    And the Merkins take the mickey out of the Brits with their yellow teeth?!?

    Although the only reason quite a few Yanks have pearly white teeth is because so many of them have all their teeth crowned. Personally I prefer my slightly off white teeth - at least they're not artificial.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    He has to be British .

  11. Bernie 2

    The goggles,

    they do nothing

  12. Efros
    Paris Hilton


    You take this guy presume his guilt, display his face to the whole world and not a mention of Dueling Banjos!

    Paris cos she knows her way round a banjo, a hairy one at least.

  13. Anonymous Coward

    Not too fast

    Don't big up the NHS too quickly. Orthodontistry has to be paid for by and large in the UK. Unless the child's teeth are horrendous mum or dad will have to stump up a couple of grand.

  14. Neil 4

    Makes sense it's Florida

    As he's a dead ringer for Goofy.

    <Mines the one with Disneyworld tickets in the pocket>

  15. David Jones 3

    Butter anybody?

    "Land O'Lakes" is a brand of butter over here in the USA. Corporate sponsorship gone crazy.

    His teeth are probably from "meth mouth"

  16. Anonymous Coward

    definatly a case of being hit by the....

    Ugly Bat!

    obviosly theres not been enough world wars to remove the stupidest and uglyest from the gene pool.

    though it looks like he's working on it...

  17. David Webb


    So that's what Edward from Twilight *really* looks like! Unless the moderatrix is a twlight fan, in which case it's nothing like Ed :)

  18. Anonymous Coward


    More like "crackula" with those teeth. Looks like a case of meth mouth.

    Grenade 'cuz it looks like he ate one.

  19. Sillyfellow

    shame on all those involved

    if you think this is funny, then shame on you. how would you like being ridiculed publicly all over the web if this were you? he probably only got into trouble because of not putting up with peoples cruelty towards him in the first place.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    Somehow Appropriate?

    And the Reg you-will-read-this adline (I hate these) at the bottom reads...

    Free whitepaper – The human factor in laptop encryption

    Human with teeth? The mind boggles.

  21. James O'Brien


    for those complaining about this article being on ElReg it is in the Odds and Sods section after all.

    And holy damn hes ugly. I dont even think you could tie a steak to his neck to have a dog play with him.......

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    ...a meth head- he said, without any evidence at all. Great for the dentistry, yer basic Tweak.

  23. Anonymous Coward

    get over it

    He came from London, UK.

  24. J 3

    Re: I didn't realise that this was a freak show.

    Especially the comments section! The amount of freaks here... Except me, of course.

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Looks like Shane McGowan

    I guess you Brits aren't familiar with "Meth Mouth"? Pretty damned scary...

  26. Anonymous Coward

    Bad Teeth

    The first I ever heard of this "British Bad Teeth" thing was on this site from a posting by a Brit.

    Truth is, most Americans could not care less about British Teeth. Other than to observe it goes well with the lousy food and dreary weather.

  27. Fozzy 1

    No the best one I've seen....

    Was of a break and enter merchant who had been caught by the home owner, who decided that he could not trust the legal system to appropriately punish the miscreant. So after hog tying the the prep up he scribed the word "THIEF" onto his forehead. 3 months later in court apparently the scar was still there.

    Now that's summary justice

  28. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

    Before us Brit-tards get too smug...

    We don't have nationalised dental care any more either. Just try signing up with an NHS dentist nowadays...

    Not sure I'm too comfortable with police publishing random mugshots of people who haven't been proved guilty 'just for a laugh' though.

  29. Anonymous Coward

    Nice to see ..

    .. they have some security - if you change the number in the "rrn" parameter you can see other mugshots ...

  30. g e

    Let me be the first to say

    you sure do got a purdy mouth

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    That was unexpected. Inbred much? :\

  32. Steve Roper

    Encyclopaedia Dramatica candidate


    You sure his name's not Cletus?

    Beer 'cos I'm having 20 of them to forget what I just saw...

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    NHS dentists

    I don't live in the UK, but I work at a company that provides software for the dental industry, and I can assure you NHS dentistry is still alive. It's hard to find an NHS dentist that's accepting new patients, but it is possible - you just have to travel a bit further (like, the other side of town, or to another town).

    (AC, because it's related to my work).

  34. Anonymous Coward


    Not Suitable For The Reg.

    It's fine to take the mickey out of the arrogant -- those who should know better but act like asses; those who make fortunes yet behave like trash; those who claim morality yet act with evil... We laugh at the educated dupes of the 419 scammers, and we laugh when the scammers get scammed. We laugh at Ballmer because he's got more money than the average thousand of us combined and yet he still does dumbass things. We laugh at Steve Jobs because he can afford a slightly larger wardrobe and can't be arsed. We laugh at Paris, because, well... okay.

    But this guy is merely accused of a crime, and we don't know him nearly well enough to laugh (or cringe) at his expense. In this case, his appearance is just sad.

    Please don't do this again.

  35. Les Matthew

    Re: Bad Teeth

    "goes well with the lousy food"

    I agree, all that Burger King, McDonalds, Pizza Hut and KFC is crap.

  36. jake Silver badge

    C'mon, you idiots ...

    The pic was obviously gimped.

  37. Witty username

    He's obviously a Reg reader

    As he looks like the sorta guy that cant tell the difference between Bootnotes and the rest of the site.

  38. Anonymous Coward

    Maybe I'm naive but ..

    can someone tell me what 'meth mouth' is? I'm assuming it's something to do with the drug, but how does it affect your teeth? (I know the icon doesn't go, but I like it)

  39. northern monkey

    @Not too fast

    My teeth were not horrendous and my orthodontistry was completely and utterly free, and not bad either. The rest of my dental treatment is not, and I'm not a woman so I can't get pregnant and get it done for free 'while I'm at it'. It is, however, heavily subsidised (partly by the gov, partly by people paying on denplan et al) to the point of being deemed a pretty good deal.

  40. Blackadder
    Dead Vulture

    Disappointed at El Reg

    Yeah, lets laugh at the ugly people...

  41. Bumbling Fool

    With 'added' bite?

    Methinks the clue is in the title.

    This looks like a photoshop job to me.

  42. Gav
    Thumb Down

    Justice is a beauty contest

    Oh I get it. He's ugly, therefore it follows he's guilty and deserving of all the ridicule the interweb can muster.

    Makes you wonder why crime is a ever problem. Lock up the uglies and all us beautiful people will be safe living in a perfect and harmonious world. We should keep pictures like this online though, just to help us remain smug.

  43. Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

    El Reg to sponsor Salem Witch Trial 2.0

    I thought El Reg would be above simply laughing at others' afflictions. Seems not.

    Of course he's guilty, of course he's a 'meth mouth', and that's before taking the fact he's a terrorist, Nazi racist, paedophile, embezzler, right-wing gun nut who was a buddy of Tim McVeigh and lives as trailer-trash with a 750 pound wife he beats regular as clockwork, while planning to assassinate Obama into account. Seems many commentards are buying into the guilty until proven innocent bullshit which pervades society.

    It may be that he is an innocent man, the poor state of his teeth not any fault of his own, but, let's put that aside while we all have a good laugh at his misfortune.

    Shame on you all.

    Paging Sarah Bee; you're needed in Editorial to lay down the law.

  44. Roby

    Re: So he has bad teeth... #

    My thoughts exactly

    Top story tomorrow: someone has a funny hair cut

  45. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: El Reg to sponsor Salem Witch Trial 2.0

    Hey, HEY, who made me the saviour of decency, sunshine?

    Oh right, yes, I suppose.

    Well... it's not very nice, no, but I think we're relatively non-evil, actually, on stuff like this. A quick Google of Brian Peppers will show you what happens when the internet decides to dogpile some poor bastard (who may or may not have done anything but has certainly been dealt a lousy hand by life).

    Meanwhile, there are suggestions that in fact, ugly people do commit more crime. It's genuinely interesting, if uncomfortable.

  46. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    that site has their full personal details + photo + arrest reason for everyone they arrest... that site also has their call logs for every call they've received, i had a quick look at a couple of other US police force websites and they have similar info on all arrests made - what the hell? do they have no privacy laws at all there??? some even included details for minor traffic stops, including a listing that someone was stopped for an improper lane change!

    i'm a firm believer in the government publishing information about everything it does so we can keep an eye on them, but i'm an even stronger believer in the right to privacy - and especially in the right to not have the police telling everyone i'm a criminal until a court has ruled on the matter

    AC because it seems appropriate!

  47. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Justice is a beauty contest

    Actually you're spot on as studies have shown that beautiful people are more likely to be found not guitly by a jury and ugly ones get harder sentences.

    To all the namby pamby liberals, lighten up, the guys ugly so we can't laugh? What else don't you want us to laugh at or about?

    @Jason Bloomberg

    I can't see on commenter who has suggested he must be guilty because of looks. PIf you are going to berate then at least do so for the right reason.

  48. Rob

    RE: RE: El Reg to sponsor Salem Witch Trial 2.0

    "Meanwhile, there are suggestions that in fact, ugly people do commit more crime. It's genuinely interesting, if uncomfortable"

    Sadly I can see the psychology behind that statement, shame we still don't have enough morality and compassion in the world (ex-hippie, I have relapses every now and again).

    I wonder how many times he ignored people's comments about his teeth until one day someone pushed him too far and he stabbed them.

  49. Anonymous Coward

    Looks like an Xbox advert.


  50. peyton?

    some cultural insights

    For the unenlightened, there's a wiki for "meth mouth" (don't go there if you're eating...). The reasons so many people (probably Americans) have labeled this guy a "meth mouth" are a)well obviously his teeth, but b)Meth production (and addiction) is associated with low-income types as it is relatively easy to produce with OTC ingredients. It is associated with "rural hick" stereotypes because it requires that your neighbors not live too close, since the production area smells tremendously awful. This is not a Hollywood party drug. I should add, I know this mostly from watching the news, *not* personal experience lol.

    Couple other comments: @Cazzo Enorme: No we don't. Hollywood celebs? Maybe. Believe it or not, they represent a minority. Go to the toothpaste aisle of any store here and you will find a plethora of whitening toothpastes. Does that make us vain? Perhaps, but you have to brush your teeth anyway, don'tcha? Why not de-stain while your cleaning?

    I also find it unlikely that, even if he isn't a drug addict, the deplorable condition of his teeth is no fault of his own.

  51. Cazzo Enorme


    "Go to the toothpaste aisle of any store here and you will find a plethora of whitening toothpastes."

    And if you ask a dentist who isn't trying to maximise the money they can make out of you, they will give you the honest explanation that teeth whitening products damage the enamel. It's a bit like food colouring or waxing of fruit - it's about the perception of what's good or healthy rather than what is good or healthy.

  52. kain preacher

    @AC 10:32

    that site has their full personal details + photo + arrest reason for everyone they arrest... that site also has their call logs for every call they've received, i had a quick look at a couple of other US police force websites and they have similar info on all arrests made - what the hell? do they have no privacy laws at all there??? some even included details for minor traffic stops, including a listing that someone was stopped for an improper lane change!

    That's all public record in the US , unless you are minor. You`can have arrest removed from you record .

  53. peyton?


    1)Was responding to primarily to your claim that we're all getting are teeth crowned 2)You don't have to use whitening toothpastes forever and always 3)googled around - couldn't find a single study to support the claim against the toothpastes anyway... gels/strips are another story 4)no one said we perceive white teeth as healthy... we also tan the hell out of ourselves, smoke, binge drink... lots of stuff 'cos we want, not 'cos it's healthy.

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