back to article Dell teases with Adamo XPS website

Dell is on the verge of unveiling a laptop thin enough to compete with Apple’s MacBook Air. Dell_Adamo_XPS 'Crafted to fall in love with', claims Dell The company has launched a teaser website for the latest edition to its Adamo laptop line – the Adamo XPS, which measures a mere 10mm thick. Dell’s original Adamo – which …


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  1. Paul Westerman
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    Make your mind up

    "Microsoft's keyboard is thinner than a AAA battery"

    "Apparently “just a few millimetres” thicker than a AAA battery"

    Nice, but you'll be needing plenty of those batteries with a Bluetooth connection.

  2. Paul 62

    I use a Microsoft Bluetooth desktop set (7000) and the 4xAAA batteries will last in excess of 8 months. I batter on the keyboard for around 8 hours a day too.

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