back to article Amazon and Apple stunting UK e-book market

Amazon and Apple are missing e-book viewer sales opportunities in the UK, a pollster has claimed. Earlier this year, YouGov questioned 784 UK-based people it believes are potential e-book buyers. Some 65 per cent said that a Sony-made e-book viewers would likely fulfill their electronic reading requirements. But respondents …


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  1. Jaimie Harris

    More Books Might Be The Answer

    As an owner of a Sony eReader, I would suggest that the high costs of the readers and ebooks along with a limited range of ebooks would be a more likely cause of the stunted market. The last two books i tried to get in epub format weren't available (the new Chris Brookmyre and AC Grayling's Liberty In The Age Of Terror). Also, the pricing is ridiculous; £19 for an old Dick Francis? Anyone would think that the publishers didn't want ebooks to succeed!

  2. Nick Kew

    Freedom vs brand-lust

    There's an issue of freedom here. Do you want a reader that'll display a range of document formats like PDF and even plain honest text, or one that ties everything in to DRM and Amazon's famously Orwellian control?

    I bought the BeBook, precisely because it's designed for free people. It works, it saves a lot of space (compared to paper books), and is hugely convenient to carry around. No sexy label, but I can live with that.

  3. Gordon 10 Silver badge

    Missing the Point in several ways

    Apple do make an Ebook reader - its called Iphone/Touch with Stanza or any other ebook app on it.

    Amazons inability to offer ebooks on its UK site is a major block - not the lack of the Kindle.

    3rdly DRM DRM DRM. I only buy from coz there's no way I am getting locked in if I can avoid it.

  4. Tom 52

    Better than Apple / Kindle / Sony?...

    Given that the screens are pretty much the same technology (other than 4, 8, or 16 grey scale), doesn't it partly come down to what the software can do? As Nick said above, BeBook does the job nicely, as does the Astak EZReader and others, all re-branded from that Jink company.

    Lets not forget about the OpenInkpot project too, that can work on most reader devices. Although in it's early stages, in time could prove to be feature packed more than the likes of the Kindle and Sony.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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