back to article Novell fannies about with Open Enterprise Server 2

Yes, it's childish, but we don't care. Here's something tasty for all of you using Novell's OES2: Novell's OES2 SP2 Pubic Beta Crikey. This is doubtless one of Novell's "Actionable Strategies" leveraged through its "ecosystem of high-impact partnerships", as the company's website indelicately puts it. Good show. ® Bootnote …


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  1. ThaRobster


    Did I miss something? I missed something, right?

  2. Scott Jones


    You're not alone, ThaRobster. I have to admit to being extremely disappointed in how El Reg reports on Novell. Seems like nothing Novell do is right, at least according to El Reg.

  3. Tobi


    It says "Pubic Beta"

    How....hilarious. The winter evenings must just fly by at The Register.

  4. Anonymous Coward



  5. Reverend Brown


    "Related stories

    NSFW Daily Mail punts Georgina Baillie filth (31 October 2008)

    BBC peddles news filth to children (2 January 2007)

    NSFW Apple in code search profanity outrage (13 October 2006)"

    ...I'm worried about Lester.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Same Here

    I must have missed it also.

    Unless they are worried that the public beta is still available even though the product has been released for months now. If that is the biggest laugh they get off Novell then I am pretty happy.

  7. jshombre

    Novell fannies about with Open Enterprise Server 2

    Have a closer look at the headline "OES2 SP2..."

  8. Anonymous Coward


    is amanfromMars writing articles these days?

  9. Ian Hindmarsh
    Thumb Down

    Yer wot?

    Nope escapes me too

  10. Paul Coen


    Don't get it. Are you making fun of the SP2 / SP3 issue? SLES 10 is going to be at SP3. OES 2, as an add-on to SLES 10, is moving to SP2.

    Or is there something else funny, and I'm just being obtuse?

  11. Vaidotas Zemlys
    Thumb Up

    public beta

    Read the title very carefully. One letter iš missing...

  12. Ilmehtar
    Thumb Down


    I don't get it either.

    The OES2 SP2 Public Beta includes Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP3.

    Last I checked SLES was one of the major business Linux server distributions.

    The OES extensions to SLES include some very fine services, from AFP, SAMBA and NFS services (allowing a single volume/DFS pool to be visible natively from Mac, Windows, or Nix clients), to NetStorage (a nice web based front end to network storage), not to forget LDAP enabled DNS/DHCP services, and a directory-enabled printing service in iPrint that is perhaps one of the best featured network printing solutions available..

    Maybe this is an attempt at irony, the only thing I find funny about this is that the Register seem to think Novell's products are funny.

  13. Ian Hindmarsh

    Second look!


  14. Stuart 18

    @ ThaRobster

    Sure! It took me a while to spot but OESSP2 (TWO) suddlednly changes to SLES10SP3 (THREE). Not a huge deal as it appears theremay just be some trouble integrating the Suse and Novell numbering schemes or release schedules. It's a bit of a fart in a teacup which explains the lack of witty commentary to make it blinking obvious.

    Hey Microsoft I'm tired of your focus on the dollars and constantly changing policies and even if they can't count I want a Linux next.

  15. TrixyB
    Dead Vulture


    What am I missing here? Move along people... nothing to see

  16. the real jacob

    i'm not the only one then...

    that has no fucking clue what the joke is.

  17. ratbert

    Got to love the related stories...

    Novell = filth. I never knew they were that racy..

  18. kissingthecarpet
    Paris Hilton

    @ThaRobster - Yes mate

    That is all

  19. BOBSta


    Read the title of the web page in big text on the picture...

  20. Chris 242

    Fannies About

    You have just got to love the El Reg editorial vocabulary of "Fannies About".

    There is far too much knee jeck reaching for the obvious profanities. I.e. F**ks about.

    Please can we have a more Benny Hill approach to expletives.!!

    I'm in favour of "Buggered", "Twatted" and "Moist"


    Nigel Hymen-Featherprolapse

    Mines the coat with Murphy, English grammar in use 2nd ed.

  21. Simon Coyne

    Re: Er..What?

    Yep you missed something. Re-read the title and don't let your brain believe what your eyes are telling it.

  22. EnigmaForce


    Yah, you missed something alright :D

  23. Les Matthew


    when will you all ever learn about anything posted in bootnotes?

  24. Lyle Dietz

    I remember those days...

    Pubic beta, that's when you're going through puberty right?

    Mine's the one with a box of out of date frangers...

  25. Anonymous Coward


    The original site seems to have had a brazilian now.

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