back to article Intel's nine-piece Lynnfield band takes the stage

Intel released nine of its long-anticipated 'Lynnfield' microprocessors on Tuesday - two Core i7s, one Core i5, and six Xeons - with one nifty surprise at the low end of that server and workstation line. Back before the Meltdown changed Chipzilla's product timelines, the Nehalem-based Lynnfields were expected to launch in the …


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  1. Ron 10

    L3426 turbo

    Since the L3426 is, I believe, under-clocked to get the power down, the turbo speed would just seem to me to be about the full high power speed plus the normal range of turbo boost over that.

  2. Frank Rysanek
    Dead Vulture

    R.I.P. QPI

    Now, forget about the QPI folks, okay?

    QPI has been the major buzzword around Core i7. Now suddenly it's not needed anymore. Not on a single-CPU desktop system, not when the PCI-e root complex has become a part of the CPU, and the CPU can talk "DMI" (notably similar to PCI-e 1.1 x4) straight to the ICH (sorry, PCH). Besides having an on-CPU RAM controller, of course.

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