back to article YouTube Lad from Lagos gets a bite

We're delighted to report that our fave YouTube Lad from Lagos, Prince Obi, has got a positive response to his orginal appeal for assistance: James Alexander Smith, come on down: His Highness Prince Obi is, of course, delighted: However, enter stage left Bouncy Helen, who's got a couple of (NSFW) words of warning …


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  1. Gilleain Torrance

    TV Show?

    Er. Why do I get the impression that these three people went to the same acting school? I mean that quite literally. They pause like actors, they deliver the lines between the pauses like actors, and they look - in general - like actors.

    So, this is some kind of viral advert thing for something, no?

  2. Richard Cartledge


    Is the second one down Vicar of Baghdad?

  3. Jack Harrer

    Watch out

    "Marvellous. You know, they could make a TV show out of this.."

    Watch out what you wish for! We can end up with another Big Brother, this time filled with certified nutters, not just presumed.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    yeah sure....

    this looks more and more like a viral marketing campaign...

  5. Chris Haynes
    Paris Hilton

    LOL, roflcopter? (whatever that is)

    Love the badge... "I LOVE ANAL". Made me lulz (is that the right usage?).

    Paris, because she, too, has a badge like that and we all know it.

  6. Anonymous Coward


    Dammit, she's ruined James's chance of a reverse-419.

    Unless there's some pictures of it on her site.

    <Mine's the one with a "Finbarr Saunders" nametag>

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Bouncy Helen's contact details plz??

    Now this is proper reality viewing. Can we get these three on the final season of Big Brother?

  8. Anonymous Coward


  9. david 63


    ...has to be a baiter - hasn't he?

  10. Richard 39


    That's my sister!!!

  11. Paul C. Hartley

    To be honest.... all just has the look and feel of somebody's performing art project.

    I couldnt say for sure but the videos are all in HD and all of them have the same kind of look and feel about them. The production quality all looks the same in all of them from the lighting to the look of the house they are in.

    All are perfectly framed and nobody is using a crumby quick cam in a badly lit room and they are all word perfect with their monologues.

    I recon its a scam all right but the "victim" is the veiwer

  12. Simon 79


    I don't care if its viral marketing but its made me laugh! Love the badge.

    Yes I agree that it was very well put together and I don't know many household webcams that do that good picture/sound (but that may just be me)

    Coffee splattered keyboard cos of that badge...

  13. The Indomitable Gall

    Aye, as they say, right.

    Even in the first video it's clear that the black bloke's English from his accent (listen for words with a non-prevocalic R and for words with TH), and in hissecond vid his accent's almost like a bad attempt at French.

    I'm sorry, but if someone wants to advertise in the Reg, they should be paying you. I put up with adverts because they pay for the news, but when you waste journalistic time and column bytes blithely reporting on transparent hoaxes like this for free, is it really worth it?

  14. FatBloke

    In a word...


  15. Winkypop Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    Much too fake to be funny


  16. Mike 68
    Thumb Up

    Fake/marketing/who cares...

    ....that was funny

  17. Trinity


    Looks like someone's group assignment for end of year 2 drama college - nice work! And easily one of the best "don't send these people your money" messages around.

  18. baz
    Thumb Down

    Is it just me

    or is there a slight tinge of a Northern/Sheffield-y accent coming from the prince.

  19. Joey
    Thumb Down

    Sorry, not funny!

    Ham acting not even worthy of YouTube!

  20. Anonymous Coward

    fantastic acting

    good fun all round

  21. Jerome 0
    Dead Vulture


    What's next, all the latest news and gossip from Cleaner Close?

  22. Bo Pedersen

    Obviously fake but funny

    You can't complain, these videos also might alert some of the more, how shall I say, cerebrally challenged individuals who fall for the scams, to idenify how ridiculous the "offers" are.

    plus viral marketing is way better than insurance and lawyer adverts ( as they are the only ones putting out tv adverts anymore, haven't you noticed? :) )

    so I say more please, I want Obi to respond trying to get James to ignore the "mere woman" oh the possibilities :)

    oh and thats a new Razer Lycosa keyboard you owe me because of that badge :)

  23. Chris Collins

    Nice teeth

    I would like to take a moment for our American friends and point out her teeth.

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    great, hope they all get A+ (or a job)

    creative, funny, with great characters, yeah it should be a TV series, better than the crap on at the moment.

  25. Skeptical Sally

    The best touch,,,

    .... was this tweet: "Two replies to my video including one from a vile woman who cannot even spell Alan!".

  26. Anonymous Coward





  27. Dave 129

    I love the Register!

    Marvellous! Simply marvellous! :)

  28. Dane Pack

    "Funny" isn't the word

    I didn't make it to the badge. This was boring and obviously fake; there is nothing of any value that could possibly come of it.

    I look forward to the 3-part 'Who is DaxFlame?' investigation, folks.

  29. Paul A. Walker
    Thumb Down

    not a bad looking girl...

    ...pity she opens her mouth and ruins it.

  30. John Redbook

    Now what are the chances of that?

    Gotta be a viral.. all three of 'em opened accounts on YouTube on the same day.

  31. Andus McCoatover

    Now I KNOW it's a fake....

    ...the elephants have crept off the badly-hidden radiator, while he nipped down to the Covent Garden Sally Army shop for a bit o' Ethnic-looking cloth.

    Please, Prince Omigodineedthelav, no views of your Lidl-purchased loincloth in the next missive. I usually write this cra*p while eating...

    Playmobil urgently required, like I said last time. I was expecting our illustrious James Alexander Smith to offer, not cash, but a pair of adjustable pipe pliers to help his Royal Highness extract the large things from his bottom. (By Royal Highness I meant Prince Obi, not Charles. Probably.)

  32. Anonymous Coward
    Big Brother

    Plastic Acting from 419 Beverly Hills Mob

    Not any show I would waste anytime watching. They could have tried a bit harder to make it a bit more real. I mean the concept was good but the delivery is very staged. The 419ers doing the Parrot sketch was much more fun. I will give it an E - with a try harder next time Mr Jones

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    Bouncy Helen

    When did you start getting Catherine Tate's throwaways to perform for you?

  34. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    F*ck virals

    That is all

  35. Andy Hards
    IT Angle

    Nope, it's all reel an jenuwin

    And if that is your sister, then I'm sorry but it was her who took advantage of me, not the other way round.

  36. Steven Hollis

    Hes back !

    There more !!

  37. hobo

    The story continues

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