back to article Microsoft adds Ping to Bing, leaves Windows Live in dark

Microsoft is adding a Web 2.0-stylie sharing feature to its Bing search engine. Bing & Ping will allow web surfers to share some of their Bing searches with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. However, Microsoft isn't making the service available to its own piddly Web 2.0 effort - Windows Live - at least not …


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  1. northern monkey


    "No, sorry, without any interaction with other MS apps or services it's pointless for me," noted one comment from Windows Live user Peter on Microsoft's Bing & Ping blog post.

    I think you meant:

    "No, sorry, without any interaction with other MS apps or services it's pointless for me," noted one comment from the only Windows Live user Peter on Microsoft's Bing & Ping blog post.

  2. Daniel Harris 1

    Windows Live

    People actually use Windows Live for Social networking type activities?

    I can see the reason people may use the Windows Live Mail desktop app etc if they want a free mail app (I don't personally). But the social networking side of it always seemed under used to me.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    windows live

    If anyone could decide what windows live actually is, maybe they could integrate with it. As far as I can see, microsofts web app seems to be

    2002 - rename all products to .net

    2005 - rename all products to windows live

    2009 - rename all products to bing

  4. dickwillard
    Thumb Up

    "an intriguing act of corporate analingus"


    now everyone use that phrase in the next meeting you attend.

  5. raving angry loony

    is this the "embrace" part?

    Does this mean that Microsoft gets to trademark/copyright/patent the term "ping", and that we now have to change all the documentation for ping(8) since 1983? Wouldn't put it past them, or those shiftless bastards at the USPTO.

  6. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    ARTificial IntelAIgents ..... into CyberIntelAIgents

    "At the moment users will be able to share things like film times, flight statuses and sports scores with their Facebook, Twitter and email chumps.

    But they can't share that same day-to-day information with users of the Windows Live service."

    Of course they can, if they are HyperRadioProAttrACTive and Reverse Engineer the Flow of MetaData Information to Sublimely Feed Live Messengers ..... LOVE AIngels for Live Operational Virtual Environments in Virtualised Realities.

    A Little Something XXXXTraESPecial from the Office of Cyber Security, Seventh Heaven GCHQ.

    Every Day a ZerodDay AIdDNAdVenture for the Fully Committed XSSXXXXual AESThetan ....... with NEUKlearer Powers of GeneRation. I Think therefore We Are as Figments of Perfect Shared Imagination ...... WwwET Dreams.

    AIMagical Mystery Turing BetaTest Territory for Binary Thinkers and Tinkerers in 21st Century Networks.

  7. Pirate Dave


    ...would someone want to share a search query that returns movie times? Why not just say "Hey, the movie starts at 8:00, OK?" Or more generally, why would anyone want to share a search query at all? Are the facebook crowd too dense to think up their own queries?

  8. Anonymous Coward

    @Pirate Dave

    I totally agree - that's what I was wondering when I read this. I think this all falls under that knee-jerk tendency of the directionless Microsoft management to manufacture a market for something no one wants because of their distorted view of the "greatness" of their product.

    The heart for it's ALT text.

  9. Fritz

    Beginning of the end

    Just like every other failed Microsoft Web project, they will kill it by integrating it with every other Microsoft product. Bing is a good search site, just like MSN search was when it first came out, but they just can't help themselves from destroying it.

    The problem is, they are so used to using product integration as a means of spreading their monopoly, they don't know any other means of business. They don't seem to realize that Bing is far from a monopoly and integrating it with other crap that people don't want will just cause it to fail.

  10. blackworx
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    Now I've got Jesus Built My Hotrod stuck in my head. Nice.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    Microsoft strategy

    "Anyone wanting to play with Bing & Ping needs to be signed up to Facebook first, as you'll need to become a fan of the new feature."

    Yeah that sounds like Microsoft. If you want even to only try it, you have to brag about it on Facebook and say how great it is by becoming a fan.

    No thanks.

    "2002 - rename all products to .net

    2005 - rename all products to windows live

    2009 - rename all products to bing"

    Oh so it wasn't just me?

  12. Anonymous Coward

    I can see it now...

    Facebook status:

    Your friend Will just Bing'ed "Latex Space Hookers on Space Hoppers 9...with Guns"

    click here to see more of his searches.

    Yeah, fucking right!

  13. StooMonster

    Rename all web products

    @ AC, Friday 4th September 2009 14:06 GMT

    You forgot "rename all products to MSN"

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Only Windows Live Users

    You have to remember, MS relies on 3rd party companies to fully develop and implement their products. Therefore, they are not used to doing this themselves. And if they begin to show a pattern of doing it themselves, then the 3rd party eco-system will get nervous and begin to work with non-MS technology just to hedge their own markets.

    I want to say that MS is between a rock and a hard spot with all of this. If they get good at this themselves (making completely finished end user implementable technology) then they risk losing one of their major distribution channels. If they don't get good at this, then the market just discounts them and won't use their products because they always need a 3rd party partner to finish it up and implement it.

    Or, it could be that interfacing to these non-Windows Live technologies is just that much easier to do and they were completed first. Once they figure out how to interface with Windows Live, they will make it available.

  15. Loki 1

    I hope this is anonymous!

    Just imagine... kid looking for search terms, noticeshis dad's username has searched for "necrophilia horse sex"

    Actually, if they do it a bit facebook like: Your_Dad recommends searching for "necrophilia horse sex"

  16. Kevin 11
    Gates Horns

    Why do they have to call it "Ping"?

    I don't really care about the service they're creating/pushing or whatever. The annoying part to me is the name they've chosen. Why call it "ping"? All you will do is create confusion. If it catches on (doubtful), it will just create more nightmares for IT staff much the famed "ANY" key of the early 90s. "Can you ping it?" can be be interpreted in new ways now. It is utter stupidity and downright rude to name something after a standard phrase in the computing world. ping=ICMP, not MS's latest future-failed idea.

    Devil Bill bc this is just MS being stupid as usual.

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